The appearance of varicose veins: the causes of the disease

By varicose veins suffer from the majority of mankind. At the age of 50 years, the signs of the disease, are observed in 65% of women, while the indicators of the male half of the population at the same age – 42%. Because the representatives of the female sex more likely to develop the disease, and what are the causes of varicose veins in women, consider via.

The general framework for the etiology

Pathological varicose veins, with their elongation, possible thrombosis and the formation of knots, by scientists of all countries of the world. Until now the causes of varicose veins in women studied in full. The main factors that contribute to the development of the disease:

  1. low level of mobility;
  2. the abuse of alcohol and tobacco;
  3. high physical load;
  4. genetic structure;
  5. traumatic injury of the blood vessels;
  6. poor diet and lifestyle;
  7. diseases of the intestinal tract and the endocrine system.
Know! The main causes of the development of varicose veins in women are similar to the factors that cause this disease in men. Basically the difference is the hormonal changes in the body.

Physical work load and hazardous

The woman in the office with back pain

Most of the women have a work, connected with the conditions of long periods of sitting or standing. Confectioners, vendors, technicians, secretaries, waiters, and surgeons of the professions, the holders who are prone to develop venous disease. To this group of people you refer and the disabled, sedentary lifestyles.

Excessive workload leads to the fact that in the system of blood vessels, increases blood pressure and increases its volume. Overload weakens the functional capacity of the venous valves, aimed at the adjustment of the current of the blood. The blood vessels dilate, lengthen appear of the protrusion, which can be filled in thrombotic masses in the case of the accession of unfavorable factors.

The lack of exercise and lack of physical activity are the same causes of varicose veins in women, such as a high load level. They contribute to the development of venous stasis in the circulatory system.

The legacy

This cause of varicose veins on the legs in women on the first place among all of the possible factors. The disease goes as a "dowry" from none of the parents and does not have a set on the floor. If varicose veins the tormented father, and his mother was healthy, this does not mean that the disease will be transmitted in the male line. The girls have the possibility of the development of pathology of the veins much higher.

In addition to her parents, to the appearance of diseases can influence and relatives of the previous generations. By inheritance, transmitted from varicose veins, and a predisposition to him, because of the tendency to thinning of the vascular walls and the stretch.

Valvular insufficiency of the vascular system also has the genetic validity. In this case, vienna or have a small number of valves to normal operation, or the defective valves due to their anatomical underdevelopment. This insufficiency leads to a stagnation of blood in the system of the veins of the legs, in a small basin, to the upper limbs.

The effect of hormonal background

The causes of varicose veins in women are directly linked to the hormonal changes in the body. There are several periods, which can become a driving force for the onset of the disease:

  1. gestation of a child;
  2. the premenstrual period;
  3. disease, accompanied by a high level of estrogen;
  4. the use of hormonal contraceptives;
  5. the application of hormone replacement therapy during menopause.

All these periods are accompanied by hormonal changes and the increased levels of sex hormones in the body. Estrogen and progesterone act on the wall of the blood vessels, weakening his tone. This makes the veins more susceptible to overload and is prone to stretch and lengthen.

Hormonal oral contraceptives and replacement therapy used in menopause, they also have in its composition and doses of female sex hormones.

Know! The effect of estrogen on the vascular tone explain the frequency of female varicose veins, as compared to the development of the disease in men.

Climaterici events work in reverse. In the period of the menopause the amount of estrogen decreases dramatically, however, increases the production of progesterone, the hormone of the corpus luteum ovarian. Progesterone, like estrogen, has a relaxing effect on the venous wall. This is another cause of varicose veins on the legs of women.

Pregnancy can be accompanied not only pathological processes at the level of the lower limbs, but also of hemorrhoids (varicose veins of the rectum). During the whole period of pregnancy the weight of the mother increases, and the load on the internal organs increases. Pregnancy is accompanied by a series of factors that can cause varices disease of any type of localization:

  1. constipation frequent that accompany this period;
  2. the pressure of the weight of the child and of the mother on the walls of the blood vessels pelvic;
  3. the attempts and struggles to increase pressure on the hemorrhoidal ring.
The appearance of the signs of varicose veins on the hands is also frequent enough in the gestation period of a baby.

Excess body weight

The excess food with a great weight

The development of obesity refers to the causes of varicose veins of different localization of the women. The heavy weight and the great pressure that they must endure the walk every day, be known. In addition, women who suffer from this disease, they move a little, and prefer to lead a sedentary life.

The vascular system must work on the wear, that it was possible to ensure a proper working of all the internal organs. The increased volume of blood creates additional pressure increase, and the inability of the veins to cope with the amount of liquid results in the development of the phenomena of stagnation.

Obesity often accompanies diabetes mellitus. The main reason for the appearance of varicose veins on the legs in women in this period – change all the internal mechanisms and the metabolism.

The breach of the intestinal tract

Chronic constipation is one of the factors in etiology, which causes the extension of the vein hemorrhoidal field. The pathological process occurs because of overvoltage and stagnation of the blood. Vienna increase, appear medium-sized varicose veins, which have the tendency to denial and thrombosis.

Often constipation appear to be the wrong power supply, the frequent use of enemas, in the presence of stress situations on the job or in the home.

For more factors

In addition to the main etiological factors, and differ more, that do not cause the development of diseases alone, but in combination with others can serve as an impulse for the beginning of pathological processes. These include:

  1. the abuse of shoes, the high-motion;
  2. wear slimming underwear and tight pants;
  3. cough prolonged, which increases the intra-abdominal pressure;
  4. traumatic injury, accompanied by a compression of the veins in the scar tissue;
  5. violation of the diet (fast-food, a small amount of food of vegetal origin);
  6. the state of stress of the nervous system;
  7. increased coagulation of the blood, increases the risk of thrombosis veins nodes.

Definition of the causes of the disease, it is necessary to resolve its effects on the human body, which helps in the healing process and the prevention of the complications of the disease.