Compression garment in varicose veins

When venous insufficiency and as preventive measures it is recommended that you use a special linen for the home. Compression garment regulates the circulation of the venous system of the legs, and prevents the formation of stagnation. It is important to choose bed linen for the home in varicose veins, otherwise the desired effect will not work, and the money will be spent in vain. What kind of linen for the home, the best varicose veins and how to choose the model for the legs, say our experts.

Compression garment

    The pressure on different areas of the foot not the correct wrap for the following:

  • The upper part of the calf - 70%;
  • Femoral part - 30%.

Compression garment to varicose veins affects the foot, as well as the proper gastric banding. So for the first time in patients with the skin there is uneasiness that the man you quickly get used to it. Under the influence of the external pressure of vienna compressed, which improves the circulation of blood. Correctly chosen linen for the house, create in the foot compression, which is similar to the workloads of the muscles during the walk.

Thanks to the effects on the lower limbs it is possible to obtain effects:

  1. During the initial stage of varicose veins is felt in the extension of the veins of the legs.
  2. Improves the blood flow, increasing the nutrition of the tissues of oxygen.
  3. Is experienced blood clots in the venous system.
  4. It reduces the swelling.
  5. Disappear heaviness and pain.

On the other hand, stands out for the high price really effective and high-quality models and beautiful sensations the first time when worn. The high price is due to using the latest manufacturing technologies. But the savings on health has never led to good results. And the unpleasant pressing sensations after a couple of days, the socks disappear, as well as the foot get used to it.

The types and materials

In pharmacies and specialized shops are available in the following types of linen varicose veins: stockings, suspenders, stockings, stockings, leg warmers. Wearing jewelry instead of the usual clothing every day.

In the composition of the fabric, the production includes elastic yarns: nylon, microfibre, lycra. The seams are not present or are present soft. Externally the home linen a little bit different from the usual.

Aesthetic and comfortable wear long wearing and does not cause allergies. The skin of the foot to breathe and continually receives micro-massage. The therapeutic properties of the product gained through a special production technology. With a proper wearing of linen for the home and the care of varicose veins on the legs does not lose its therapeutic properties for 6-8 months.

Therapeutic effects against varicose veins are divided into groups:

  • For the prevention — used in the early stages of the disease (appear the varicose veins, in the evening there is swelling and pain).
  • Medicines — and are worn during a chronic form of varicose (swollen veins, persistent pain and the severity, limbs swollen).
  • Hospital — dressed after the surgery to keep the tissues in the right position.

The most common type — preventive product. The fabric is not dense, and the maximum force of pressure on the foot 18 mm of mercury.

The estimates in these models are suitable not only for the sufferers of varicose veins, but also the people of the at risk groups if in their every day life is one of the factors:

  1. The work done sitting or standing.
  2. Features excess weight.
  3. Acquired or congenital diabetes mellitus.
  4. Heart failure.
  5. Over the age of 45 years.

Buy a compression garment that preventive action can be in free sale. For the purchase is not required for the appointment of experts. It is important to choose the right size and kind. The model of therapeutic action are only sold in the pharmacy network, and for their acquisition is required for the appointment of a doctor — phlebologist.

Therapeutic textiles for the home, depending on the compression is divided in the following classes:

  • The class. The pressure of the fabric on the leg not more than 23 mm of mercury. Recommended wear patients with already been born, "asterisks", and in part to inflate the veins.
  • Class II. The pressure is not more than 33 mm of mercury. The models are used as a treatment for the initial phase of thrombophlebitis with varicose veins of medium severity.
  • Class III. The pressure of the fabric more than 45 mm of mercury. Wearing the product is recommended for patients with venous insufficiency in the severe forms, with trophic disturbances.
  • Class IV. The pressure of the fabric of more than 50 mm of mercury. Recommended for patients with impairment in the functioning of the lymph, to relieve the swelling in the legs.
Compression garment to varicose veins

The price of the model of prevention of variceal lower than that of medicines. And also the cost affects the popular brand and the quality used in the manufacture of materials.

Model for mid-strong

Men are less likely to suffer from varicose veins, but the 30% susceptible to the disease. For the prevention of male varicose veins are designed special knee-length socks. Dress like normal socks, but they have a length just below the knee (golf) and (shield) up to mid-thigh parts. Products are special socks for sports, with antiseptic properties, silver ions, which absorb the bad smell of the feet.

The model for the fairer sex

For women linen varices presented the wide range of models: stockings, pantyhose, socks. There is a special line for women in location, active and full of representatives. Chose linens for the home depending on the size, otherwise the compression is distributed properly, and the therapeutic properties are lost. Tights must adhere well to the body and finish strictly in life.

Reviews of women's compression tights difficult to dress up, but during the socks that do not slide. Stockings end above mid-thigh and are fastened with the help of silicone tape. Can be worn as an item of wardrobe or put under simple tights or leggings.

Tights and stockings are available therapeutic and prophylactic action. Selected individually, depending on the completeness of women and the degree of the disease.

We select its size

How to choose a compression garment from varicose veins? Takes into account the size, the compression class and the material capabilities. It is recommended not to save and buy the high quality model. How to determine the size of linens properly followed.

When you select golf measured:

  1. The circumference of the ankle above the ankle.
  2. The circumference of the right leg below the knee.
  3. Height from the knee to the foot.

When you select a sock the same measurements, the advantage of:

  • Thigh circumference (measured above the knee to 25-30 cm).
  • Height, circumference of the hips to the foot.

In the choice of stockings to those measures, it adds to the circumference of the waist. Each manufacturer indicates the dimension line on the packaging of the product. In the specialized shops and in pharmacies, it is sufficient to provide the measures and the product of your choice individually.

Wearing a compression garment in varicose veins every day. In the evening the product is removed, her need to rinse with warm water without air-conditioning and drying. It is not recommended to wash often and dry on the battery. This greatly reduces the battery life. How to wear a compression garment in varicose veins depends on the severity of the disease in each case.

So as I compression stocking bedding causes discomfort, it is advisable to start with low-cost models. There are cases, when the patient is not suitable bedding for the home with a compression effect, and to return the money is impossible.