Treatment of varicose veins in legs at home

The diagnosis of varicose veins disconcerting of all, the patient. Because this disease not only leads to cosmetic defects, and pain, but also to severe complications. But if you take care, without the disease, with the problem can be overcome, even at home. Following the proposal of the instruction, which provides an integrated approach to the treatment of varicose veins, unable to stop the negative process and also restore the functionality of the blood vessels.

varicose veins

Already at the first signs of varicose veins need to think how to avoid the development of negative process. But even when it appears to bright symptoms of varicose veins and after surgery or laser therapy, do not forget that this disease is very insidious, and at any moment can be felt recurrence and complications. Forget if this disease doesn't exactly allow it. Therefore, the appearance of varicose veins of the lower limbs treatment at home you need to do regularly. In order not to lose time searching for suitable recipes popular or miracle cures, we offer you to make use of detailed instructions, which takes into account all parts of an integrated approach to therapy at home. Then don't wait, with what and when to start, and introduces in the life of the proposed scheme.

Step 1. Diet

Start the treatment at home varicose veins of the legs must exactly with correction power.

Power supply in case of disease of the blood vessels

This method pursues multiple objectives:

  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • adjust the level of cholesterol;
  • get rid of excess weight;
  • adjust the chair.

From the diet the clean products that are harmful to ships, it refers to fat, smoked, marinated, salted, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.

Better to satiate the diet of those who love the craft, and the products that can improve the blood circulation. First of all, citrus fruits, tomatoes and rose hips, which contain vitamin C. Add foods rich in vitamin E – I love the green, onion, eggs, legumes and liver. Vitamin P will give the grapefruit, black currant, and walnut, and copper – seafood.

The will have to get rid of extra pounds. Because every kilogram gives increased three times the load on sore feet. Here comes to the aid of fish hydrolysate, balanced diet.

It is not the last place in the feet and problems with the work of the intestine. Get rid of constipation help fiber such as grains and vegetables, and even dairy products.

Be sure to pay attention and mode of intake of liquids. The daily intake should not be less than 1.5 litres. It is sufficient fluid intake regulates the blood viscosity and prevents the appearance of swelling.

Step 2. Day mode

In varicose veins of the leg veins treatment at home involves the observance of a particular mode of the day.

The change of the position of the body in the morning

In the morning, do not rush to jump out of bed. Give blood to adapt to the change of the position of the body. For this reason, the process of getting up from the bed must occupy at least 5 – 10 minutes. Directly to bed to do the exercises:

  • circular movements in the knee;
  • bend and stretch the foot;
  • bend the knees and joints of the hip, easily sliding the heels on the sheet;
  • lift your legs and arms, and shake them.

Using this type of medical gymnastics, it is possible to prevent the onset of swelling, as well as activates the lymphatic flow and improves the flow of blood through the acceleration of the circulation of the blood. These exercises it is advisable to repeat and in the evening after a hard day of work.

During the holidays, and at night, because of day and to put the foot on the back. For this you can lift the edge of the bed or use a pillow, cushion. In this position, the outflow of blood is still a lot easier.

The day keep an eye on the position of the feet. Give up to sit cross-legged. If the work is related to long to be in a sitting position, take breaks, during which you can do a few simple exercises. When forced to walk to the stairs or the offices of the whole movement, the face of an accelerated pace, in order to disperse the blood and cause blood vessels to work.

When the work is tied to a long stay in the feet, choose comfortable shoes made from natural materials and a low heel. Periodically you will find the possibility to sit down, to give the rest of the foot. Better yet, lie down and raise legs above the heart. This method ensures that the flow of blood.

Step 3. Life in motion

One of the causes of the development of varicose vein disease is closely linked to a sedentary lifestyle. The lack of physical activity and consequent stagnation of the blood and, therefore, problems with the veins.

Life in motion

Therefore, patients with varicose veins of the leg veins treatment at home recommended to supplement the medical gymnastics. The complex includes usually simple exercises for the legs:

  • the lifting on the tip of the feet or heels;
  • the rotation and the movement in the stopping;
  • bike;
  • simulation of the foot;
  • inverted crunch with the lengthening of the legs;
  • mahi feet;
  • vibrating exercise;
  • walk.

Do not do deep squats, the exercises associated with jumps or an emotion walk. Repeat the complex for the sick of the foot twice a day.

Many patients, after having learned of the problems with the veins, they begin to protect your feet and what you refuse to sports. This is not correct. The sport is not only allowed, it is necessary in varicose veins. It is important to choose the right type of sporting activities.

Certainly, for varicose veins of the lower limbs treatment at home it is better to get it in the water. Swimming, water aerobics, medicines, exercises in the water to help cope with the disease. But not all, there is the possibility of playing in the water.

A lesson in water

treatment of varicose veins

Therefore it is worthwhile to pay attention to led the workout. Perfectly suitable for cycling and spinning. But to be serious, or athletic, strength training with heavy loads to give up. And this is also true for women and for men.

But the patients, after a hard day simply refuse to motor activity. Prefer passive vacation. But the long immobility is not the best solution problems with the veins.

If you feel tired after a short period of holiday to go walk. Walking helps to disperse the blood and remove the swelling. In addition, these walks is the ideal solution for people with excess weight, with problems of the joints of the vertebral column, which is not advisable to practice sports.

Step 4. Hygiene and physiotherapy treatments

Legs, the affected varicose veins, require a particular approach in terms of hygienic care. Now, for the morning and evening hygiene will include mandatory washing of the feet. Even if it lacks a bathtub or a shower, to wash the feet of a normal basin.

Hygiene of the foot

Opt-out of receiving too hot tubs – blood, not like the high temperatures. For this reason, the patient is not smoking, sauna, steam bath and solarium.

Here is a shower of contrast – it is an excellent solution. This approach in varicose veins of the legs – available method of treatment at home. Spray the legs, alternating warm and cold water. This will not only intensify the flow of blood, but also train the sufferers blood, bring them in tone.

Good and massage at home. Definitely, the best this exceptional procedure, and specializing in the medical clinic. But also self-massage well speeds up the blood. Practice these manipulations before or after the gymnastics, water treatment.

Hydrotherapy is yet another method of home treatment of varicose veins of the veins of the legs. This can be attributed to:

  • underwater massage, so you can use the shower;
  • herbal baths, pine needles, apple cider vinegar;
  • Bathtubs – treatments with yellow and white turpentine;
  • tub, in which you need to massage the phases of the foot, leg, thigh, each day changing the impact area;
  • pour cold water.

And don't forget to clean linens, shoes. Socks, socks need to change every day. Completely give up to wear shoes and underwear made of synthetic material, impermeable to air and cause increased sweating.

Step 5. Special linen for the house

Compression therapy is an important component for a complete treatment of varicose veins. Its effectiveness is demonstrated medicine in the early years of the 20th century.

Special linen for the house

The problems of today with an anti-veins mesh no. Depending on the location of the pathology is possible to choose the stockings or leggings, tights or knee-high socks against varicose veins. Creates the compression effect, through which the veins affected are always in good shape.

However, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the right degree of compression, but also to know the rules to wear and care for linen:

  1. Wear compression stockings, not getting up from the bed until the legs have not yet managed to become great, and of vienna, to fill a large amount of blood.
  2. After the hygiene procedures once not to wear medicine linen for the home. Lie down and lift your legs upwards. In this position, soaking for about 10 minutes. And only then you can wear stockings or socks.
  3. Remove the linen for the house inside and out, raising his hands. Gently take the foot of the deepening and properly fix the heel.
  4. Spread the product evenly on the leg. Try not to twist and do not pull linens for the home. Tighten the places where there are wrinkles.

For the people that is difficult to do certain manipulations, there are special devices that enable you to wear compression stockings.

Step 6. Drugs assistants

Once we remember that any type of medication should prescribe the doctor. Animals the experiments with famous mediums and medicines purchased on the basis of positive feedback from acquaintances, can only aggravate the situation.

Ointments and pills for the treatment of blood vessels

We must also understand that most of the drug is not able to eliminate the cause of varicose vein disease, and only cleanse negative the symptoms to cause of painkillers, anti-inflammatory, tonic quality.

Usually, when varicose veins treatment at home is required:

  1. The means to improve the tone of veins and improve blood circulation.
  2. Antiplatelet agents, reducing the viscosity and the coagulation of the blood.
  3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal group, which is prescribed in exacerbations of the disease to reduce inflammation and pain, swelling.
  4. Antioxidants, normalize lipid metabolism and energy processes. In this group of medicines refers to the vitamin E in capsules.
  5. Medications containing enzymes that are needed to activate the immune system and the resorption of blood clots.
  6. Anticoagulants for prevention of thrombosis.

The selection of drugs, the treatment must make the doctor, despite the fact that all these medicines are sold without prescription.

Step 7. The popular recipes

exercises against varicose veins

Not worth giving up, and of the people of treatment methods. Many of them are controlled over time and, indeed, help patients.

Grass varicose veins

Pay attention to:

  • medicinal compresses with kalanchoe, cabbage, a sheet of burdock, aloe;
  • casa masi, garlic, dandelion, a mixture of herbs;
  • dyeing with a lilac, absinthe, hop cones, chestnut, birch kidneys, stinging nettle;
  • decoctions and teas for consumption inside with clover meadow and a succession, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, a mother and stepmother, and calendula, lemon balm, lemon grass and hawthorn.

Especially popular among patients suffering from varicose veins have recipes with apple cider vinegar.

Step 8. From what he had to give

Do not forget that varicose veins requires you to review their habits. The first enemy of the blood vessels in the foot are:

  • high heels and shoes that are uncomfortable;
  • alcohol, and nicotine;
  • lifting weights and overload of the lower limbs;
  • the jumping and running;
  • long stay in a static position and standing;
  • clingy and claustrophobic clothing;
  • obesity and overeating;
  • the consumption of salt and fatty foods;
  • hormonal drugs.

In so doing, the treatment of varicose veins at home, it is worth giving up such habits, which are able to frustrate all the efforts.