Pain in varicose veins: first aid

Similar sensations of pain can lower the quality of life and of women, and men, especially during the journey. So what is bad for varicose veins? Let's try to understand, but together and find a way to relieve the pain in the varicose veins.

Usually, the leg pain occur in the afternoon, amplifying greatly to the night as a consequence of moved load for the whole day. In the initial phase is characterized by the formation of varicose veins in the lower limbs and small varicose veins. Then they begin to enrich vienna, and expresses a multitude of sensations unpleasant bulge outward, causing the appearance of appearance is not just a beautiful effect.

Pain in the legs with varicose veins: symptoms

Hurts if varicose veins and pain in varicose veins? The extension of the superficial veins has some of the signs, and that is a strong pain in the lower limbs, the formation of lattices and small varicose veins, heaviness, swelling, especially the visible signs of the evening after a day of work. When you experience severe pain, many patients are interested in the question of natural, how to reduce the discomfort and what are the tools, in this case the most effective.

Pain in the legs with varicose veins

Because of the deterioration in the tide of blood in the different tissues occurs a severe shortage of oxygen. Bringing the body suffers from continuous poisoning of harmful substances. Via begin to show various trophic disturbances pathology, which favours the onset of a headache. With the development of this disease the pain is all the more amplified, the maintainer symptom of this is the disintegration available the surrounding tissues.

This is the main reason a timely treatment to a specialist, who will have competent aid of an expert.

In some cases, people do not stop to reflect on the causes of the pain, are looking for effective painkillers, and they are not always arranged accurately to call all of the symptoms. Characteristic of couperose (asterisk or retina) occur in the foot, not all, but this does not mean that the disease has been addressed.

The main causes of pain to varicose veins doctors believe disorders and trophic disturbances in the tissues when their defective blood logistics, also disorders of the venous walls. Such violations affect the deformation of the veins due to their stretching, this is very clear, because of this, the veins start to hurt. The blood in their go and it stagnates. Here, then, is that the patient on his own experience understand how much they hurt the feet in this pathology, namely:

  • The characteristic pain is observed in malignant, especially when you need to walk after a long sedentary work, for example, instead of vehicles going to walk home.
  • You form some tingling;
  • The feet swell, the night for the inadequate rest;
  • I hurt the knees, with an increase in the load of pain intensifies, and may spread below the knee;
  • Night can experience cramps in the lower limbs.
The symptoms of varicose veins

Especially in the legs, you experience the following pain:

  • Buttons;
  • Pulling and aching;
  • Accompanied by convulsions;
  • If tearing from the inside.

Most often occur under the kneecap, and may possibly be spread throughout the limb. The rapid progression of painful sensations says that the swollen veins and they formed a blood clot. They can be quite strong and bring a little bit of discomfort, of special aggravation occurs during exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to resolve the pain as quickly as possible, and what are the medicines at the same time, take.

How to relieve the pain in varicose veins

Too strong painful feelings, they tend to talk about the case of thrombophlebitis and other serious diseases, then, first of all, you need to see a doctor, tell you all the possible methods of treating the problem.

In each case, with the help of folk remedies is only possible to reduce the pain and the time to alleviate the symptoms. In the case of performing forms of the disease, the physician must give serious procedures, up to flebectomia. But before this extraordinary pain can be eased:

  • In a moment of cramping, sit on the floor, bend your knees, and then fasten it to the floor and firmly spread them apart. Repeat the procedure several times.
  • Drinking venotonic, that prescribed by your doctor.
  • If the doctor is not yet gone and medications do not take anabolic.
  • Use an ointment or cream, which prescribes the doctor. The ointment helps to increase the circulation of blood and reduces the pain.
  • Fai-foot massage special and let them rest.
  • Relieve the pain as possible and with the help of folk remedies, for example, popular today are green tomatoes.
Drugs varicose veins

Medications, veins pain

Pain in the legs with varicose veins quickly amenable to resolution because of several drugs, but allot of them are necessarily directly qualified doctor, who correctly select necessary the dosage of the medication.

In case of strong pain in the lower limbs good helpers are non-steroidal drugs and painkillers.

In the early stages of the disease are appointed and special packs for a couple of drugs that positively affect the general state of the patient. Similar wraps to effectively cope with the elimination of pain. After their application improves the oxygenation of the tissues.

The operation for the removal of varicose veins

The surgery has shown effectiveness in 80% of cases.

If varicose veins progresses, there is an urgent need to carry out the operation. During the intervention will be made easy to the impact on the veins, and more precisely, to make minimum incisions and inflamed vienna pull.

Treatment of the disease, they also using laser techniques. This method will help you quickly and for a long time to get rid of uneasiness in the lower limbs.

The prevention of varicose veins pain

Constant pain in varicose veins speaks of the need to contact the doctor phlebologist. It is mandatory to assess the severity and the degree of pathology, as well as given some recommendations.

The main preventive methods:

A correct style of life
  • Face a healthy lifestyle, including the power supply. Abandon bad habits.
  • The massage of the foot of the house or by a specialist.
  • Visit phlebologist.
  • Do physical activity.
  • Take in the overall improvement of the vascularity of the body.

In addition to the above there is another and a very effective method, which today is often used in health care facilities is hirudotherapy.