What to use against varicose veins?

Varicose veins suffer from the overwhelming majority of women all over the world. Under the action of gravity of our body is broken, the flow of blood in the lower limbs. The blood vessels stretch and dilate.

Varicose veins refers to diseases of the cardiovascular system. This disease is closely connected with the violation of the functioning of the venous valves. Slows down the outflow of venous blood, strike and stretched the venous wall.

varicose veins

The volume of blood in the lower limbs increases and excess blood that comes out under the skin. The consequence of these changes is the chronic venous insufficiency, which is manifested and edema, and pigmentation.

The causes of

Of great importance in the case of varicose veins has inheritance. If the closest relatives have a history of this disease, then it is likely that you are transmitting by inheritance. Sex is also the reason why. Varicose veins in the vast majority occurs in women, mainly undergoing pregnancy and endocrine therapy.

High venous pressure quickly leads to problems with the feet. A sedentary life-style, prolonged work in a standing, being overweight — this increases the load on the limb. Lifting weights causing varicose veins.

The power of the load worsen the course of the disease. Bad habits, uncomfortable clothing and footwear, also, inevitably, lead to the interruption of the circulation of the blood in the legs.

The symptoms

The first signal for the beginning of varicose veins serve swelling and fatigue of legs at the end of the day. It is possible the appearance of small spasms of the calf muscles and increase the pain in them. A little later appear the so-called capillaries.

Intradermal and subcutaneous veins visible to the naked eye.
The last stage of the disease in the case of treatment, or its absence, are thrombophlebitis, ulcers, and eczema.


Solve problems with your veins will help phlebologist. He is the guide of the diagnosis of the disease and determine a phase. Using this method, such as ultrasonic dopplerography, which determines the state of blood flow in the veins and their permeability.Transillyuminatsiya allows you to identify the vein is damaged through the level.

The treatment and prevention

Against varicose veins, there is a huge amount of drugs and treatments. This can be a surgery, and other therapeutic measures.

Immediate intervention

the operation for varicose veins

The operation is a measure of last resort. Includes the removal of varicose veins. Start with the preparation for surgery. Vienna you are looking for a doctor, checked for patency, did the ULTRASOUND and the analysis.

We recommend taking drugs that contain vitamin C. this is Done with the purpose to avoid possible bleeding and accelerate the healing process.
Stripping is one of the most effective methods of intervention.

The operation is the following: vienna engraved at the beginning and at the end is injected in the vein probe, pull and removed.

Miniphlebectomy bit different from the previous method. Instead, the cuts are puncture and removes the affected areas veins. Non-operative methods of treatment include a variety of medications, specialized bedding, medical gymnastics, and also of folk remedies.

Compression stockings

Tights against varicose veins enjoy great popularity. They refer to compressive work or clothing mesh. Are a great preventive method and an essential component in the treatment of varicose veins. Their mechanism of action consists in the pressure on the venous wall.

The pantyhose are divided into classes, characterized by a degree of pressure. Depending on the stage of the disease, the choice of one or the other class. Thanks to the pressure of the blood in the veins is not stagnant, it facilitates the circulation of the blood.

Pick up for you pantyhose only problem with the doctor. The pressure is distributed from the bottom to the top, then it is advisable to wear them in the morning, in the supine position and with your legs raised, to block the vein in a more favorable position.

Tights for pregnant women have a similar action. Among other things, they are absolutely safe for the child and also to have a positive impact on its development through the strengthening of the outflow from the feet to the belly.

The pantyhose worn all day and removed for a night. They are equipped with an elastic band, not exprimendum belly, but at the same time maintains the ability to fix. Tights for pregnant women board of use and in the post-partum period.

Socks against varicose veins is also made of compression stockings. Their action is similar to tights. Knee-high socks the most suitable for the prevention of this disease, rather than for his treatment.


Drugs for varicose veins largely simplify its treatment. At this moment there is a large amount of this product. To tableted forms, may be given medicines containing horse chestnut, caffeine, rutin and esculin, troxerutin.

These drugs perfectly relieve inflammation and swelling, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, neutralize eliminates venous congestion, constricts the blood vessels and improves the flow in their.

ointment against varicose veins

Ointment against varicose veins is a very effective local medium. Its effectiveness is evaluated in the application process. If you reduce foot fatigue, reduces swelling, shrinks and strengthens the vascular wall, this ointment is considered to be effective.

In many ointments is heparin. Is the most effective means in the fight against varicose veins, locally, as it has the ability to dissolve the various blood clots and improve blood circulation.

The action of all ointments because of the liquefaction of the blood within the vein wall. Are used according to the instructions.

Usually, this rubbing, gently massage the ointment on the skin of the feet not less than twice a day. Cream for varicose veins has a similar action with ointments and possesses similar properties.

Gel against varicose veins, for example, Ginkor Gel, it contains extract of leaves of ginkgo biloba, which reduces the permeability of the venous wall, increases the tone of veins, reduces the swelling. This drug is licensed for use in pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers.


There are also exercises that help combat varicose veins. Gymnastics in great part allows you to avoid negative consequences and is performed about three times per day for 15 minutes.

It is well known to all the exercise "scissors", "bicycle", "seed press", the rotation of the foot. We recommend that you do the drain for the legs-to raise the top level of the body to 20 degrees. After a complex of gymnastic exercises it is recommended that you take a shower contrast for the legs.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are an effective method of treatment of varicose veins.
Many praise apple cider vinegar. It is a popular and proven tool that provides a beneficial effect on the walls of the blood vessels and the whole body in general.

To get the maximum effect of the systematically rubbed every morning and evening on problem areas. It is also used to wrap, for this soaked in vinegar tissue apply or wrap the foot.


Castaneis tincture for the treatment of varicose veins applied 3 times a day, by rubbing or compresses. The preparation, it is possible to mix the fruits of chestnut, with 300 ml of vodka and insisting them in a dark place for 10-12 days, then filter. She has a positive effect on the walls of the blood vessels, improves their permeability and reduces thrombosis.

Oil to varicose veins apply to both in the form of aromatherapy, and for rubbing. In aromatherapy apply essential oils of cypress, lavender, juniper, rosemary and ginger.

You can add in the bath, aromatherapy lamp or to do with their massages. No less effective is the garlic and the oil. The garlic is then crushed and mixed with oil of double proportions. Applied for the night.

folk remedies

Another popular remedy is the green tomato. It should be cut in slices and applying to the sore spot.

Treatment nettle out a way to not brief, but effective. 2 tablespoons herb pour a glass of boiling water, hour insist, strain and drink a quarter cup three times a day.

Also made an infusion of hops. His lumps, pour a glass of boiling water and drink before eating.

For the treatment of folk remedies use, and an apple. His pour in boiled water for 4 hours, filter, add a tablespoon of honey. Take on an empty stomach and before going to sleep.

Pain in the legs can help to release fresh potatoes. His need to wipe and attach to the sore spot for about 4 hours.