Contraindications in varicose veins on the legs

Respect contra-indications in varicose veins on the legs – the road to health. The patient will have to completely change your style of life, because, otherwise, the disease continues to progress, that will lead to serious complications. Not all activity leads to an increase of the symptoms of varicose veins. For example, walking is very useful, as it promotes the natural outflow of the blood of the arts.

What not to do in varicose veins to a certain extent

The doctor has the obligation to speak the patient, that may not be in the varicose veins a particular can do and what is possible. It is interesting to note that with early symptoms of the disease people prefer to keep their feet in a basin of cold water, make a lotion of some wild herbs, but not to come to a examination in the hospital. Not worth the effort. At the first sign of the disease is necessary to fix an appointment with the doctor.

The initial phase

Specific contraindications in this phase of the development of the disease no. In varicose veins, you can continue to do sports, take long walks in the open air. But from the uncomfortable clothing and shoes to give up. Do not forget to visit флеболога. You have made the recipe for the drugs and will help you to choose the degree of compression of the therapeutic bed linen.


All what you can not do with varicose veins initial stage, it is strictly forbidden to run with the progressive disease. In addition to the existing constraints, add the nutritional recommendations. The patient will have to completely revise your diet. If the patient has an excess of weight put her on a diet forced. The transplantation of organs in the varicose veins can do in that case, if you are not amazed at the trunk of the vein or danger to the life of the patient is too high.


If so make me legs hurt

Contraindications in varicose veins, driven by a strong pain syndrome, including the rejection of the heavy physical exercise. Reduce the discomfort will help cool the bathroom. Them you can do in the morning and in the evening. Physiotherapy with varicose veins of the lower limbs will be useful in the initial phase, but when you are actively progressive disease enters a list of contraindications.


Doctors recommend to buy a special pillow for the legs. Can be used during the night. Lift your legs, to facilitate the outflow of blood from the extremities to the heart. The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, if the pain is very strong. But to improve the conditions in them should be abandoned, because they are highly load the liver.

If vienna outbreak

It all depends on what type of vessel has been damaged. If you broke out a little crown, the patient can only be vascular asterisk, but if the damage is large ship on the surface of the skin occurs a large hematoma, which in itself is very bad. It is necessary to apply an ice pack to the altered phase of the ship, and after that the pain will pass, go see a doctor.


If the legs itching and swelling

The legs and swelling – the first sign of varicose veins in the legs. They suggest that the blood flow is already broken, the fabric loses power. When this was categorically forbidden to use diuretics and other tools that allow the exit from the body of excess liquids. The patient can apply specialized cooling gel to varicose veins or creams. Of course, after the detection of the data a person's symptoms should make an appointment with the doctor.

If the foot suffers from numbness

Some grandmother advise when this symptom occurs in varicose veins use the warmer for the feet. To do this, it is absolutely impossible, if you do not want to worsen their condition. It is possible that numbness of the limbs caused a blood clot which is stuck in a container. Forcing the vein to expand, the patient can lead to the detachment of a blood clot, which is potentially dangerous condition for life. Treatment magnet varicose veins capable of freeing the patients from the numbness of the legs, because it contributes to the strengthening of the current of blood, but with the progression of the disease, is contraindicated.

magnetic therapy

That you can and what you can do with varicose veins

In varicose veins do not expose the legs prolonged elevated temperatures. Active mechanical effect on the feet also lead to a negative effect. You can do cold compresses, a light massage and all the other procedures do not cause lesions of the skin and blood vessels. Tattoo

If varicose veins make a tattoo? Yes, if it will be published somewhere on the hand or on the shoulder blade, i.e. in the field, not subject to disease. Some women are turning to salons with a question if it is possible to do a tattoo, to close involved the blood vessels. Normal, the master will direct such customers to a doctor. Before do a tattoo with varicose veins, the patient should consult a doctor. If your desire is aesthetic, that is, they want to close the vessels are damaged, it is easier to remove them with the laser. If the patient wish to simply have a design on the leg, however, must pre-assess all the risks. The application of a tattoo with varicose veins with 90% probability will cause serious complications.



Considering that compresses an excellent tool by varicose veins. In part this claim is true. With their help, you can get rid of swelling and other external manifestations of the disease. But apply compresses with trophic ulcers, rash, allergic is strictly prohibited. Incoming in their composition natural products causing the irritation.

Different types of epilation

Removal of unwanted hair on the legs – the problem for the most part purely female. The standard methods of hair removal with varicose veins are contraindicated. Pulling the hair in excess with tweezers, hot wax or sugar paste will lead to a worsening of the disease. Women can get rid of excess vegetation on the legs of the following methods:

  • laser hair removal;
  • with the help of chemical specialized creams;
  • a classic shaving;
  • electro-epilation (if the disease is in the initial stage).

Other methods of hair removal cause complications. Women also need to give up to walk with high heels.

Emotional showers and jacuzzi

A shower of contrast is considered to be one of the most useful procedures in the event of varicose veins. Promotes the natural irritation of the vascular walls. Thanks contrast per capita in the patients normalizes the production of collagen, increases the density of the veins. Tub you can apply for the treatment of varicose veins in the elementary grade.



Contraindications in varicose veins the legs of the women include hot compresses. In general, all procedures involving the heating of the legs and blood vessels, will have to exclude varicose veins. The increase of the temperature of the body affects negatively the state of the veins. Cold compresses, on the contrary, are useful in the initial stage of varicose veins. It is desirable to use for their menthol or other components, fans, cooling of the skin.


The doctor in question, if it is possible to take OK if varicose veins often respond negatively. But when an active sex life and lack of desire to have a son, the use of estrogen oral is the best option, because abortion in the varicose veins a threat to the life of a woman. Particularly dangerous to perform this procedure, if the patient has observed the defeat of venous pelvic. In this form of the disease, women rarely normally carry a child. Most often you are facing самопроизвольным abortion.



The doctors can't the answer to the question whether it is possible to make a laparoscopy with varicose veins. Itself surgery not create problems to the body, if the disease amazed only closer to the skin veins of the legs. But with the defeat of the great vessels can be dangerous. On the other hand, the laparoscopy is often used for the diagnosis of varicose veins pelvic.

A mud bath

This procedure is good enough it helps to restore the tone of the blood vessels in the initial phase of the disease. A mud bath can't do it, if on the body there are wounds or damaged skin. This therapy is contraindicated in progressive varicose veins, because the dirt, without additional components, very dry skin, and this is very harmful in the case of problems with the blood vessels.

Turkish bath and sauna

Scrubs enjoy in varicose veins is possible, but it must contain small particles, which will not be very hurt the skin. The cosmetics are manufactured on the basis of particles of crimson seed or rice powder. A sauna and a Turkish bath absolutely contraindicated in patients with a diagnosis of the disease. Also in this case, it is always of high temperature. Promotes the dissemination of the time, but also so much evil, starting blood.

Go up the walk

Warm up the legs with varicose veins of the veins of the legs, it is absolutely impossible. Even if you have a cold, and the grandmother insists that the hot foot bath with mustard will help to heal quickly, warm the limbs is not possible. Phase, heating the legs blood very strong expansion, and, because they already have a diameter, this leads to a deterioration of the general state of the veins. In varicose veins, patients can do therapeutic bath with a water temperature of not higher than 50 degrees Celsius.


Solarium with varicose veins is not possible. Relatively to this, it is possible take the sun in varicose veins of the legs, and the opinions of doctors differ. Some doctors are coming, which are briefly exposure to sunlight brings benefits to the body, but clinicians argue that the uv light is highly heats the legs, which is very harmful for the state of the veins.


Taking Viagra in varicose veins

To the question if it is possible to have sex with varicose veins under the effect of Viagra, all the doctors say that is not possible. Medicines for the short-term resolution of erectile dysfunction dramatically increase the pressure in the blood vessels. The danger of this phenomenon is not only for people with heart disease, but also for those who suffer from various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Contraindications to the acquisition of medicines

In varicose veins contraindications apply to many drugs. In the first place, patients should stop taking the drugs that cause an increase of pressure. Narrowing of the blood vessels medicines also need to stop taking. In a group of drugs prohibited includes pills, increase of the viscosity of the blood.

Physical exercise

Exercises with a rope in varicose veins will have to exclude from the training program. Here refer to athletic competitions. The problem is that these types of exercises create further fall on to vienna. At the end blood vessels dilate and under the influence of a current of blood, and under the action of gravitational forces. Physical exercise must be addressed to strengthen the blood vessels. Very useful if varicose veins walking, swimming, gymnastics, power yoga.

Intense football training

People who suffer from varicose veins, he will have to leave the professional sport. Intense training accompanied by work with free weights, also refer to the number of contraindications. The football, volleyball and basketball and you can practice in the early stages of the disease, during the training, it is necessary to use a compression garment or elastic bandages. With further progression of the disease from these types of sports must be forfeited.


The rules of power

The proper diet in varicose veins blood vessels helps to improve the effectiveness of medicines. The patient must eat foods that strengthen the vascular walls. If necessary, the power becomes diet, if the patient is observed in the overcoming of the body mass index or the presence of visceral fat. The doctors advise to eat the following foods:

  • nuts;
  • fruit;
  • lean meat;
  • cereals contain carbohydrates and minerals;
  • the eggs;
  • natural, herbal teas and fruit juices.

Prohibited foods and beverages

The patients often do not know that there are varicose veins, then their diet practically do not change. In the first place, the sick person must leave the fat. Heavy meats, sugar, fried foods, you should eliminate it from your diet completely. In the box you also need to remove from the menu. These products relate to:

  • all types of alcohol, because the alcohol promotes the dilatation of the veins;
  • black tea, strong coffee;
  • dressing;
  • chicory (useful for hypertension, but because expands of vienna, is dangerous for patients with the disease);
  • sweets and soft drinks, because they are made from the lung of carbohydrates, thus it is not suitable for patients with weight problems.

The list of specific contraindications which depends on the state of health of a person. Ideally, you can consume all of the product, but in small portions. Patients rarely adhere to this rule, so it is best to completely eliminate from the diet foods and beverages, to accelerate the development of varicose veins.

And a little secret...

Have you ever tried to get rid of varicose veins alone? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article – the victory was not by your side. And, of course, do not know first-hand what it is:

  • again and again view another portion of the varicose veins in the legs
  • wake up in the morning with the idea that this was-what to wear to cover the veins
  • suffer every night from gravity, hours, swelling or ringing in your legs
  • always bubbly cocktail of hope of success, the expectations and disappointments of a failure of the treatment

Maybe You even thought of a surgery? It's understandable why this disease is dangerous and the forecast of complications developing along with the disease, is different. The varicose veins can lead to terrible consequences, such as: bleeding of the varices and of the nodes; necrotic and processes, and trophic; the blow of the infection in the circulatory system, sepsis; and death...the Heaviness in the legs, advanced to vienna, convulsions, pain in the legs... All of these symptoms familiar to you in the first person.