The phlebodia in varicose veins

The phlebodia 600 – a drug designed to improve the tone of veins of small caliber, improve lymphatic drainage and venous outflow of blood does not increase the tone of the arteries). Applies the phlebodia 600 in varicose veins to relieve the symptoms of lymphovenous insufficiency (swelling and heaviness in the legs, pain, trophic dysfunction and for the treatment of disorders of the microcirculation of the blood. The ingredient main of diosmin, is rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and is evenly distributed in all layers of the venous wall. Excreted with the urine, feces and bile 92.5% (the peak activity of the drug necessary to the fifth hour after taking). The phlebodia can be taken by pregnant women (before you take phlebodia 600 with varicose veins, you must see a doctor), but it is not in the period of breastfeeding, as well as information on the penetration of the drug into the breast milk does not.



For the treatment of chronic lymphovenous insufficiency, but also to combat pain in the veins, the weight in the legs the medication is taken every day 1 tablet before breakfast. The duration of treatment is always determined by the physician on the basis of their analysis. Usually appointment the phlebodia in varicose veins is realized in the course of two months, in the most serious cases up to four months. The passage of one or two techniques, and the medications used to the additional intake and dosage do not change.

Particularly effective drug for the initial expressions of venous insufficiency in a complex with the caffeine (ointment varicose veins) and compression hosiery. The effect of the receipt comes at the end of the first week of treatment. Pain in the legs, swelling and heaviness is gradually reduced, spider veins on the skin and absorbed into and become more rare, and the general state of the veins is improved.