Varicose veins in women

Many people don’t know how to treat varicose veins in women’s legs? Before clarifying this issue, it is necessary to understand the disease itself to understand what it is. Varicose veins in women is a common and complex disease, and it is almost impossible to eliminate it without surgery. The cause of the problem is usually not the vein itself, its weakness, fragility, but the valve. When the venous valve cannot be used (its work is interrupted and its function stops completely), the blood circulation in the body will be severely damaged. In most cases, the "reverse blood flow" valve responsible for the rise of blood to the heart fails. Due to the abnormal function of the circulatory system, blood stagnates in the limbs (lower part, in the ankle area), destroying the natural state of veins and blood vessel walls, putting life in a critical state. It is worth noting that varicose veins and cellulite are two interrelated diseases, because you need to remember that vascular disease occurs precisely because of excessive pressure on the legs, malnutrition, and women's lifestyle.

Causes of diseases

Causes of varicose veins on women's legs

What are the causes of varicose veins in women? These include:

  • is ​​heavy (especially when obesity is established);
  • Being sedentary, will not distract attention from outdoor activities and sports;
  • Pregnancy, because women have gained a lot of weight in this life;
  • Genetic susceptibility;
  • The physical burden is too heavy after long periods of inactivity (for example, if you haven't played sports for several years, then go to the gym and choose an unbearable program).

What does varicose veins look like in the initial stage

The first signs of varicose veins on women's legs may not have attracted much attention because they look too weak. When small blood vessels are even prominent on the surface of the skin, women will be able to see the overexpression of the venous network in the calf area. This is especially true during the winter months (provided that the woman does not go to the solarium, tanning can slightly cover the presence of varicose veins). Against the background of snowy skin, venous disease looks like blue, purple mesh, indicating that fairer sex is leading to an incorrect lifestyle and being overcome by this disease. In some cases, vascular disease looks like a nodule on the surface. The shape and size of the nodule are insignificantly formed (at first), indicating that the disease has begun and the venous valves are affected. When seeking help from experts in medical institutions, the occurrence of this "bell" should be considered.

Signs appear in the later stages of disease development

Various stages of female leg development

After the first stage, how are the symptoms of varicose veins in the legs expressed? The disease looks unpleasant in the subsequent stages, with venous nodules starting from the legs. This complication forms where the venous valves are damaged, which can cause blood to accumulate in the blood vessels after they stop working. Most nodules are formed exactly on the lower part of the leg, where blood accumulates (due to the specific manifestations of the disease). The signs of varicose veins in the legs are not limited to these manifestations, but are accompanied by many specific characteristics.

Leg swelling in the varicose vein area

As practice shows, swelling is a characteristic of the lower limbs because the blood stagnates there. Puffiness is caused by about one to two liters (or more) of blood, which also accumulates in the lower calf area. The size of the woman's calf in this area has increased by about 1. 5 times, this is just the beginning. The swelling in the later period looks very impressive, and sometimes the calf doubles. First, one leg is exposed to the disease, then varicose veins begin to form, and secondly, the physical signs of both limbs are the same.

Heavy legs are a health hazard

It was also observed that the legs felt heavy and it was difficult to move. This complication can be particularly frustrating when a woman’s weight is staggering because her legs have stagnated extra blood. It is very difficult to walk around, very difficult, my legs soon start to get tired, I want to rest after a short walk.

Disease prevention

Nutrition to correct women's varicose veins

Simply prevent varicose veins. The first condition for proper prevention is to adhere to the diet. You will need to refuse to eat fat, which contains various chemical components that are harmful to the body and blood vessels. In addition to proper nutrition, it is important to control your weight. If it exceeds the normal level, the problem of varicose veins in the legs cannot be avoided. From an early age, you need to pay attention to sports and actively participate in various fields. For women, it can be gymnastics, yoga, qigong, Pilates, it is important not to overload the body, because one of the causes of varicose veins is the increase in leg fatigue. Prevention involves frequent inspections by a doctor for the appearance of the first signs of the disease, which is the characteristic venous network in the legs.

When will the alarm sound and see the doctor

If only meshes appear on the legs, this is the moment you should consult your doctor for help and treatment of varicose veins. You can try to use recipes and prescriptions in the field of traditional medicine to avoid lengthy medications and procedures. For this disease, even if the initial symptoms appear, the doctor decides to prescribe physical therapy. In the first stage, magnetic therapy is already available (so that the tissue inside the blood vessel can be dissolved without any problem). Within the framework of specific therapeutic exercises, a series of exercises supplement the list of procedures. After determining the cause of varicose veins, you can choose a separate treatment.

What to do if varicose veins start

Having identified the first signs of illness, what measures should women take in this situation? First, properly assess the health status. When varicose veins start, people decide not to pay attention to the disease, which in most cases is a complication. There is no need to bear a huge burden. If the weight you bear starts from a few kilograms, the burden on your legs will have greater consequences for your body, the disease will develop rapidly, and no treatment can be provided.

Women should change their eating habits in their daily diet, and ask the doctor to make an appointment to take medicines and dosage forms. In the first stage, this solution allows you to eliminate the signs and causes of varicose veins. It is important to start reducing excess weight immediately, normalize it and reduce your total load.

Treatment method

Which medicines and folk remedies should be used for this purpose? There are several very effective methods:

Folk remedies for varicose veins on women's legs
  • Use honey to treat varicose veins. The most important thing is that honey is the binder of many pharmaceutical preparations. In Tibetan medicine, honey is the first place in the product. There is no doubt that honey is included in all recipes. Such treatment involves preparing various formulations and gently rubbing them until almost completely absorbed. You can add grape juice to honey, which is considered a traditional natural ingredient and has been processed since ancient times due to its properties. Honey helps strengthen blood vessel walls, significantly lowers the fragility threshold and increases the strength of capillaries.
  • You can also use apple cider vinegar, although in most cases, it is recommended not to use it alone, but as part of a comprehensive solution. To help the vinegar, rub the vinegar (like honey) into the affected area. After a while, you will see the long-awaited positive result. Apple cider vinegar is needed to liquefy the blood clots deposited in the "pocket" of the vein, thereby lowering the total blood pressure on the system and allowing you to obtain excellent results. To treat varicose veins with apple cider vinegar, techniques such as ingesting chestnut techniques can be used to ensure internal and external effects.
  • Tomatoes and raisins. In folk medicine, the most popular treatment for varicose veins is to use compresses, the main products of which are grapes and fresh tomatoes. Women should use them separately. Tomatoes must be thinly sliced ​​and then carefully spread on the surface of the damaged leg. After the tomatoes are laid down, you need to carefully wrap your legs and wrap them with an elastic bandage. The same should be done for grapes. They must be kneaded and placed with the skins, but the branches must be removed beforehand. The best choice is to choose bones. When the bandage is tightly wrapped, it will cause discomfort. Use a sharp edge to press on the damaged vein area hidden under the bandage.

Use elastic bandage as a companion program

The correct solution is to use elastic bandages available in every pharmacy to bandage the legs. Why do many medical experts recommend using an elastic bandage to wrap varicose veins in the calf? The material made of the product can reliably fix the vein and guide the blood flow to "bypass" the affected area. It is worthwhile to wrap the damaged part of the body and nearby areas, which will ensure the positioning of the damaged area of ​​the vascular system. In pharmacies, elastic bandages are sold in standard sizes, such as 1, 2, 3, and 5 meters. No 10-meter size is provided, which is not required. If both legs are damaged, it is worth buying two bandages within 3-5 meters and then wrapping them in the order determined by the instructions. It is not necessary to squeeze the vein too much, otherwise it can ensure that the thrombus is disconnected from the vein wall and block the blood vessel. The attending physician will show how to wrap the bandage properly, if you have any questions, you should contact him.

For women, we recommend that you use some other protective equipment. For example, you should always wear elastic socks instead of regular items. This medical characteristic is characterized by lightness, strength, reliability and practicality, which can be worn on any clothes without any problems, hide the vein network, and prevent the development of diseases. The cost of this protection is small, but stockings help prevent blood circulation in the affected area and prevent the disease from developing to a critical period.