A correct gymnastics: exercises in varicose veins of the legs

On the contrary, a very forced position of the limbs, what you borrow when weeding – planting a vegetable garden for patients with veins disastrous. Exercise with varicose veins of the lower limbs is an exercise in gymnastics. If it is difficult to master them to visit several times the cabinet of THERAPY in the nearest clinic – medical instructor will teach you how to tackle properly. Well, until the instructor has not arrived, we will analyze in detail, how it is useful for the sick veins in the gym.

Exercise with varicose veins of the lower limbs

exercises varicose veins

Start them, do not get up from the bed. Follow some of the non-abrupt movements and arrests:

  1. Pull the socks on him, and after tilting them in the opposite direction, posing gymnast.
  2. Rotation stop to the left and to the right.
  3. Make a circular motion foot – the one that pulls the sock, on the contrary, guiding it towards himself.

Each of the proposals of the movements in the face a couple of times. If this exercise did not, lying in bed, start with 4 – 5 years. Following their number can increase up to ten. A simple vascular gymnastics will help you easily stay on your feet, feeling uncomfortable. If this phase went well (and so will, do not doubt!), proceed directly to the morning of physiotherapy and gymnastics.

What exercises you can do

Begin processing gymnastics, as usual, from the top. A correct physical activity – one that promotes the work of all the muscle groups of the body. But do it gradually:

  • Initially mash the cervical, performing twists and tilts the head. Not to insist and to not boost the load. Gymnastics must be the most comfortable – not to deliver the pain or discomfort.
  • After going to the exercises shoulder strap. Mahi and rotation with your hands, rotations of the trunk, the slopes to the side.
  • Back – and-forth. Tilts forward. Inactive, superficial at the beginning. Gradually become more and more free, you will be able to bend under.
  • They are very useful for the spine exercises curl to hammer with the back. Bending your back like a cat, after return to the starting position.

After the common exercises to begin the exercises for the legs. On them we will stop for details.

  • Squat. And ' allowed to exercise in varicose veins. Widen your legs to shoulder width apart and slowly squat until the pelvis is not parallel to the floor. Make the exercise more times. If you play her hard, while efforts to stop. Back to bend, after a couple of weeks.
  • Mahi. Normal mahi feet. Forward , backward and to the side. Run gently. It is sufficient to mach 5 in each direction.
  • The movement of rotation of the foot on weight. Clinging to the pole, and, leaning on one leg, the second brought to the side. Performs the rotation movement of the foot towards the outside and towards the inside. After you perform this exercise with the other foot (5 times).
  • The passage of the mouse with a sock on the heel. Exercise is very useful in varicose veins. In your gym to participate must necessarily.

Lying on the floor

exercise lying
  • Very well if you buy for these exercises, a special ball. Lying on the floor, laid on him the tibia and rotate the ball underneath them. Blood will gain the tone, and, gently, without effort.
  • If the ball is not – remember the lessons of physical education of the school. "The bicycle", "scissors" – beautiful exercises to your limbs.
  • The rollover on your stomach, lift one leg. It is possible once both of the legs, can be alternately. Do as I it is easier.

Complete the exercises in can be a small banner. Do it gently, without effort. And for all the complex hold on to the breath is not lost. When you perform the physical exercise is a prerequisite.

What exercises you cannot perform

The complete elimination require the following exercises:

  1. Jumps, between which the string
  2. Exercises with load – strength exercises, exercises with barbell and dumbbells
  3. Exercises, sitting on a chair, falling down the foot (flexion – extension of the trunk)
  4. Active and details squat
  5. Intense gymnastics stretching
  6. In a race of speed and long-distance

A series of exercises for slimming in varicose veins

It is not a secret that obese women and men varicose veins more frequently than people with normal body weight. Yes, accompanied by problems with pressure, heart and other diseases. And because the circle it turns out closed – until you get a thin, diseases free you. And how to lose weight without physical education, if a good half of exercises you can perform?

It is possible to perform exactly as we described above. And start with a walk. Minutes for 20 – 40 each morning. Then the rest charging is it possible to abolish yet. And how to lose weight in kilograms two-three, and exercises to add.

Important! It is not possible to varicose veins dressing to not allow air the clothes. Some ladies who want to lose weight to accelerate the effect of physical education before loading wear clothing in excess", to sweat". It is not a choice! Is the stress and trauma to the body. Not only for veins blood vessels, but also for the activity of the heart.

Need! Make sure to adjust your diet. Useful and for the figure and for varicose veins. Without going on a healthy diet to lose weight, and to treat varicose veins will probably be.

Gymnastics during pregnancy

exercise for legs during pregnancy

Pregnancy – was moving, but very responsible. And, unfortunately, a risk factor for the development of varicose veins. Therefore, gymnastics mothers is as necessary as the air. In small time it is possible to perform a normal complex of medical gymnastics, starting from the third month, you should exclude:

  • Squat;
  • Mahi feet;
  • Active tilt forward;
  • Stretch marks;
  • Optimally in the period of pregnancy, a visit to the cabinet office, THERAPY clinic, therapy group with an instructor. But in the morning exercises, lying in bed, not to forget!.

Gym – strength training exercises

For patients with varicose veins of the lower limbs of load power deleted. Even if they suggest the load on the shoulder belt and not related to the arts.

Alternative – pool or step aerobics. While the gym will be available after the complete recovery only after one year.

Exercises for tired legs

We examined, what are the exercises to perform, when varicose veins are already "hosted". And if there are any specific exercises for tired legs, which is inherent in the varicose veins? Of course. And run them also in the workplace. Here are some tips:

  • Do not sit never, throwing your legs on top of the other;
  • If the sedentary work, every 40 minutes under the table to perform the exercise heel-toe;
  • During a break from work to walk in the tip of the foot;
  • If you are a great leader, think of it as the people sitting in the american movies. Right! Throwing the feet on the desk. And, mind you, not the shoes show – relieve foot fatigue. And by varicose veins are saved;
  • Tonight at the home of take a bath for tired feet. Fresh, with herbs. And a light massage from the foot to the thigh;
  • And rest lying down as well, heels have always been above the level of the buttocks;
  • Relaxing your legs will help, and such employment: to lay on the floor to the pencil, do the laundry, or other object and try to grasp the toes of the foot.

We sincerely hope that the physiotherapy will be for you to not only remedy from varicose veins, but a constant companion. And after – a friend, helps to relieve stress and recharge the energy. Who knows, you may soon people learn to know your sporting achievements, or even a record! Because it is impossible for a healthy person there is!