The treatment of leg veins: how to defeat the varicose veins and its consequences

Many happened to come home from work, as they say, "without legs". It is a familiar feeling, not only to those who have a job standing. Also those who all day sitting in the office, sometimes in the evening legs hurt and swell as if the whole day has been held in the foot. For the modern city daily swelling and cramps during the night become a common place. To ignore these things is not worth, because it is precisely with such mild symptoms begins with a serious disease — varicose veins. And not to bring the case before a surgery, to begin to treat varicose veins it is necessary to already being prescient, when one has not seen, nor of varicose veins, or "spiders", but "simply" get tired, complains and swollen feet in the evening. The only way you can prevent the development of the disease.

Treatment of the veins

Veins treatment: where to start?

Most people faced with the manifestations of varicose veins of the legs, is not taken seriously at the fate of "the bells". Cosmetic defect, not more. Or simply fatigue, that will be held after a good night's rest. Perhaps, even with cellulite lord fight more than, for example, with any any veins on the legs. Doctor according to statistics: in our country, only 18% of those who suffer from varicose veins know that this disease, and only 8% in any way try to fight against him. In the meantime, if you do not do anything, varicose veins merges with the chronic venous insufficiency (IVC), which, in turn, leads to serious problems:

  • sores;
  • acute venous and thrombosis.

Despite the fact that the predisposition to varicose veins which genetically (if in a family both parents are suffering from this disease, the probability of occurrence of a descending up to 90%), the disease develops under the influence of external factors, that contribute to an increase in the pressure within the veins. Among these:

  • Static load — work sitting or standing. But walk, instead, launches the "muscle pump", stimulating the flow of blood in the veins.
  • Excess weight — a violation of lipid metabolism causes a range of heart disease, including varicose veins.
  • Pregnancy and birth — all the vital systems of the female body, including the cardiovascular, during pregnancy and childbirth work with the increased load.
  • High-heeled shoes — it limits the work of the muscles of the calf, as a consequence, reduces the muscle activity of the hydraulics.
  • Chronic constipation — improve abdominal pressure and thus the pressure in the veins of the lower limbs.
High-heeled shoes

The high workload first of all do not survive to the venous valves, that should normally ensure the blood flow in only one direction — from the bottom to the top. The valve begins to flow the blood in the reverse direction (from top to bottom), and on a limited number of their plot of pressure within the veins increases considerably: expansion vessel, displays a node from vienna. The valves on this ground finally cease to perform its function, the venous pressure becomes even more up-to — the vicious circle closes, and the changes begin to spread to the surrounding areas.

Sooner or later you develop chronic venous insufficiency — a condition caused by the constant stagnation of blood in the veins.

In the walls of the blood vessels inflammation occurs chronic. The venous wall becomes more permeable, and the content of vienna, including cells of the blood, enters into the surrounding space, causing swelling. The red blood cells destroyed, they leave under the skin, the hemoglobin, causing the hyper pigmentation. And macrophages — cells, which are designed to remove the alien body proteins and damaged tissues, — begin to literally devour everything around, that forms a trophic ulcer, given surrounding vienna, the fabric also damaged the inflammation.

Facts and figures

Sores appear 18% of those who suffer from varicose veins. In this way, only half of varicose veins and ulcers, heals for 4 months, the fifth does not close and in 2 years, and 8%, creating a serious problem for 5 years.

However, industry experts believe that is not so terrible by itself varicose veins, as it appears in the background of a venous thrombosis. Chronic inflammation in combination with impairment of the blood flow speed increases the clotting of the blood. Can develop thrombophlebitis — inflammation of the vein wall with the formation in her of a blood clot. From 30 to 60% of sudden deaths caused by deep vein thrombosis, is what happened in the background is not treated thrombophlebitis, which arose as a cause of varicose veins. Vienna becomes painful and dense, turning into a bloated red kitchen. By itself, the affected limb swells and becomes blue. This deadly condition and requires immediate treatment.

If the process in question, not only the skin, but also a deep vein, after suffering from thrombosis can occur a syndrome post-thrombotic. A blood clot, that of the cap, vienna gradually gradually reabsorbed, opening the flow of blood, but because the land has not recovered completely, signs of circulatory disturbance — pain, swelling, cyanosis of the extremities, the appearance of venous ulcers — saved.

The word, launched varicose veins — it is not only ugly legs, but also serious problems. But the most annoying thing is that after the vienna expands, there is not even an effective way to restore its previous state. You can only remove the entire jar or in one way or another, the block — by entering the substance, the bonding of the venous wall or with the help of a laser beam.

That is why starting the treatment of the lower limb veins is necessary when the first symptoms — messengers of varicose veins, and this:

  • the heaviness in the legs, which appears at the end of the day;
  • pain at the end of the day, that pass after a walk or if you keep your feet in the raised position;
  • swelling in the evening;
  • paresthesia, tingling sensation, uneasiness, disorders of sensitivity;
  • burning sensation in the muscles;
  • the restless legs syndrome — discomfort in the legs prevents you from falling asleep, forcing you to fidget in search of a comfortable position;
  • nocturnal leg cramps.

It is at this stage when there are serious external events such as the " no, you need to immediately contact a specialist, in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the veins.



First of all the doctor listens to the complaints and to carefully examine the patient. Sometimes on this review it is concluded — if the diagnosis there is no doubt, and the surgical treatment is not provided. Or they can be assigned checkups.

Duplex allows you to view the vessel and to explore the state of the blood circulation and the function of the valves, determine the reflux (the current account of the blood). This is the main method of diagnosis of varicose disease of the veins of the lower limbs, and is usually sufficient for a precise diagnosis. In modern medical practice, the duplex of the veins holds the doctor, who will continue to coordinate the treatment, and no specialists in ULTRASOUND.

If you suspect a blockage on the superficial or deep veins, and it is expected the surgical treatment, using an x-ray examination of the veinsin which the blood pre-injected with a special substance, impermeable to x-rays (contrast).

In this case, is used the ct scan with contrast or computed tomography magnetic resonance imaging.

The trend to an increase of the thrombosis identify with the help of a special complex research of the blood:

  • complete blood count with the count of the number of cells;
  • coagulogram;
  • homocysteine plasma;
  • the polymorphism of the factor V gene;
  • the polymorphism 20210 in the prothrombin gene;
  • the insulin-activated protein C (APS-resistance);
  • the activity of the protein;
  • the level of free antigen protein S


  • the activity of protein S;
  • the activity of antithrombin III;
  • antibodies IgG and IgM;
  • antibodies to the β2;
  • antibodies to glycoprotein-1 IgG and IgM;
  • lupus anticoagulant;
  • the activities of factors VIII, IX, XI.

Recommend the whole complex or in a selective way, so as to interpret the results, only a doctor can. According to the survey, is assigned the treatment.

The therapy of venous diseases

Treatment methods will depend on how far gone the process.

  1. Drugs, reducing the tone of the walls of the blood vessels. Is medicines for oral administration (tablets) or deployed locally (in the form of ointments and gels). They are particularly effective in the early stages of the process, when they still have not appeared in visible changes of the venous wall), as they help to prevent the development of the disease. Proven effectiveness in the treatment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency have the funds on the basis of peeled bioflavonoids (plant extracts) and extract of horse chestnut. Medical therapy with drugs based on these active substances is a crucial element in the treatment of varicose veins. Drugs for oral administration were designed to treat the causes of the development of varicose veins — to restore the functioning of the valves and improve the tone of the vascular wall. Medicines for local use as needed for quick relief of the symptoms of the disease: usually have a calming and refreshing. Furthermore, according to the basic standard of treatment of varicose veins, the appointment of drugs, reducing the tone of the walls of the blood vessels must necessarily be accompanied by the allocation of funds, improve the fluidity of the blood, to improve circulation, reduce blood viscosity and prevent the formation of blood clots.
  2. Compression therapy. It is a special faculty of knitting, with various levels of compression, which is sold on prescription. The select the doctor, on the basis of the modified venous wall and if there is reverse current of the blood. If you start to wear tights, stockings or knee-highs in a timely manner and do so constantly (in combination with drug therapy), it is possible to prevent the development of varicose veins.
  3. Completely heal varicose veins in the later stages is only one way — by eliminating the modified vienna. This can be a surgery, flebectomia, or minimally invasive operations — sclerotherapy, laser coagulation of veins. Unfortunately, none of these methods does not guarantee that the varicose veins is not displayed on the other subcutaneous veins of the legs (the so-called fake a relapse, because in the same position because of the lack of varicose veins reappear do not can).

With regard to such unpleasant consequences of varicose veins, such as venous wounds, treat them, and locally, by using for dressings, special coverage, and systematically, by assigning the antibiotics, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications. Even so, with recognised efficacy is considered to be a surgery, including minimally invasive, as it allows you to block the flow of blood in an altered vienna, that is, to eliminate the root cause of its appearance.

A compression garment for the legs

And, of course, it is necessary to eliminate the factors triggering the development of varicose veins: if a sedentary work — add to your daily routine at least half an ' time to abandon mind-blowing heels or sole is completely flat, and the possibility of reducing the weight.

Varicose veins — and is constantly in a progressive disease, complications that can be life-threatening, as it changes the pace of blood flow throughout the circulatory system. Veins treatment without operation is possible, but it should start in the early stages, as they appear only the symptoms of varicose vein disease — the fatigue and the pain, the swelling, in the evening, the tiredness of the legs. Only then the means to improve venous tone and strengthen blood vessels, will be effective and helps to maintain long beauty and health of the foot.