Compression garment in varicose veins - how to choose, what happens?

In the medical literature is special linens for the home called the doctor knits, against varicose veins, compression underwear or a therapeutic compression hosiery.

This hosiery, that they recommend doctors as the treatment and prevention of various problems of the blood vessels of the legs. Primarily use a compression garment with varicose veins, thrombosis, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis.

linen for the home for varicose veins
  • The therapeutic effect of the underwear of compression is due to the effect of keeping, to be crushed extended to vienna, which promotes the redistribution of the flow from the modified, the dilated veins to healthy
  • Improves the nutrition of tissues, increases the circulation of the blood
  • The most important thing, so knitting with a proper and well chosen equal, reduces the risk of blood clots
  • And that, also, not less important, in the absence of contraindications underwear compression for its use, the side effects not the case, simple and safe method of prevention of varicose veins, keep veins in a natural way, the physiological.

The curative effect of compression tights varicose veins?

The first large-scale production of quality medical linens, have been widely used in elastic bandages, the use of which has a series of defects:

  • in the first place, every time must be very correct overlap, that doesn't always work, and it takes up a lot of time
  • in the second place, the appearance of the bandages does not allow them to wear, for example, to work
  • in the third place, the low price on them is misleading, as the bandages are very quickly ruined, that it denies the economy as a whole.

What is the effect of using healing mesh? When squeezed the dilated veins, a compression garment in varicose veins helps to speed up the flow of blood to the deep veins, thus eliminating the venous stasis . And modern quality compression hosiery provides graduated, that is, a gradual reduction of the pressure from the calf to the thigh, or from the hand to the shoulder.

For example, in the lower part of the leg, the pressure that they create socks or tights - a maximum of 100%, and in the upper part of the thigh is 40%. This is the most appropriate and physiologically determined change of pressure, which has therapeutic effects. Such a mode of distribution of the pressure on the veins, stimulates and normalizes the blood flow to the top because of:

  • the improvement and standardization of the valve unit
  • reduce advanced peripheral level, in particular, of the subcutaneous veins of thighs and shins
  • the effect of increasing the muscle mass hydraulic - during the contraction of the muscle by exercise, the blood is pushed upward.

However, it should be remembered that the treatment of compression linen in varicose veins do not resolve the underlying causes of venous insufficiency, and its use up a radical surgical treatment. This mesh simulates the situation - that the veins are blocked or removed.

In addition, conservative non-surgical treatment of diseases of the foot should be global. The maximum effect can be obtained, if recommended by your doctor creams, ointments, lead a healthy lifestyle, every day wear compression socks stockings or tights, and also use the remedies for the treatment of varicose veins.

Contraindications for use of compression stockings

As with every treatment, every tool or medications there are a number of contraindications, and therapeutic medical knitwear is no exception. Some people absolutely it is not possible to use a compression garment, the other should be used with caution after careful diagnosis and consultation with the doctor. When it occurs relative contraindications, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist.

  • Absolutely contraindicated it home linen — atherosclerosis, deletion of thromboangiitis. In such chronic diseases the arteries of the legs, with consequent reduction of the lumen of blood vessels and a systolic blood pressure less than 80 mmhg. article, absolutely you can not reduce the pressure at the level of the lower limbs with the help of knitwear.
  • With caution you should use therapeutic knitting people with over-sensitive skin.
  • It is not advisable to apply a compression garment for inflammatory diseases of the skin, allergic reactions on the skin, dermatitis, bed sores, open wounds, thrombophlebitis and acute eczema.
  • A relative contraindication is diabetes mellitus, because with the defeat of the blood vessels of the legs due to diabetes, it is also possible to use the linen.
  • When septic phlebitis, and severe cardio-pulmonary failure, when the circulation of the blood occurs in peace - you can also use compression stockings.

Many fear that they will develop wear a compression garment for the fact that there is the belief that the mesh causes the development of muscle atrophy, the level of the walls of the veins, and when done, their use can result in the opposite negative effect - when the venous wall will not be able to fight in the lumen of the vessel, the pressure of the blood. Therefore, due to atrophy of the walls of the veins, existing varicose veins, it will be even stronger moving forward.

Unfortunately, the conduct of clinical trials on every vienna, which is subject to compression, it is not possible, but the doctors believe that this opinion, erroneously, as:

  • The patient can wear a compression garment all day
  • In the veins are subject to compression, for the blood is reduced, and it does not stop completely.
  • Muscular atrophy of the wall most often occurs when the genetic position of the local and specific inflammatory process during venous stasis and filling of vienna. And all of this is reduced during the use of knitted fabrics.
  • This problem can only occur in the original, sensations patients, when the application of linen are finished. In this case, the temporary worsening of the condition and the well-being happens for a while of time, which is not due to the atrophy and the progression of varicose veins, and the temporary reduction of the tone of the venous wall.
  • Reviews and feelings of the patients after the use of underwear of compression in varicose veins - the most difficult to get used to, start walking after the use of compression stockings. Many argue that during the therapeutic use of the product, the legs are easy, and many do not want to give up their application.
compression garment

How to choose a compression garment

Medical compression textiles for the home, knitting divided as follows: hospital use only in hospitals, preventive and curative. We will examine the classes of compression, therapeutic compression stockings, how to choose a compression garment, how to dress and how to take care of it.

The most important moment - the purchase of stockings, tights, socks must be exclusively in specialized orthopedic salons or dealerships of famous brands. Their trained staff knows exactly how to choose the size linen, as correctly selected the size can transform the treatment is absolutely not effective. In a special shop seller measure the foot in 4 positions and select the size of the tights or stockings for a special table.

There are 4 degrees of compression:

  • 18-21 mmhg. article 1 the class of compression is the compression, that is possible and even necessary to wear a third party:
    • prone to varicose veins
    • pregnant women
    • persons with initial signs of varicose veins, when a strong stand out and the veins under the skin, if after a long period of seating or standing appear, with pain in the legs, and if varicose veins and pronounced in the field of stop-and ankles at the end of the day there swelling.
    • people in good health, life style and work, it forces a long time to sit or stand office employees, drivers, professional hair stylists, sellers.
  • 23 – 32 mm. hg. article 2 the compression classis the best, the point of the class, which is used for the treatment of thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.
  • 34 – 46 mm. hg. article 3 the class of compression - used in trophic violations, and in the case of severe venous insufficiency.
  • 49 and more 4 class of compression - very rarely used, when the lymphatic swelling.

Those who for the first time in search of a knitting against varicose veins is not worth buying expensive linens for the home 2 degrees of compression, it is possible that your cardiovascular system is not able to bear. When you have some time to walk in a not expensive linens for the home, you get used to it, if you are comfortable, you can then choose from and more quality and expensive compression garment.

Prevention, of course, it is worth to use only linen for the house 1 class compression, and to the development of varicose veins, compression class determines the doctor. Compression garment can not cure varicose veins, because the causes of its appearance, was very deep, and external exposure is only possible to pause, not to develop further, that is, compression in varicose veins is to prevent the emergence of new veins crown. In the summer, obviously, the knit wearing is impossible, then in the warmer months, it is necessary to take drugs to, or use of other treatment methods.

You should also know that any compression garment keeps the compression is not more than 5-7 months.

What to pay attention at the time of purchase and how to avoid counterfeit?

For therapeutic compression underwear from varicose veins, there are standards of quality, one of the most important and the strict european norm RAL-GZ 387. For manufacturer may use the logo of this standard, it must go through rigorous certification in Germany or Switzerland. If the linen has a certificate of this type, it means that is really high quality, it creates a distributed pressure 40-70-100% and is therapeutic, and on this standard it is possible to learn from the packaging and the label on the product.

It is worth to choose very carefully the manufacturer, because the Russian wild mass market of fakes, therefore is better to buy socks or compression tights or in the retailer shops, or specialized shops, where the experts will resume exactly according to your standards the right model.

If there are features of wearing elastic stockings, tights?

You should know that the even in the second class of compression hosiery, which is considered to be the most common, sometimes it is for the patient "can't afford":

  • Often this occurs because of discomfort and difficulty of wearing underwear in the walk. The particularity of this shirt is that it can not dress up as baby tights, picking up accordion and then pull upwards. And socks and tights must be worn gradually diffuse on the leg. If a person has a belly of large size, and tying a shoe already a problem, then, and linen for the house dressing will also be difficult.
  • For ease of fit many use special devices, offered in the same halls. And also the gloves, which must necessarily be dressed, can be affordable, and health, because it is very expensive linens for the home can ruin the manicure and slip the linen for the house it would be better if the gloved hands.
  • Of course, the toenails must be cut, treated lime, should not be the streets, the corners, otherwise linen to the house quickly the tear, or the mass will be puffs.
  • It is also important for the legs were dry, and linen for the home, to wear compression stockings should be in the morning, when legs are not swollen, and rested.
  • Especially difficult dressing articles 3 compression class is a lot of work, and if the patient believes his phlebologist and I am sure that he needs this treatment, then you should have patience, otherwise it's not worth starting the treatment with this class. Usually it is recommended that you compression 3-and 4-class dressing with the help of a particular, a special device.

How to take care of compression underwear?

the care of the laundry
  • And is it better to have 2 pairs of compression tights, because the laundry needs to be every day is necessary to get rid of error smaller bits of debris, dust, skin particles, because they are able to damage the fibers of linen faster than the detergents.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, as well as in washing machines, wash is not possible. The temperature of the water during washing should not be more than 40, do not bleach and ironing linen for the home.
  • Any rinsing, and air conditioners, destructive act on the structure, and then also do not use it during the dry.
  • Dry the linen to form extended on a horizontal surface, in no case, do not wring, but only very slightly and gently pressed in a towel. Do not dry knits on the battery, on the regular dryer in a vertical position, and also to the sun or with the help of a hairdryer.
  • Should also be alert to the strips of silicone in the stockings, they are quite quickly lose their properties after contact with the water, you look for during the dry their not to wet and clean alcohol and a clean cloth.