Varicose veins — causes, symptoms and treatment of varicose veins in the legs

What is varicose veins to a normal person? Is the fatigue in the legs, perhaps with some swelling, cyanosis, sometimes dark spider veins. Consider that this disease from the medical point of view...

varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins (varices) — the extension and enlargement of the veins (blood vessels that carry blood to the heart) in the lower limbs, thinning of the venous wall and formation of their nodes. Nodules in the same form in consequence of disease of the venous wall, and even failure of their valves, because of a genetic defect.

Varicose veins is manifested by an increase of venous pressure.

The varicose veins are:

  • of the lower limbs;
  • of the stomach and of the esophagus;
  • pelvic;
  • the testis and of the spermatic cord.

The most common manifestation of the disease is varicose veins of the lower limbs, which we'll talk about today.

Today varicose veins is one of the most common disorders, which affects every 3rd woman and every 10 man. The extras emphasize that often, the disease begins at a young age of 30-40 years.

Causes of varicose veins

The main causes of varicose veins:

  • style of life or work, is associated with heavy physical workloads, the prolonged stay in the same position (standing or sitting) or constantly high temperature environment;
  • significant increase of body weight;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • effect of hormonal (pregnancy and hormonal drugs).

Secondary causes of varicose veins

The obstacles to the outflow of the blood in the veins. Such obstacles can be: a blood clot, the uterus, the tumor.

Stress and nervous disorders. They act on the condition of the blood vessels. In the wall of the veins there are the nerve endings that give them elasticity. When the pressure increases in them, to be exposed to a variety of toxins and alcohol lumen of the blood vessels lose tone, and expand.

Arterial-venous of the hole. The holes may form due to pressure in the arterial flow of blood cells.

Sports overload. Risk lovers lift the barbell in the gym. In the presence of predisposition to varicose veins to overload the legs, excessive exercise, and lifting weights non-smoking.

Uncomfortable clothing and footwear. Very tight clothing such as skinny jeans, may cause the appearance of the veins of the grids. Also harmful tight shoes and high heels. When choosing shoes, give preference with a wide sole, the wider the sole, the less load on the legs. Walking in balance on thin heels, and highlights of vienna's huge load, and if in the heel to add a heavy bag with a grocery store, which flows in the veins is not to be envied...

All of these causes contribute to varicose veins, increased venous pressure, and disruption of the normal functioning of the venous valves. The result can be pathological blood flows in the veins of the lower limbs — a reverse flow (return current of venous blood from a vein on the deep surface). They cause a worsening of the disease in the course of time, increasing the pressure on the venous system many times.

The current of the blood, when the blood flows in the veins of the legs from the bottom to the top, this is achieved with the help of several factors: the blood pressure of the arteries, reducing the muscles of the legs, with the movements and the presence in the veins are valves that prevent the reflux of blood. The inability of these valves to perform its function causes a disturbance of the venous flow, which leads to the hyperextension veins. Because of this, blood flow becomes chaotic, the blood stagnates in the veins of the lower limbs (especially in subcutaneous tissues), the pressure increases, the walls of the blood vessels begin to expand.

The symptoms of varicose veins

varicose veins

The symptoms of varicose veins are directly connected with the initial stages of varicose vein disease.

I and II stage of varicose veins

  • the appearance of venous thrombosis models on the feet, legs and hips;
  • the feeling of heavy legs and swelling;
  • seizures, especially at night;
  • swelling in the legs, after a day of work;
  • moderate pain in the legs;
  • fatigue.

III and IV stage of varicose veins

  • swelling;
  • capillaries (telangiectasia);
  • the pain of different nature (warm, throbbing, itching or muscle pain when walking, pain during trunks, venous pain, and general aches and pains in the legs);
  • twisted, stretched, varicose veins, protruding above the surface of the skin of the legs and stop;
  • changes of the skin (the skin becomes dry, and appears to be the pigmentation, after which the skin of the feet darkens and is covered by brown spots). Next to these symptoms, may participate: dermatitis, eczema and trophic disturbances in the form of evil, heal the wounds up to the formation of ulcers.

Quite rare, but you experience symptoms such as bleeding when the rupture of the nodes, which often occur at night.

Complications of varicose veins

If varicose veins have appeared in the symptoms, such as fever or weakness, then, perhaps, the disease has passed the stage of complications.

When complications varicose veins can occur:

  • eczema;
  • ulcers of the skin;
  • heavy venous bleeding from the smallest wound;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • trophic ulcer;
  • phlebothrombosis;
  • bleeding of the varices and of the nodes.

The diagnosis of varicose veins

When the symptoms of varicose veins, for the decision of correct diagnosis or denial is required, please contact: phlebologist, neurologist, surgeon.

Procedures for the diagnosis of varicose veins: ultrasound (ULTRASOUND or phlebography.

Treatment of varicose veins

How to cure varicose veins? To answer this question the doctor after the diagnosis. After all, only a correct diagnosis improves the positive treatment of varicose veins.

In turn, the doctor may prescribe the following treatment options:

  • the pharmacological treatment of varicose veins (cream, ointment, tablet);
  • the complex of procedures, depending on the symptoms and the stage of development of the disease (in this article);
  • surgical treatment (removal of diseased veins).

Funds from varicose veins

Ointments and creams varicose veins

They act as a tool of prevention and as an auxiliary way to treat the disease in its early stages. They help to:

  • reduce the pain;
  • reduce the swelling;
  • enhance the activity of the rod system;
  • improve the tone of the vascular walls;
  • to restore the normal blood flow;
  • prevent the development of complications.

Pills varicose veins

Pills to prescribe, in the case, when the localization of the disease does not allow you to apply medications topically, or as part of an integrated therapy of varicose veins. They help to:

  • improve the tone of blood vessels;
  • remove the inflammatory process;
  • accelerate blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • eliminate microcirculation infringement.

The procedures for the treatment of varicose veins

Laser coagulation. The doctor acts on the patient's vessel, the laser, and the stars disappear. It takes place under local anesthesia. After a couple of weeks on the skin no reminder carried out the procedure. It is used for the treatment of varicose veins in the initial stages.

The sclerotherapy. The problem vienna the syringe to introduce substances, and the affected vein glued from the inside and stops working, and the blood begins to flow in the veins healthy. This procedure is not suitable for everyone. It is prescribed only if the nodes are not very large.

Ozone therapy. The ozone is introduced with a small needle in the lumen of the vessel and causes its membership. To get a visible effect in just a few treatments. Is used to eliminate varicose veins.

Flebectomia. The surgery, in which veins are affected simply removed. The day after surgery you can return home, but at least another month, it is necessary to wear special stockings or wraps the foot elastic bandage.

In the process of treatment of varicose veins we recommend that you use the curative physical education and therapy of knitting.

Rehabilitation exercises in varicose veins. Helps to relieve heaviness in the legs, and normalize the blood circulation and eliminate stagnation of venous blood.

The movement is life. If you Have a sedentary job, try to walk every day. We also recommend cycling and swimming. But the race may have impact on the degree of the veins and the well-being of the person.

Some examples of exercises for the legs:

  • sitting on a chair, press your feet to the story and immerse the socks, then the heel, repeat 15-20 times;
  • leaning with both hands (at shoulder height) on the wall, it becomes for the socks, then the heel, repeat 20 times;
  • in the standing position on the breath, raise the hands upwards and rise on socks during exhalation, to relax and become a member on the heel, repeat 20 times;
  • sitting alarm above the level of the floor alternately one then the other leg, turn the toe of the foot in the ankles in both directions, making small circles, repeat 15-20 times;
  • sitting get up on tip toes at the same time with both feet, repeat 15-20 times.

The therapy of knitting. Wear underwear that helps to improve the state concerned the veins due to compression, speeding the flow of blood and eliminate stagnation of venous blood in the blood vessels. Wearing therapeutic underwear may be considered only as an adjunct in the complex with the doctor assigned treatment.

Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies

folk remedies to varicose veins

Important! Before applying folk remedies from varicose veins, be sure to consult your doctor!

Treatment of varicose veins herbal preparations charges

Kalanchoe flip strokes away. The leaves of kalanchoe my and put in pot quart (leaves must be of medium banks). Pour 70% alcohol and insist in the dark for 14 days. Every day before going to sleep lubricate the leg and foot. Pain already after the first application. If varicose veins are launched, for the treatment is needed for 4 months.

Apples "Antonovka". To boil 1 l of water, throw 3 of the apples, cover with the lid and put in a warm place for 4 hours. Next, remove the apples to make them, mix the solution and the voltage. Take, adding 1 tablespoon of honey, half a glass of wine (50 g) in the morning, before eating, and in the evening before bedtime. Remedy that purifies the blood, improves sleep and appetite.

The potatoes. Clean 5 potatoes and rub on a grater. Distribute the mashed potatoes, grate and spread his legs. After 4 hours, the pain goes away, and then rinse the potatoes with warm water.

The flowers of the horse chestnut. 50 g of flowers pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and leave it insists 14 days, shaking every day a bottle. Lose the the resulting dye through the network, and drink 1 tablespoon. spoon 3 times daily before meals with water.

The garlic in the oil. Take the garlic with the white peel and mash. Mix two parts butter. Apply to foster in the veins during the night, above, put the baking paper and secure with a bandage or a warm scarf. In the morning, wash and put on something warm and soft.

The prevention of varicose veins

As we all know from time-to – disease-prevention is better than cure. Let's consider some rules of life, noting that it is possible to prevent the appearance of varicose veins:

  • if you Have a sedentary job, take a break. It can do the job of special gymnastics. Try to walk;
  • if I work courses d', on the contrary, find time for relaxation;
  • giving up habits when you sit down, throw the legs up, if You have;
  • don't wear things that are highly-tightening (for example, the tight jeans, socks with tight elastic. But in general, women in general, it is absolutely forbidden to wear tight pants, because in this case the circulation of the blood in the area of genito-urinary system;
  • do not wear tight shoes, and shoes spiked (these shoes it is acceptable for rarely – on public holidays);
  • if you Have constipation, do not leave anything to chance, because the constipation increases the pressure level of the circulation in the pelvic;
  • put bike;
  • look for a lot of swim;
  • during the rest time, time to place the legs in an elevated position (15-20 cm above the heart);
  • try to regularly make the charge;
  • monitor your weight;
  • reduce in the diet of harmful products and sweets, eat fruit and vegetables, that is, the products enriched with vitamins;
  • throw in the bad habits (smoke and alcohol);
  • try to take a shower contrast;
  • drink at least 2 litres of water a day, that will preserve them for dehydration of the organism with its uncomfortable symptoms;
  • don't abuse tanning in the sun and tan.