Varicose veins on the legs of the women - symptoms, causes and treatment

Say goodbye to this illness is to regain the charm and health. Varicose veins in women is pathologic dilation of the blood vessels of the legs, with a reduction of their elasticity.

varicose veins legs of women


  • External view of the blood vessels on the flanks, on the legs. First in the form of a capillary network, and then expressed the design. In the development of the disease appear convex meanders of vienna;
  • Pain in the legs during the long journey;
  • A bluish tinge to the skin above five minutes walk of the veins;
  • The knees swell, the feet at the end of the day;
  • Reduces the muscles of the legs during sleep.

The degree of severity of the symptoms of varicose veins of the legs depends on the stage of the disease:

  • 1 initial stage – the symptoms are mild, is observed in the evening swelling of the feet, aching with the pain;
  • 2 phase on the surface of the skin, visible capillaries drawings, spider veins, small nodules, and veins. At the of heaviness in the legs join nocturnal cramps and a burning sensation in the blood vessels;
  • 3 phase — swelling becomes pronounced vascular pattern — bright, feeling of pain, invasive, and prevent women from living a full life;
  • 4 phase characterized by color changes and the state of the skin of the foot. It cracks, it flakes, it darkens in the area of the ankle. Nodules veins form a kind of clusters, they become susceptible to damage. The possible formation of ulcers in the legs, is already in progress, of the disease, which results in more complex forms of vascular pathology.

About the third stage of varicose veins of the legs occurs such a dangerous phenomenon as the backflow is the reverse for the blood of the large veins in the small blood vessels. This confusion in the movement even more strong excitement of the vascular system, accelerates the development of varicose veins.

The causes of

Women are varicose veins 3 times more than men. And the statistics say that girls have high 170 cm suffer from varicose veins of the legs most often undersized. This is due to the ability of a person to walk on their own two legs. Animals is not a problem.

However, a manifestation of varicose veins of the legs is due to the role of trigger factors:

  1. The genetic predisposition to varicose veins. Features of the structure of the body, the cells of the body and of the blood vessels, in particular, is transmitted with the genes inherited. If the mother or grandmother suffered from varicose veins on the legs, then with a probability of 99% of their daughter, and grandson will feel the same way;
  2. Violation of hormonal levels. In women, hormonal failures often occur, for physiological reasons, because the diseases of women. And the hormones affect the state of the vascular wall. Common venous extension leg in pregnant women;
  3. Inflammation of the women in the genitals. Break the hormonal balance, lead to the penetration of arterial blood into the vein with high-pressure. The veins are dilated, you experience all the knots;
  4. Stress, the nervous turmoil. Affect the activity of the central nervous system, lowers the tone of the vascular wall, dilates the blood vessels;
  5. The work on the legs. Varicose veins of the legs are teachers, chefs, hair stylists, salespersons, waiters, tourist guides;
  6. A sedentary work. Causes blood to pool in the legs;
  7. Sitting posture the foot on the leg. Favorite of the women of laying, in which is compressed the vessels, the blood circulation of the legs;
  8. Physical heavy. Weight lifting greatly increases the pressure within the peritoneum, that it says in the veins of the legs. The walls of the blood vessels are stretched, and with the systematic that state, are not of the norm. Women do heavy work on the production sports.
  9. The advanced age. It is normal physiological vascular changes.

This is still not all the causes. Affects the appearance of the extended blood and smoke to excess weight. High heel shoes 5 cm also leads to a rupture of the normal circulation of the blood, the power of the capillaries, stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs.


For the treatment of varicose veins of the legs of a woman are a phlebologist or sosudistomu surgeon. It is understood that before you speak with your doctor before and more easy-to-arrive recovery. After external examination, the specialist assigns a survey:

  • ULTRASOUND of the veins – allows you to identify the stage of varicose veins, dilation of blood vessels, the size of the space, detect blood clots and violation of hemodynamics;
  • Venography with contrast – estimate with accuracy the state of the blood vessels, it detects the presence of blood clots, tumors;
  • Duplex – allows you to make color of a three-dimensional image of the veins, gives information that is wider than the traditional ULTRASOUND.

Varicose veins on the legs has different therapy modes:

  1. Surgery – a radical treatment the latter stages of varicose veins in the legs. From the years ' 90, until recently, has been applied flebectomia, rather traumatic surgery to the veins. In its place came the high-tech operations with small cuts or, in general, only the holes. The essence of the interventions of removal of the lesion of the vein, restoring operation of the valve and the current of the blood.
  2. Sclerotherapy – introduction into a vein special substance that joins the vessel, promotes its resorption. The diseased veins and disappear, the flow of blood is still healthy. Do not experience a recurrence of varicose veins on this ground.
  3. Drugs – tablets for oral administration, ointments, gel varicose veins. External means are used when the primary and the first stage of the disease. The common components in them are extract of horse chestnut and red vine leaves, camphor, menthol. Oral medications to prevent the onset of blood clots, thin the blood, relieve the inflammation, swelling, sore.
  4. Compression garment – stockings and tights special design download the legs, to promote the normalization of the circulation of the blood, serve disability blood the frame. Are used for the prevention and treatment in all phases of varicose veins of the legs, up to the appearance of venous ulcers. Knitwear should be worn always, it is a different density models. They are made of socks with perforated detailing to the horse.
treatment of the veins

Treat varicose veins the legs of women and the laser (with the internal expansion of the veins), and of leech.

How to fight varicose veins

Home treatment of the veins effectively during the early stages of varicose veins, when the blood vessels can be repaired and stop the disease.

To find out how to treat varicose veins on the legs of women, let's move on to the recipes herbalists.

  • Lotion, apples and sage. Herb yogurt diluted up to a state of dough, the apples are in 3-hour boiling water, connect with absinthe. The mixture is applied to the bandage, put a compress on the affected area varicose veins phase.
  • Decoction of nettle. 20 g of fresh nettle, the young man crushed, pour a glass of boiling water. After an hour, filter, drink 3 times per day.
  • Garlic ointment. Grated garlic connects with the butter in a ratio of 1:2. Ointment to apply to the skin before going to sleep, is the parchment. The morning is washed away.
  • Application of burdock. The leaves of burdock, a little tease, attaching to the hot tea, wrap your foot in the places with varicose veins, securing bandages, sleep through the night. On the third procedure you experience substantial improvement in the wellbeing of, ships take to the pitch.
  • Tincture of nutmeg. 100 g of milled walnut to fall asleep in a bottle of vodka. Leave in 10 days, shaking occasionally. Take a teaspoon 3 times a day half an hour before meals. The disease is picked up after a couple of months.
  • Ointment kalanchoe. The fresh leaves of kalanchoe put in a jar, crushed, to fill the half of the capacity. Add the vodka to the brim. After a week of discharge. The resulting ointment to manage the walk every day for the entire month.
  • The infusion of horse-chestnut. Sandpaper and chopped kernel of the chestnut, put in a jar of 3 liters, the other half of the banks pour the vodka or alcohol. A month after dyeing. Also takes inside of a teaspoon 3 times a day.

As well as herbs to strengthen the vascular wall and treatment of varicose veins of the legs have been used with success, and some products of daily use.

Apple cider vinegar has an exterior and an interior application. In the first case, it is recommended that you rub the vinegar in place of the development of varicose veins 2 times a day, apply compresses to make a foot bath. For the recruitment of 30 ml of vinegar mixed with half a teaspoon of honey, drink on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening.

It is also worth to try lotions for the ships of the surface of the potatoes, beet kvass, packing the honey, tea of leaves of carrots.

Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies can be included in a complex of therapeutic measures. But replace surgery, with a significant damage of the blood vessels is not able.

Shoot in the foot, enters the heart

How dangerous is it to varicose veins of the legs, with its complications. If you do not pay due attention to the disease and does not stop its development, it can develop into thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, ulcers, and bleeding of the blood vessels.

The wounds appear in the lower part of the leg, which begin with irritation and eczema. When the execution of ulcers occurs an infection of the blood, gangrene. Even if the case before the amputation does not arrive, the full recovery is impossible.

Thrombophlebitis dangerous trumpets that broke away and a shot to the blood in the lungs or the heart. This complication will lead to death.

The outbreak in vienna may lead to a large loss of blood. The effect of varicose veins of the legs to the heart are not exaggerated. After all, with the consequent haemodynamic compromise, is the coagulation of the blood, affecting the entire cardiovascular system, the workload on the heart increases. There is the risk of heart failure, stroke.

Fortunately, the women even closer to men relate to their health, so before complications of varicose veins it is in extreme cases.

Prevention of expansion vessels

With varicose veins of the legs of a woman living a full active life. The main thing – to prevent the development of the disease:

  1. They must abandon the narrow fashion shoes with the high heel, tight fitting clothes;
  2. Check the posture in the sitting position, the legs were not the one on the other;
  3. Get rid of excess weight, move more – swim, walk, run,;
  4. Do not lift more than 6 kg;
  5. In case of prolonged stay, in the foot from heel to toe, stimulating the microcirculation of the blood;
  6. In the evening, lying in bed put a pillow under the feet, to make them a little bit of time you are "up to scratch", you will resume the circulation of the blood;
  7. Give up a hot bath and steam bath, the high temperature dilates the blood vessels;
  8. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day;
  9. Keep track of your jars during the taking of a hormonal contraceptive;
  10. Get rid of bad habits – smoking and alcohol;
  11. Regularly wear compression stockings to support blood vessels;
  12. Use venotonic gels, folk remedies for rubbing and compresses.

Beautiful legs and feet healthy. For women, these concepts are equivalent. In your power to prolong youthfulness and attractiveness – prevents varicose veins of the legs, taking care of their blood vessels, and you have been thanked!