Folk remedies and techniques of treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs

Pathological varicose often affecting the lower limbs. Varicose veins occurs because of failure of the functioning of the venous valves. The disease may have a genetic predisposition, for which the appearance of a person in the family, as varicose veins can be observed and other relatives. In this disease, the blood vessels lose their elasticity and expand and stretch in some places, that the form of education or nodes. In such areas the speed of movement of the blood slows down, which contributes to the appearance of thrombosis. The main symptoms of varicose veins are:

  • the appearance of edema;
  • the heaviness in the legs;
  • vienna change shape and increase in size;
  • the onset of pain, sensation of heat and burning in the legs;
  • skin the tibia becomes dark in colour;
  • sometimes you develop eczema;
  • night, can cause seizures.
the symptoms

How to treat

Varicose veins - a common disease. Modern medicine offers several methods for the treatment of this disease. If the patient is diagnosed with - varicose veins, therapy should be started as quickly as possible. Choose a diagram of treatment can only a doctor, due to the presence of associated symptoms, the degree of the development of varicose veins and the characteristics of the body of the patient. Consequently, they may be used methods:

  • Physiotherapy. Massage, exercises of medical gymnastics.
  • The conservative treatment. Involves the application of some groups of drugs.
  • Radical therapy in varicose veins. The involvement mini-invasive treatment methods - sclerotherapy.
  • Alternative methods. The treatment of the veins of the legs folk remedies (sponging, body wrap, herbal baths, decoctions, tinctures).

Treatment of varicose veins of the veins of the legs folk remedies

With the defeat of the blood vessels, the main task of the treatment is to stop the spread of the disease. This can be applied as medicines, and folk remedies. In this case, for safety, it is important to comply with the measure, which does not exceed the duration of therapy and limit dose. Experts argue that the use of tools that can help in the initial stage of varicose veins. To achieve the effect recommended still taking the pill and do gymnastics. Only a complete treatment prevents the development of pathology.

When you select medicines, folk remedies it is necessary to buy only those that are easy to prepare. In addition, it is necessary for them did not exist toxic effects, and their was a long period of time, store in the refrigerator. With many of the components are easy to grow or buy at the best price. Treatment of varicose veins home remedies popular helps:

  • eliminate the swelling;
  • improve the elasticity of the venous wall;
  • to reduce the viscosity of the blood and accelerate the blood circulation;
  • normalize pending valves.


The main element of all the tinctures is vodka, so this method is not secure. If the legs there is damage, then it is worth to choose another method of treatment of varicose veins. You can prepare special infusions of herbs and apply it on the inside. Herbal is a lot of nutrients, that feel the thrombosed veins. Even if the dye is not particularly popular means of varicose veins, but she is considered to be effective. Most of the herbs need to be produced and follow the instructions. Recipe of dyeing with the verbena for the treatment of varicose veins:

  • need 1, 5 tablespoons of the dried herb;
  • it is necessary to pour the verbena in boiling water (200 ml);
  • next you need to insist mixture for half an hour;
  • take a popular remedy should be every hour to 1 tablespoon.

Tincture of kalanchoe

An effective is considered to be an infusion of kalanchoe from varicose veins. Often she even added a white acacia or consolidates. For the preparation of the solution, it is necessary to cut the leaves of the plants and have 5 days to put in the cold. Then the sheet should grind in a blender and pour in the water. Subsequently, it is necessary to leave the mixture to infuse for a couple of days. Before using drain. Ready, the infusion need to rub it in the affected area 2 times a day for 3 months.



Still one available and a cost effective method in the fight against varicose veins - wrap. It is very effective, if this the can make a sick person by yourself without the help of a third party. Often use packs of baking soda or clay. Another product against varicose veins is the potato. For this, a couple of potato tubers must be cleaned and finely chop rind. The mixture should be of vienna. From the top of the composition should wrap several layers of gauze. The mixture should be applied for 4 hours. There are other recipes of wraps from varicose veins.

Packages of tomatoes

For the treatment of varicose veins are suitable only green tomatoes. This folk remedy helps to eliminate the pain, has a scientifically action. The treatment of varicose veins tomatoes can take up to 3 weeks, so I have a one week break. The tomato should be cut into two halves and apply in vienna. Leave it like that until when, until when you will not have the burning sensation. Then the tomato it is necessary to remove and wash the cold phase.


Improve the state of the veins varicose veins will help the rubbing of the products, which is always at hand. Apple cider vinegar is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve skin tone, eliminate the swelling. You can buy in a store, but you should only choose a natural remedy. Vinegar (6%) it is necessary to clean the area where there is vascular network. You can not wash away the solution and leave it on the body until the following procedure.

In the treatment of varicose veins the most popular medium is considered to be a dye to the base of the horse chestnut. To do this, it is necessary to take a tree fruit with the peel, and mince in a mincer, combine it all into a jar and fill halfway with the alcohol or vodka. The infusion must resist for a month in a dark place, the contents of the jar a couple of times a week you need to shake well. The obtained mixture is necessary to rub the feet 4 times a day.



Many women for the treatment of varicose veins already by the time they use the lemon. This product can be applied externally, or drink fruit juice. Citrus, healing properties, great tones, in order to use this property, you need each day to clean the affected area with lemon slices. In addition, it is possible to prepare the citrus pack by varicose veins. For this reason, some clove and lemon should be applied to the sick in the veins, staring from the top with a bandage. Worn a headband throughout the day.

Medicinal drinks

Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies is not complete without the use of a special diet. The therapeutic approach should start with the installation of a correct regime of drinking. Many doctors advise before proceeding to the change of diet, spend a week juice diet. The most effective drinks in the treatment of varicose veins are: juice sea-buckthorn, aronia, grape, black currant. Be sure to drink cranberry juice. The perfect drink for the correct mode is made.

Tincture of nettle can also help in the treatment of varicose veins. She gives an anti-aging effect. In addition, inside you can consume the lemon juice, which improves the elasticity of blood vessels. To make this drink, you need 6 lemons, cut and squeeze the juice. Away, you need to pour into a glass bowl and mix it with three leaves of gold mouth, two cups of honey, five cloves of chopped garlic. The mixture must stand in a dark place for a week. Drink treatment of varicose veins is necessary to four times per day.

Apple cider vinegar

People who suffer from varicose veins, the treatment often use apple cider vinegar. This product contains more than 20 minerals that are needed in the blood. Regular intake of tools helps to improve circulation, relieve swelling, strengthen the venous walls. When buying apple cider vinegar you need to choose a only natural product, which is made from fresh apples. Take the vinegar in the treatment of varicose veins, you need a spoon to the jejunum, pre-spread a glass of water. To eliminate all the risks, you should consult a doctor.

There are no contraindications, the use of apple cider vinegar:

  • the inflammatory bowel disease;
  • breast-feeding and pregnancy;
  • kidney disease;
  • disease of the liver;
  • stomach ulcer and gastritis.


In varicose veins good to help the ointments with a base of vegetable oils. As a general rule, for their preparation, often use olive oil, because it contains arachidonic acid. To give the composition, density, add cream and animal fat. For the production of ointments from varicose veins is still recommended that you apply wormwood, willow bark, celandine. Can be as a base to take the fat cream and add fresh petals of marigold. The finished ointment must be applied in the evening on the problem areas. In the morning rinse it off with lukewarm water. This method will help you cure a mild form of varicose veins.

On the basis of the chestnut

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a large amount of ointments from varicose veins, but, as a general rule, all of them contain chemical components. So it is better to make an effective ointment to the house. Particularly effective is treatment with medicines to the citizens of the chestnut tree. In the fruit of this plant contains glycosides, which increase the permeability of capillaries, improves blood circulation, relieve the inflammation.

For the preparation of the medicine the funds from varicose veins need 6 of the dry fruits of chestnut, and 2 tablespoons of flowers grind in a blender. Following this mass, pour vegetable oil (1:10). To withstand the instrument must be in a dark place for 10 days. At the end of the time of ointment to varicose veins it is necessary to boil for 40 minutes and let it cool. The resulting composition should spread the sick textures, 2 times per day.

The information provided in this article is exploratory in nature. The article does not ask for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment according to the individual characteristics of each patient.