Compression garment in varicose veins: how it works, what is the best, contraindications

In this article you will learn: how to choose a compression garment with varicose veins, how does this mesh. The types and classes of compression, how to determine the size. Contraindications, possible complications and side effects of the wearing of underwear of compression.

linen for the house in varicose veins

How compression works linen for the house

In varicose veins the first to suffer from the lower limbs: the blood with ease comes from the heart through the arteries down, but upwards, into the veins, rises with the forces. Reversing the flow of blood is provided by several different mechanisms:

  • the contractions of the heart, which "push" the blood, forcing it to circulate in the vascular system;
  • venous valves that close the blood in the soil of the pot, for she did not move in the opposite direction;
  • regular contractions of the muscles of the legs and thighs (muscular hydraulic), which form a sort of supporting frame for the ships, squeezing gently to them and help to push the blood upwards from the lower part of the legs to the hips and pelvis. Their weakness is one of the main mechanisms of formation of varicose veins.

Compression stockings called upon to perform the function of the muscle pump and the frame. Compress the foot into a specific position (ankle) is stronger, in others a bit weaker (calf, thigh) is:

  • provides an optimal degree of impact on all areas of the foot;
  • normalizes blood circulation, helping the blood to move from the bottom to the top;
  • gently compress muscles, it strengthens the tone of the vascular walls, does not allow them to stretch;
  • narrows the lumen of the damaged veins, helping to redistribute a part of blood healthy blood vessels;
  • normalizes the valve unit;
  • stimulates the lymphatic flow, eliminating swelling and congestion;
  • reduces the load on the sick in vienna.

That normalizes the blood circulation in the lower limbs, selected the correct compression stockings performs several functions:

  1. It improves the metabolism and nutrition of tissues.
  2. Prevents the development of complications (thrombosis, mortification of the tissues due to oxygen deficiency).
  3. Relieves expressed symptoms (pain, itching, swelling after a day of work).
  4. It prevents the relapse (recurrence) of varicose veins after surgery.
  5. It does not create difficulties for continuous pulse (if necessary) – external means may be applied over the product.

It is important to choose the linen for the house on the advice of a doctor-phlebologist, you will calculate the time within which you want to wear, and prescribe a comprehensive treatment (without him wearing therapeutic mesh inefficient).

The types of linen

View knitwear choose depending on the location of the main events, the product should be 15-20 cm above the edge varicose:

  • Tights to use with the defeat of both arts from the calf to the thigh, and signs of stagnation in the pelvis (advanced to vienna, and the nodes in the groin, hemorrhoids), they are useful for the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy classes and lifting weights. In tights for pregnant women are provided with a special bandage for the belly, which supports, but does not compress.
  • Compression garment in the varicose veins in the form of a sock usually, when it comes to recovery after surgery removal of the veins (from the calf to the thigh on one leg, are easier to remove and put on (compared with tights).
  • Stockings and leg warmers are designed for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins of the legs, if the nodes and the veins affected are not increased at the knee.
  • Stockings used to improve the flow of blood in the ankle area (ankle).
  • Sleeves eliminate expressed lymphostasis (stagnation of the lymph, swelling) after surgery, injury, infections, polyarthritis (inflammation of joints).

Considering the individual indications and contraindications, only the doctor can determine which type of underwear is best to use for varicose veins different location.

How to determine the size

Compression garment in varicose veins

Sell bed linen for home in specialized stores, to select the desired option for the first time, it is necessary to produce individual measures of the foot.

Measure in cm:

  • calf circumference above the ankles (this parameter dimensional grid that is marked with the letter b);
  • the circumference of the leg below the knee (d);
  • circumference thigh (g);
  • the circumference of the waist (tights);
  • the length of the foot from the heel to the groin (at point g);
  • the length of the foot.

On the basis of these parameters, choose the format you want underwear compression.

The classes of compression

Knitwear different from one another not only the types of products (socks, stockings, tights), but also the degree of pressure (compression) on the surface of a limb, which defines its therapeutic qualities.

The compression in all types of underwear, irregular, maximum pressure (100%) are on a limb in the ankle, high (70%) – acts on the tibia, the minimum(40%) – on the thigh. In this way they create the conditions for the recovery of the circulation of the blood, close to the physiological (normal, the pressure difference on the top and bottom of vienna enjoys 2.5 times, from the bottom stronger, weaker at the top, this ensures the normal outflow of blood from the lower limbs upwards, with a small basin).

The class, the degree of compression (mm hg. art.) In such cases recommend
1, from 18 to 21 Quote knitwear, we recommend that you:

people with a hereditary predisposition in the initial stage of varicose veins, after the first signs – varicose veins, heaviness, pruritus, and edema;

to prevent the appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy;

people at risk (with a constant load on your feet – professional hair stylists, pharmacists, teachers, athletes).

2, from 23 to 32 Therapeutic use:

in the complex for the treatment of varicose veins;

for the prevention of thrombosis (vessel occlusion trumpets) the deep veins of the limbs;

for the prevention of thrombophlebitis (complication varicose veins);

in the recovery period after the surgery for removal, or the process of curing varicose veins.

3, from 34 to 46 Therapeutic use:

in the trophic disorders (disorders of metabolism, feeding and gas exchange in the tissues);

lymphovenous insufficiency (swelling of the tissues, chronic stagnation, disorders of vascularization of the tissues);

for the treatment of thrombosis (obstruction of the vessel lumen) venous;

after suffering from deep vein thrombosis syndrome (post-thrombotic);

in the period of recovery after surgery removal of the veins.

4, from 49 and above Therapeutic, shall apply:

in the case of serious violations linfostasia (flow of lymph);

congenital diseases the formation of varicose veins.

Without prior consultation with a specialist should not buy even a quote knitwear.

Contraindications and complications

You have underwear compression there are no contraindications, its categorically not recommend to use in case of:

  1. Atherosclerotic changes of the walls of the blood vessels (the formation of cholesterol plaques).
  2. The cancellation endarteritis (inflammation of the inner walls of the peripheral blood vessels of the lower limbs).
  3. Thromboangiitis (inflammation of the vascular wall with the formation of a blood clot).

For all the diseases is characterized by contractions of the gaps in the blood (due to cholesterol plaques or inflammation of the vascular wall), increased pressure on a limb may aggravate disorders of the metabolism and gas exchange in the tissues and cause their mortification (necrosis).

Not prohibit, but it is not recommended to wear a compression garment in varicose veins:

  • in the case of severe heart failure (more compression it can cause the rupture of gas exchange and necrosis);
  • diabetes mellitus (damage to fragile vascular walls, the appearance of hemorrhages and blood clots);
  • any acute inflammation, which affects the vascular walls, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis (inflammatory process narrows the wall of the vessel, interrupting the blood supply to the tissues, increased pressure can result in hypoxia, and the emergence of blood clots, ulcers, and necrosis);
  • skin diseases, open wounds, purulent infections tissues, the allergic sensitivity of the skin to the materials of production (cotton, silicone).
treatment of varicose veins

Part of patients with varicose veins consider complication the muscle atrophy of the musculature of the vascular wall due to prolonged use of knitwear. And fear its consequences – after the cancellation of linen vascular wall under the influence of the blood flow can stretch even more.

This is not a well-founded fear, surgeons, and other doctors argue that the feeling of relaxation of the vascular walls after the cancellation of linen – a natural process, the absence of "support" you have to get used to this point, the patient, without reason, it seems that the varicose veins progresses with a vengeance.

The wrong choice the degree of compression, type of knitwear and mode of wear can worsen the state of the veins and cause the development of complications (thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers).

How to properly wear underwear for the house

There are rules to follow, wearing compression stockings:

  • wearing linen for the house in the morning, after sleep, not getting up from the bed;
  • the legs must be dry;
  • if you need to wear the shirt during the day – you need to lie on your back (without a pillow) and lift your legs about 15-10 minutes, putting under the feet the cushion (under an angle of 40° to the body);
  • sock or golf with the hands is collected in the "accordion" on the heel;
  • been free knit sock to wear on the toes of the foot;
  • close on the heel (it is located exactly on the anatomical heel must not slip, "exit" to the left or to the right);
  • household linen is distributed evenly on the leg, from the ankle to the thigh;
  • follow, do not format the folds;
  • the upper part of the tights (from the thigh to the waist) and wear by lifting the pelvis, not getting up from the bed.

For the mesh without the sock and heel invented "movement" socks, which facilitate the process. To do not track and do not distort the canvas, to wear underwear for the home, doctors recommend gloves.

How to properly care for knitwear

A good doctor is knitwear:

  1. Must be without solution of continuity, to ensure a uniform pressure on the surface of the skin.
  2. Must be hypo-allergenic, this enables you to use and during the hot season.
  3. The particular weaving of cotton yarn, lycra and microfiber in different percentages, regulates the gas exchange and the temperature of the skin, allowing it to "breathe" and not overheat.
  4. The expiration dates are not compression socks from 5 to 7 months, no longer use it do not recommend, as it loses its properties (stretched).

Not to throw away before this period, it is necessary to care for it properly. Do not recommend:

  • pull the linen for the house, holding on to strips of silicone or rubber in order not to damage;
  • machine washable at temperatures above 40° (hand wash only);
  • use detergent and fabric softener (just soap);
  • pressing and twist (dried in an extended form, by placing in a horizontal plane, and pre-dabbing with a towel);
  • drying in the sun, a radiator, or near other heating appliances;
  • wet silicone fastening strips on the inner side of the sock or golf (recommend cleaning with alcohol).

Compression stockings can be washed every day.

As a long-time wear?

The length of this period of wearing underwear compression determined their own directions and recommendations of your doctor:

  • Quote knitwear recommend to wear the whole period of pregnancy (until the night), and in the initial stages of varicose veins to wear to work (if it is connected to the load in feet, in a trekking trip, flying on an airplane, and in other situations that can result in the development of varicose veins.
  • Therapeutic are only to the directions and prescription of your doctor. After surgery continuous term wear can vary from 2-3 up to 30 days. Intermittently – up to 4 months and more.

After a prolonged use of relieve bedding gradually: first night, then the time increases, leading the breaks, several days, filming everything.

What type of underwear is better


Before the first use of underwear of compression in varicose veins to decide which one is better? Domestic and imported manufacturers offer a variety of preventive and therapeutic knitting, they differ in subtle nuances of manufacture (special binding wire, dialing options, and the difference (in percentage terms) against the fungus and other treatment), the times of operation and price.

By choosing the option, according to the recommendations of the attending physician, if he does not insist on the choice of the manufacturer, remember:

  1. Type of products (over tights) select the top edge of the product (sock, sock) was just above the line of varicose veins 15-20 cm
  2. Class knitwear choose only after consultation with the doctor.
  3. The products are absolute and relative contraindications to wear, and in this case their use may cause harm.
  4. The side effects in properly selected linen no.
  5. The duration of compression stockings may extend, if cared for properly (wear medical gloves, hand washing, dry horizontally).
  6. Compression garment helps to treat varicose veins only in combination with medications, otherwise the effect will be temporary and unstable.

To get used to the mesh fabric, to learn how to wear and care for, in a first moment, it is recommended that you choose low-cost products.