The individual reticular varicose veins: development, signs, how to treat

And here's a simple aesthetic defects or cosmetic varicose veins (not the official terminology), is not a danger to the life, but they create problems for the young girls and women, who suffer particularly, it's also called the medici, engaged the treatment of varicose veins the blood of the venous system. With regard to men, they constitute a small group among all patients, with varicose, reticular, also, "such a trifle" representatives "half of a strong mankind", they may not notice, or noticing to not focus on it his attention.

Varicose, reticular

It should be noted that in the west, in the terminology really there is no disease, only if in some period of the life through the skin of the legs (usually the female) is starting to the vascular network, speak of reticular veins.

Only an aesthetic defect?

So the disease or not? If you need to treat it, and what methods of treating varicose veins, reticular requires?

The opinions of the experts diverge: some, high tension, low elongation in the defeat of the small blood vessels of the venous system only to cosmetic defects, does not refer to its pathological entities, so it is not particularly insist on the treatment of reticular varicose veins. Others, however, argue that everything is born by the insolvency (bankruptcy) of the valves, the venous blood, therefore, proposes to make the prevention and the treatment of all methods available.

Not wanting to intervene in a dispute of professionals and to the side, I would like to share the doubt that with the absolute health of the blood vessels reticular vienna was hardly visible. And where is the guarantee that the varicose veins, has only created an unpleasant appearance of the skin in youth is not limited to the surface veins, not tap deep pots and will not result in a real disease in adulthood, with all its consequences and complications?

The individual reticular varicose veins are not so pronounced signs of disease, such as other types of varicose veins. As a general rule, it is a "drawing", bent, small veins and intertwined network of vessels of various shades of color (green, bright pink, dark blue). A favorite place of localization of the reticular type of disease – the skin of the lower limbs.

From zero to sixth grade defeats

Often varicose veins, reticular leg appears in people, perhaps with venous insufficiency. Subsequently, it is possible the progression of varicose veins and to increase the degree of insufficiency is the valvular apparatus in venous vessels, which, in fact, is in building a of the classifications of varicose veins. This classification considers the development of the disease for a long period of time, defines in its progression of six stages, not to mention practically zero, and, consequently, shares the same number of classes:

  • Class 0 (zero stage) – in this phase, in addition to heaviness in the legs, other signs of disease of the blood vessels, patients say;
  • Class 1 (first phase) – irradiation through the skin, retina, small vessels , and there are individual reticular varicose veins (or telangiectasia), other signs of disease can still be absent;
  • Class 2 (second phase) – quite clearly visible dilated blood vessels (vienna);
  • Class 3 (third stage) – we feel the heaviness in the legs, suffers from swelling;
  • Class 4 (fourth stage) – skin over the dilated veins you scratch always, it changes its natural colour, becomes dark brown;
  • Class 5 (fifth phase) – consider that they are already running the case, as the place of the scratches turn into yet, the healing of the sores;
  • Class 6 (sixth phase) – with wounds that do not healface is becoming more and more difficult or even impossible.

Depending on what changes have occurred with venous vessels as a result of transformations, pathological, distinguish the forms of varicose veins: cylindrical, serpentine, or that is described in this thread option - the individual reticular varicose veins, flowing with lesions of the skin veins of small caliber. Unfortunately, most people have a tendency to varicose veins are all forms of a time.

In this way, the individual reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs is the first stage of the pathological process under the name "varicose veins". This disease is nothing more than a collection of irreversible changes in the venous vessels (elongation, extension, the defeat of the walls), which occurs primarily as a result of insufficiency of the venous valves.

Reasons for the development of reticular varicose veins

The reasons for encouraging the development of insufficiency of the valve unit and, as a result of this - varicose veins, doctors refer:

  1. The legacy and the innate pathology - weakness of the vascular walls (the presence of pathological changes in venous vessels relatives suggests an active prevention of the disease);
  2. The female sex (pregnancy, childbirth, taking oral contraceptives drugs for long periods of time, menopause);
  3. The professional activity, applies to the long stay in a standing or in a seated position.
  4. Food obesity (the legs need to "hard times", by taking on himself the burden of the excess);
  5. Violation of metabolic processes;
  6. Several alterations of endocrine;
  7. High blood pressure;
  8. The heavy defeat of the liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis);
  9. Allergic reactions, deviations from this.

In addition to these assumptions, pathological changes in venous vessels, you may also notice the smoke active and power supply is not correct – this category of persons the individual reticular varicose veins the foot develops a lot more as compared to those who aspire to a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the signs of

signs of varicose veins

The individual reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities is not characterized by a great variety of symptoms. Often it is limited to single sign – irreversible color change of the skin because it comes through the skin, "model", created, woven together with strands of smaller vessels, yes the passenger itching during your stay in the cold, or contact with the allergen.

Among the other signs cosmetic varicose veins can be defined as:

  • The heaviness in the legs;
  • Unpleasant sensations in the leg area;
  • The pain and the swelling in the evening;
  • Point intradermal hemorrhage;
  • Seizures (rare sign).

Patients usually do not communicate the symptoms with the change of the small vessels of the venous system, and then complaining in the foot and focusing on their signs of discomfort, suspected of still other diseases. The presence of vascular meshes of the capillaries and extended surface of blood vessels of small caliber, usually, the patients themselves are in the calculation does not take and is not subject to the "stalking" doctors declare: "from time I, but never caused problems".

Elimination methods

Treat varicose, reticular, many are trying different forms of pharmaceutical drug medicines (tablets, capsules, gels, ointments, creams) that affect the blood vessels of the superficial venous system. The most popular ones in this regard are:

  1. Rutoside, with P-vitamin activity, and because of this, strengthen the vascular walls.

In the meantime, get rid of cosmetic defect with a single dosage forms is almost impossible. Fortunately, now the treatment of reticular varicose veins minimally invasive methods do not present any difficulty and is widely used in our country.

Remove completely boring reticular vienna with the help of:

  • Flebectomia – painless procedure (it takes place with the use of local anesthesia and does not require rehabilitation period (only for the use of compression stockings), even if it implies stretching on the surface of the vase struck and the next its excision, which from the outside seems a bit disturbing;
  • Sclerosing therapy, that provides for the introduction in a special vessel solution (usually in the form of foam), bonding the vascular wall for the next resorption. When you use this method, the rehabilitation period can be stretched up to 10 days, as the patient must wear a tight bandage over the puncture site of the vein. It is not very suitable for the treatment of reticular varicose veins, having as the only symptom of the network, formed by small capillaries, in fact, enter the liquid drug with the help of injection of the needle, even the most subtle, is not so simple;
  • Laser coagulation – the most beloved by the patients as a method of struggle against this problem. In this case the walls of the blood vessels combining the energy of the laser.

Despite the fact that the first two methods do not leave a trace of therapeutic effects on the affected computer blood vessels, laser therapy has been and remains the most popular method. Also the patient does not scare the fact that after the treatment of reticular varicose veins laser, the movement of the ship may experience pain, bruising, and sometimes, after a couple of days, perhaps, increases the temperature of the body (low grade fever). NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug – nimesulide, diclofenac, etc.) in the shortest possible time to eliminate these small problems, but then a new aesthetic defect on this web site is not displayed. As in the case of other surgical operations (large and small) compression hosiery (socks, tights) and put in a period of rehabilitation after treatment of reticular varicose veins using laser photocoagulation.

A few words on the prevention and popular tools

The banal phrase "the disease is easier to prevent than to cure" is in this case in the first place to put the prevention of the cosmetic defect, and then move to the treatment folk remedies, and drugs pharmacy, if you do not tolerate still failed.

With regard to prevention, in respect of reticular varicose veins his passing is not only possible, but necessary, especially if most of your relatives is already observed data defect. The skin not visible "the snake" stretched and capillaries dilated, you need to:

  • Become a supporter of proper nutrition, after having eradicated the harmful food needs;
  • To always forget the alcohol and cigarettes, the consumption of strong coffee strictly regulate;
  • Do not ignore new wear compression stockings while in the morning or in the evening (but every day) gymnastics (there are specific exercises for the prevention of reticular varicose veins – "scissors", "bicycle");
  • It is advisable to enroll in the pool and attend regularly, but to abandon the baths and saunas;
  • Avoid excessive physical efforts.

Many fans of alternative medicine continue to insist on the treatment folk remedies of any disease, including, and described. Without a doubt, ointments, teas, decoctions, made in house, it is not excluded, however, may be only on the symptoms of the disease, if they have place (heaviness in the legs, swelling, cramps), but to eliminate completely from the cosmetic defect, to bring the blood vessels in the original (healthy) the status of such a drug is not in force.

By any varicose veins, in principle, it is not possible to once and for all to discard without the use of leave mini-invasive, but physical intervention or big surgery (if the other way out already there is no), and the conservative therapy and is not designed for the complete elimination of all the problems. And pharmaceutical, and folk remedies are only for the purpose of "soothe" in vienna, create a comfortable environment, and, therefore, reduce the manifestations of a pathological process.

As a treatment folk remedies used the tincture of the fruits of horse-chestnut, nettle, kalanchoe. Popular in people of apple cider vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 – before going to sleep rub the tibia. Some people make packs of sour milk and stress relief to the legs, and the disappearance of pain.

In the meantime, the reader, probably agree that when the reticular varicose veins, diagnosed on a single genre (out an intricate design on the skin of one of the lower limbs) and in the course, without any other symptoms, the treatment of the cosmetic defect long and hard popular or pharmacy means hardly anyone would like. The young women who are interested in the beauty of their legs, very probably, will be in search of clinics that offer get rid of problems in a single stroke, and older persons, probably, will not be give value vascular, if larger venous vessels when they are unchanged and do not cause any discomfort. To each his own...