The first signs of an initial stage of varicose veins in the photos, and how to treat

Varicose veins on the legs is manifested distention of the peripheral veins due to violation of the flow of blood within them. The prevalence of the disease is very wide, according to the statistics of health in developed countries, 89% of the female population and 69% of males suffer from varicose veins in varying degrees. Varicose considered insidious disease, because the initial stage of varicose veins has symptoms similar to a normal tiredness of the legs. However, recognizing correctly the signs of varicose veins, the initial phase, the patient will be able to start the timely treatment. The therapy in the first phase, does not require large financial costs and will avoid the further development of the disease and complications.

Varicose veins

That deception pathology

Among the main causes of varicose veins reveal a hereditary factor, sedentary life-style, complications after delivery, concomitant diseases. The development of varicose veins on the legs of the first degree (initial phase) has the result of slowing the current of venous blood. After that you form clots, it increases the venous pressure. While the development of the disease is the torsion of the veins, they lose their normal appearance and become visible under the skin.

Great the risk of thrombophlebitis, which may develop on a background of varicose veins. The formation of blood clots, tearing them from the walls of the veins and enter the lungs can lead to death. Thus, it is particularly important to pay attention to the symptoms of varicose veins in the initial phase, the timely help of an expert and appropriate treatment will stop the development of the disease.

Signs manifestations of the disease

The initial phase is characterized few symptoms, the manifestation of which are very non-specific. Thus, varicose veins in the first degree is characterized by a sense of heaviness in the legs and fast fatigue. Are present in the initial phase (degree) and the other symptoms.

  • Education the venous mesh.
  • A small swelling.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • The sensation of pain.
  • Burning sensation.

In the photo is presented the first stage of the disease, so it seems like varicose veins in the beginning of its development.


Varicose veins develop slowly, from two months to several years, then listed the symptoms in the initial phase can occur only after a prolonged, standing, in the evening. Subsequently, a lot more often, also during the change of weather conditions.

Diagnosed with varicose veins doctor concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the veins, is assigned phlebography, where with the help of x-rays and are investigated, the affected blood vessels in the initial phase. Based on photos, visual inspection, medical history, symptoms, a specialist will make the precise conclusion. Unfortunately, it is not always of the photos you can recognize the dilation of the blood vessels, so that the patient can assign the duplex of the veins.

The therapy of the disease

The treatment and the removal of the symptoms of varicose veins on the legs of the first degree in the house. To help in the fight against the manifestation of symptoms in the initial phase have a conservative treatment, drug therapy, recipes of traditional medicine. After having agreed with the doctor about the method and the tool, it is possible to prevent manifestations of unpleasant symptoms (allergy) and speed up the healing process. The efficiency of the funds in the initial phase, show the photos before and after the treatment.

Conservative therapy

The basis of a conservative treatment at home is a complex of preventive measures aimed at improving the well-being of the patient and slow the progression of the disease.

Varicose veins in the initial phase entails the exclusion from the diet of a patient fried and spicy foods, fats, carbonated drinks. It is necessary to increase the consumption of these products:

  • Vegetables (cabbage, different types of peppers, carrots, tomatoes, herbs).
  • Salad seasoned with vegetable oil.
  • Fruit (oranges, apricots, apples, lemons).
  • Berries (cherry, sour cherry, red currant).
  • Nuts.
  • Fruit juices, fruit drinks, fruit juices.
Fruit juices

To eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins, it is important to pay attention to sport, regular exercise (photo or video) in the first degree of the varicose veins on the legs will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improving not only blood flow, but also the general condition of the body. Are not recommended during the initial phase of the pathology of weights and shock loads. Welcome to swimming, water aerobics, walking, jogging, golf.

Treat the dilation of blood vessels, veins in the initial phase, it is possible to use the underwear of compression. This treatment is done in virtue of a uniform distribution of the pressure on the blood vessels and capillaries. Compression stockings can eliminate swelling, improve lymphatic drainage. Therapy is also slimming linen, reduces the diameter of blood vessels, which eliminates the accumulation of large amounts of blood, which prevents his promotion to the top. Conservative treatment by means of will give results only in the initial phase of the disease. Assistance in the preparation of a daily menu, the program of physical THERAPY and the choice of underwear special will have a supervisor expert.

Medical therapy

Varicose veins on the legs can be treated with external means, these include gels, creams, ointments. Some of the remedies are very effective, which can help prevent the appearance of edema help to reduce capillary fragility, prevent the formation of blood clots, increase the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels.

The use of drugs, have the ability to increase the venous outflow of the lower limbs in the form of tablets also gives a positive effect in the form of improve the tone and circulation of blood in the legs.

The popular medicine

Eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins can be the recipes of alternative medicine, involves the application of external funds (compresses, lotions) and internal (tinctures, decoctions). Photos of the results after the application presented the funds to confirm their effectiveness.


Aid in the treatment of the symptoms of varicose veins will have a pack of garlic. The head plant is added to vegetable oil, the mixture is applied on a gauze pad and gently applied to the affected area. It is advisable to leave an application for the whole night. How effective lotions for varicose veins on the legs using the milk gone bad, and absinthe. Better to apply the bitter wormwood, is presented in the picture.

Components in equal proportions are mixed and overlap the evening on the pain, the morning the skin is rinsed with warm water. The positive effect of the dilation of blood vessels, will take care from the leaves of a shrub of hazelnut. Prepared for them a glass of boiling water and insist for 60 minutes, filter and take 3 times per day.

Treat varicose veins can be a decoction of nettle – but only in dry, cool, on the contrary, it can promote the coagulation of the blood. Gather the nettle leaves and are dried for 4-5 days. Then 300 grams of raw materials, pour alcohol and insist 3 days. To get rid of the leaves, and the broth must be filtered out. Take before any food consumption.

Treatment of varicose veins, you must begin with the manifestation of the first symptoms and signs. The prognosis of healing is always beneficial, and the risk of complications is greatly reduced.