Without fear and without pain. What are the methods of treatment of varicose veins exist today

varicose veins

According to statistics, varicose veins meets the 26-28% of women. And not all of it is addressed to phlebologist, believing, incorrectly, that those that do not offers anything new. And, a big mistake.

Do not waste time!

The word "varicose veins" today is not frightening as before. In any pharmacy without prescription sold in creams, ointments, gels, tablets, this disease. In the shops of the doctors kind a consultant with the hunting of select compression socks, stockings, or anti varicose cushion for the legs. Thanks to their well-being in time really improving, you experience the illusion of healing.

What would you apply in varicose veins?

And the disease in the meantime, is progressing slowly. In this case, not always and not all women manifest the entire bouquet of symptoms of varicose veins (heaviness, tiredness in the legs, swelling). For example, unpleasant sensations can increase during or prior to menstruation, and also in different seasons of the year.

In the meantime, the discomfort in the legs – urgent reason, please contact phlebologist. This is particularly important for women taking combined oral contraceptives. After the visit, the doctor will prescribe an ULTRASOUND of the veins of the legs, allows you to assess the size of the lumen of blood vessels, their permeability, measuring the parameters of blood flow, and more accurately assess the "scale" problems and to choose the tactics of treatment.

Delicate approach

Still have problems with the veins at the beginning, maybe the conservative treatment. But, if the disease is able to gain momentum, stretched vienna need to "turn off" the flow of blood and to transfer its functions, healthy blood.

With the defeat of vessels of a small diameter, often use non-surgical method of treatment – sclerotherapy. In the vein of sick special injected a drug that "paste" of the wall of the vessel struck. This procedure gives the cosmetic effect – disappear pinion and spider webs, but eliminates the syndrome of varicose veins and related problems.

The latest innovative techniques – laser obliteration, and radiofrequency ablation. In the figurative sense, in the vein sick "produced" from the inside, acting on it with the laser or the private radio transmitter. Both manipulations the doctor is running under ultrasound guidance, without cuts, through the punctures of the skin with a special needle.

The prevention of varicose veins: how to keep healthy in vienna and prevent the swelling

Cardinal surgical treatment. At the base of the modern operations of varicose veins of the legs is combined flebectomia – removing and binding the damaged veins, nodules. Surgeons use sparing techniques, after the operations to leave the least possible scarring, use special tools, which acts through minimal incisions.

And then?

After the mini-operations of 2-3 hours, the patient leaves the clinic, and the next day you can already return to work. During the combined transport of flebectomia will have to stay in the hospital for a day. At 3-4 ° during the day you can return to normal life.

However, all is not so simple. The success of the treatment depends on the fact, as will be a period of rehabilitation. In the first place, will have to wear compression stockings, in the post-operative period, the doctor may prescribe remedies to reduce the viscosity of the blood and other medicines. Control program of visits to the surgeon in each case is individual.

After the operation the veins of the legs:

  • need every day to walk, we recommend not less than an hour;
  • 2-3 weeks do not take hot baths, go to the bathroom;
  • also must wait a little time for any other sport load;
  • not later than two months after the intervention necessarily need to do an ULTRASOUND of the blood vessels of the legs.