Alternative treatment for varicose veins: a reliable formula

Effective way to treat varicose veins

The legs are most affected by varicose veins. The part of the body farthest from the heart needs rest to support tired and weak blood vessels. Then, we "use" the legs until we see an enlarged superficial network, swelling, painful thorny mass, and we don't lose sleep because of the pain.

Folk remedies for varicose veins cannot replace medicine. Because the main medicine is based on herbal raw materials. In order to cure diseases, it is useful to use the accumulated experience of traditional medicine.

Required attributes

All methods used should eliminate or prevent the cause of varicose veins:

  • Improve the density and elasticity of the vein wall;
  • Repair the droop valve;
  • Because the fluidity of blood increases the blood flow in the blood vessels of the legs, it reduces the coagulation of blood;
  • Prevent the formation of blood clots and thrombophlebitis;
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Diuretic effect can be used to relieve local edema.

For home use, choose the following drugs:

  • Easy to prepare and use yourself;
  • No toxic effect;
  • Put it in the refrigerator;
  • can be purchased on the windowsill or on the domestic market;
  • Relatively cheap.

Processing method

All traditional methods of treating varicose veins are divided into general methods and local methods.

The general diet includes specific diets, bathing, and infusions and decoctions. Various herbs are used internally and topically.

The local application is based on the use of lotions and compresses to the most painful places. It is necessary to learn how to prepare ointment.

The doctor recommends a one-month or longer course of treatment. It may be interrupted for up to a week to replace one product with another.

Varicose Vein Diet

Experienced therapists do not recommend starting the treatment of varicose veins without fasting. Whether there is overweight or not, it must be observed for 5-7 days.

The essence of diet: eliminate white bread, pastries, sweets, pastries, hot spices, alcohol, coffee, meat and fish dishes. The liquid is not restricted. Just eat vegetarian food: as many fruits and fresh juices as possible. Cranberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn and figs are considered particularly valuable. Two days later, add vegetable oil, young nettle soup, and rice porridge to rice noodles, buckwheat, and fresh vegetable salad.

It is recommended to eat 2-3 days a month. People with varicose veins on the legs are advised to completely abandon foods containing starch (bread and pastries made from high-quality flour and boiled potatoes). You can boil potatoes in your uniform and add bran to your food.

General medical procedures

They have an effect on the whole body and normalize blood circulation.


Varicose Vein Treatment Bath

Varicose veins can be treated with a bathtub. Patients with thrombophlebitis and nutritional ulcer are contraindicated.

The contents of the bath are prepared in advance: half a kilogram of oak, willow and chestnut branches are cooked for an average of half an hour (preferably in an enamel bucket). Then fill the solution with herbs in a 4-pack pharmacy (chamomile, twine, St. John's wort) and steam overnight. In the morning respectively, boil the rye bread (3 loaves), filter and pour it into the bath.

The procedure should be carried out about 40 minutes before going to bed. It must be observed that the water temperature is between 38 and 40 degrees

For bathtubs with baking soda, you need to dissolve a full bucket of water in the bathtub, or 6-7 tablespoons per 5 liters (feet only).

You can only cook willow bark (chop two branches in a three-liter pan) and cook for half an hour.

For a foot bath, two to three tablespoons of dry ingredients from crushed bark are sufficient, and goosegrass is shown (2 packs, 50 grams each).

Recommended combination of herbs: hazelnut leaves, birch, chamomile flowers, clover, hops, pine branches.

After taking a shower, you should give a gentle massage from the bottom to the top, put on elastic stockings, and lift your feet slightly.

Suggestions for internal use

Folk oral recipes are very creative. They provide a remedy or combination, including soup, water, alcohol tincture. While maintaining all the characteristics of a hot water bath, it is easiest to prepare broth in a large thermos. Strain before use.

  • Antonov’s Apple Juice-Pour two or three small apples into one liter of boiling water and wrap for four hours. Then knead into a ball, drink half a cup of broth with honey on an empty stomach overnight.
  • Treatment of varicose veins with Chinese herbal decoction
  • Nettleis ​​a famous treatment for varicose veins. Place 2-3 tablespoons of dried leaves in a half-liter thermos with boiling water. For persistence, 40 minutes is enough. You need to drink 1/3 cup every hour after meal.
  • Celandine alcohol tincture-Sold in pharmacies. It is recommended to drink 9-10 drops of milk with a tablespoon of milk before meals, three times a day before meals.
  • Soda Solution-Prepare before use (a cup of teaspoon of warm water), it is recommended to drink in the morning and evening.
  • Garlic is treated with honey-Cut the garlic into 250 grams, mix with 350 grams of honey, and leave for at least ten days. It is recommended to use one tablespoon half an hour before meals.
  • Boil the mixture of oak bark, willow branches, chestnutsfor half an hour, then add chamomile, St. John’s wort, and let stand for 12 hours. Drink 50ml of honey first, then 150ml two days later.

It is recommended to combine herbal reception with bathing and topical treatment. The course of treatment is two months.

Local treatment

Local only refers to the effect on the pathologically inflamed area of ​​the leg veins.

Use juice for lotion

For local procedures, the necessary solutions and ointments need to be prepared in the form of compression and lotion.

  • Apple cider vinegar-It is believed to improve blood vessel tone. Wipe the painful areas of varicose veins twice a day. For internal use, add two teaspoons to 250 ml of water.
  • Potato juice-Used to treat ulcers. Spread grated rice porridge on the ulcer and bandage, and change the bandage after five hours.
  • Cabbage leaf compression-Help reduce skin pain and inflammation. The sheets were tied up all night.
  • Hop cones-Pour one tablespoon into a glass of boiling water. You can use a prepared potion or drink a glass before meals.
  • Wormwood-Use leaves and flowers, grind them into a paste, dilute with kefir, and apply to the area where the veins expand.
  • TomatoesOnly sufficiently ripe tomatoes should be used. Varicose vein nodes are covered by leaflets and bandages. After 3-4 hours, change the compression to the new compression.

Alcohol tincture

Infusion formula for treating varicose veins

Kalanchoe-used as an alcohol rub for an alcohol. It is necessary to prepare the solution correctly: After cutting, leave the leaves in a cold environment for 5-7 days, then roll them in a meat grinder and pour vodka (you can navigate by volume, the longevity dishes in the dish should be less2 times), persist in the dark for another week. After filtration, the reagent can be used to treat varicose veins. Suitable for long-term storage.

Alcohol 2 / agent (2/3 of plant material) is prepared with acacia flowers and birch buds, which lasts a week to lubricate the skin on the diseased vein.

From the perspective of Eastern medicine, it is known that the properties of Adam’s apple have a positive effect on blood vessel tension.

Green walnuts-cut into small pieces and cover with olive oil. You need to stand in the sun for at least forty days. You can then lubricate the affected area.

It is recommended to use medicinal products such as chamomile, St. John's wort, Oarrow grass, Calendula, oak bark and horsetail to clean nutritional ulcers and reduce inflammation.

Buckeye can be used both internally and externally. Use plant leaves and flowers. For compression, brew with water like tea. For internal use, alcohol tincture is prepared. Keep in the dark for at least two weeks. Drink 30 drops before meals.

Adam’s apple is the fruit of a rare maklura tree that grows in the southern region. Since the juice is toxic, it is not used internally. Prepare alcohol tinctures from crushed fruits for grinding. It is recommended to leave it in the dark for a month.

How to make ointment at home

Based on the ointment, the herbal medicine stays on the top of the lesion for a longer time and can better penetrate deeper. For the ointment, use vegetable oil, flaxseed soup, lard, chicken fat. The concentrated herbal soup is added to the melted and heated matrix. Stir for five minutes on low heat.

Herbs are used together with ointments, they do not have to be prepared every day: eucalyptus leaves, dandelion root, celandine herb, lemon balm, lilac, clover, chamomile, calendula, fir needles. Before mixing with the ointment base, everything should be brewed in equal amounts.

Bee products to treat varicose veins

These ointments should be refrigerated. Apply a layer of greasy skin and wipe gently. Covered with compressed paper and thermal bandage. It is best to apply ointment at night.

Other treatment methods

Bee’s s contains hydrorud, which can thin the blood and prevent blood clots. The treatment of bees involves forced bites into external vein nodes. At first, the patient will feel pain and burning sensation, these phenomena will soon disappear on their own, and the prominent vein nodes are eliminated.

Possible consequences

Folk remedies for varicose veins are far from harmless. These are concentrated extracts from plants that have strong side effects when taken orally. This is especially true for people with stomach and pancreatic diseases. Herbs affect the acidity of gastric juice. Therefore, their use can exacerbate chronic diseases of the digestive system.

It is necessary to monitor allergies (skin itching, rash, swelling). If such symptoms occur, stop further use.

Using folk methods requires confidence in remedies and patience. Few people pay attention to recommend walking with thin cotton socks on grass and dew in the early morning, and then take it off until the feet dry. This fascinating recipe brings out nature's safest gift.