Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

More and more women suffer from varicose veins, this disease has become a nuisance, as more and more young people. How to help yourself folk remedies, and so they need a laser surgery with varicose veins, you can learn from the proposal below the material.

Varicose veins

If it is actually the home treatment of varicose veins?

The cure for this disease need all the means available, because this does not sound scary, can lead to death. The success of the treatment of varicose veins of the veins of the legs folk remedies is influenced by many factors, the main of which is the form of the severity of the disease, its negligence. In fact, many also discovered introduced reddish vascular capillaries dilated, do not give them a great value.

In an early stage of the disease fairly regularly for a bath and to put on wraps, and can also use ointments and home-made. Launched form requires a pharmacological treatment, and sometimes without surgery does not cost you. But even if the complex shape of the flow in the veins varicose folk remedies can help to relieve the swelling and inflammation, improve the condition of the skin.

Selected techniques of self-treatment not completely replace drug administration, but they will reinforce their use, above all, for their action was sent to the following:

  • Repair of the valves;
  • Improve the elasticity and density of the walls of the veins;
  • Notice of formation of blood clots;
  • Decrease blood coagulation, improve the fluidity;
  • Removal of edema, for this reason they are used inside of diuretics;
  • Supply of anti-inflammatory effect.

Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins of the legs, it is necessary to choose non-toxic, are easy to prepare at home, long kept in a cool place, to be cheap and accessible, that's growing up in the countryside or in the sill of the window.

The treatment at home

One of the causes of the onset of varicose veins is a genetic predisposition for the female line, if someone from a family of such disease has already been probably has already tried folk remedies and has concluded that, on their effectiveness.

Many of the recipes enjoys a generation of people. At their base there are the plants and the fruits of bushes and trees. This treatment can also be applied after surgery.

External methods

Their action depends on the regular use of the funds. By choosing one of these you need each day to perform the procedure with no omissions, and then already after two weeks of appearing live.

Trays of varicose veins

They are a tonic properties, apply in conjunction with the traditional methods of treatment, and even folk remedies. Only them it is not possible to use thrombophlebitis and tropical ulcers.

  • The bathroom with the application of bicarbonate of soda to perfectly alleviate heaviness in the legs. Loose the component is cast directly in the bathroom, in the quantity of a bundle. Bath foot, with five liters of water, you'll need 5-7 tbsp. tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. Soda bath is taken in the course of a quarter or half an hour, the temperature should be not more than 40 degrees. After the exposure time specified it is necessary to rinse with plain water and rinse. Foot trays must be kept for at least 10 minutes, then the foot dry cleared and are lubricated with a special cream or ointment ort varicose veins.
  • To prepare the bath for this recipe you will first need to prepare the set of plants. Ready parapets bucket you add up the branches with chestnut, willow and oak. Behind them, you add the four packages of pharmacy collection of three herbs: serial, chamomile and st. john's wort. All these plants need to evaporate and stay the night, the morning to it is added separately baked three loaves of rye bread. All decoctions, to connect and translate in the bathroom, which is then completely filled with hot water. In this source, the patient should sit for about an hour.


They are able to improve the state of the blood vessels and the skin. For them are used with the products available, which are available in the kitchen almost all.

Lemon juice rubbing. This citrus fruit is known as a tonic, and this is his property it is also important in the treatment of varicose veins.

Rub with apple vinegar. He has on the skin firming and toning. When choosing a shop, you must focus on the naturalness of the product, or its synthetic analogue, does not help. The best thing would be a 6% version, a little bit of liquid to apply it on a cotton ball and they are processed varicose veins.

The procedure is repeated in the morning and in the evening, in a break between them, the vinegar rinse is not necessary, has a cumulative effect, and each time it will act stronger.

The use of horse chestnut. He is the tincture for rubbing, and its recipe was known even in the past. Are used the fruits of the horse chestnut with peel, their twisted in a meat grinder, drain in a 3-litre glass jar, and then up to half of the capacity to pay the 40% alcohol or vodka.

The dye must be in a dark place for a month, the bank is constantly agitated, its content in a homogeneous way . Ready therapeutic product spread the sick areas of the feet obligatory for the night, and possibly multiple times per day.


There are a couple of effective formulations, prepared that, at one time, you can enjoy them for a long time, keeping them in the fridge.

The formulation contains:

  • to 1 part of flowers of acacia and chestnut, the leaves of the comfrey;
  • 5 pieces of the root of the comfrey;
  • 2 pieces of pork fat

Dry ingredients mixed and poured the previously melted fat of animals, all of them languish on the fire for three hours, then the instrument is filtered. The ointment is on the ground in affected areas of the skin, superimposed bandage and aged on the body for three days. The course of treatment must be at least five treatments, if necessary, his need to repeat after two weeks, or no sooner than 10 days.

Ointment difficult to wash, and for its preparation you will need to highlight useless frying pan, put all the ingredients in the amount of:

  • Ointment difficult to wash, and for its preparation you will need to highlight useless frying pan, put all the ingredients in quantity: the Daughter and The ichthyol, aloe juice, and onion, honey, soap (preferably in liquid form), pork fat in its purest form, without the spices. All the components are mixed and the road, the smell of this "concoction" of ugly, but this is the only drawback, but the ointment is very effective. Once it cools, this knowledge is necessary to use up to four times per day, lubricating this knowledge to the affected area. Some after trying to cook this composition is simply pass on the normal child, but the effect will need to wait longer.
  • Sweet ointment of beeswax also to eliminate the visible signs varicose veins. His prepare two pieces of wax and extra virgin olive oil and propolis, taken for a part. Ointment ready after the mixing of the ingredients, this knowledge has rubbed tibia two times per day. After they disappear varicose veins in the legs, but on its face not to apply the penalty.


No less effective method to get rid of varicose veins, of baths.

  • Quick recipe to get rid heart red "star". Prepare is from the leaves of kalanchoe, which rub to a pulp and poured 40% alcohol. The resultant of two components, the tool infused within 7 days. After the exposure, the composition is used as a normal pack, her require for night.
  • Tomato puree a half, in which they used tomatoes in any degree of maturity, often applies in the summer-autumn, to facilitate the path and the resolution of the symptoms of varicose veins. The sweat of reviews tomato wraps, very effective. Well-known different ways for their application - green fruits cut in large pieces and are applied to vein nodes, and when it will begin a strong feeling of burning, cleaning, and legs washed with cold water. Ripe tomatoes sliced thin slices and stacked on the veins protruding, and the nodes, the procedure must be repeated five times a day.After two weeks, the nodes will dissolve.
  • For the preparation of this instrument need to track down the wild ferns in the house, a houseplant does not have healing properties, its use requires more time to eliminate the varicose veins. The leaves, the plants need to grind in a suitable way, spoke the juice. In it you will need to add sour milk (preferably home-milk). The composition of the need to lubricate the gauze and wrap it to be affected by the disease place.
  • As a compress can be used whole sheets of cabbage. Their need for pre-soap soap (no need to choose to brown without different additives). The layer applied to the leg, then tied above him, a cloth, a bandage must endure for the whole night.


The technique of the use of leeches may be applied if varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. Leeches are sterile, are able to greatly facilitate the state of the legs to facilitate venous valves work. The substance generated thins the blood and resolves blood clots. This treatment is important in case of thrombophlebitis, varicose veins of help from leeches has a short period of time, so as not to affect the worn-out wall of the blood vessels.

Before performing such treatment must necessarily take the test for the clotting of the blood, to exclude the appearance of bleeding.

The intake of folk remedies inside

Treatment the food is not missing, many diseases can disappear without a trace through a regular exciting products regular. Effective recipes of varicose veins:

  1. Grape fasting helps to a few days to facilitate the picture of the disease. Will need to eat a kilo of together with the seeds and peel. For the treatment is not suitable for all the grapes, and only a select few of its variety. The course of treatment – 3 days.
  2. The horse chestnut trees. It is done for therapeutic tincture, as its foundations are used the fruits and flowers of plants. 50 grams of the collection of raw materials to pour the floor-litre of 40% alcohol or vodka, place in a glass bowl and leave to infuse in a warm, but a dark place for two weeks with the regular use of agitation of the container After this preparation, tincture drink 40 drops per day for 30 days. This composition you can rub the tibia. You can also use the fresh juice of the flowers of the horse chestnut trees, their need to drink 30 drops per day two times per day.
  3. The onion or the garlic, cleaned from the husk, and then to the ground. Need to take only 250 grams, and add 350 grams of liquid honey. The mixture must rest for 7 days. The medication you drink before meals three times per day for 1 tablespoon. spoon. The course is two months.
  4. Nutmeg, which is made the dye has a strong action on the condition of the blood vessels, it quickly solves the problem with varicose veins and has a long term effect. Take 100 grams of walnuts, pour 0.5 liters of vodka and leave for 10 days, regularly shaking the container. After the end of the exposure period to discharge the instrument, and drink 20 drops before meals three times per day. When a bottle of drugs finally, take a break of at least a week, and then repeat the course, while varicose veins are not back.
  5. Verbena also serves as a great tool in the fight against varicose veins, acting on their tonic. It is necessary to prepare 15 grams of leaves of vervain in a glass of liquid and take the medication every hour.
  6. Hop cones serves in a bain-marie. You need to take two tablespoons of cones chopped and pour the boiling water, and then bring in a water-bath for a quarter of an hour to a desired state, leave to infuse for half an hour. After effort makeup the use of 250 ml three times daily before meals. This infusion is possible to soak a gauze and apply to the management of varicose veins places in parallel with internal consumption.
Diet varices

Diet varices

She is unique, because it is suitable for people of any height. We recommend that you apply for the discharge of the body in front of himself the treatment of varicose veins, they should last for not less than five days, after her, the effect of the treatment of varicose veins at home.

At this time we must try to eliminate bread and cakes of flour of high quality, in addition, do not drink coffee, alcohol, meat and fatty fish, limit yourself to spices and condiments.

The diet is based on intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. To simply survive: in the first two days of eating only berries and fruits and juices. On the third day of the introduction in the diet of buckwheat and porridge of rice, salads, vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, as the first can act nettle soup. After exposure to this diet for 5-7 days, you can proceed to her usual food.

For sufferers of varicose veins it is worth knowing that products with a high starch content they are contraindicated. If the potatoes can't do it, then it is better to prepare in "uniform" or simply boil.

This diet not only helps with varicose veins, but also in other diseases, it is useful to purify the body and fill of vitamins, but people who suffer from various diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract with you have to be careful, for a large number of acids of fruits of the forest, has not resulted in their aggravation.

If you get rid of varicose veins among folk remedies did not work, then you need to go to drastic measures and take into consideration the possibility to perform operations with the laser.

Treatment of varicose veins laser

The flow of this disease occurs ... to each his own, the doctor with this in mind, assign a full examination and if necessary a surgical intervention, the patient describes all the details of its execution.

This is due to the fact that there are different techniques of laser treatment of varicose veins in the legs. Most often applied to two of them:

  1. Percutaneous laser coagulation. A more delicate method in which it is removed from the vascular network, but if the thickness of the blood vessels in no more than 3 mm. the pain is treated with a gel, and then through it passes the laser, to which the power is controlled by the device.
  2. Laser operation is carried out through the exposure of thermal energy in the vessels are damaged from the inside. Initially is the fact an injection of painkiller, then the puncture site disinfected, and made the puncture and inserted the led.