Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies

The ecology of life. Folk medicine: For the treatment of varicose veins folk remedies can be applied ointments, compresses, and and mixtures for external use, as well as infusions and decoctions for ingestion. In any case, the main purpose of the popular treatment of varicose veins is to improve circulation of the blood.

The use of synthetic drugs to cure all diseases, including varicose veins, will always lead to some unpleasant consequences. But the treatment of varicose veins folk remedies, if and 100% safe then side effects of a popular medicine significantly lower than the negative effects of the drug medications.

Yes, and the cost of the people treatment times. This is a traditional folk remedy for the treatment of varicose veins, to date, it has not lost its relevance and is widely used by people.

recipes-from-varicose veins

For the treatment of varicose veins folk remedies can be applied ointments, compresses, and and mixtures for external use, as well as infusions and decoctions for ingestion. In any case, the main purpose of the popular treatment of varicose veins is to improve circulation of the blood.

It should be clear that this treatment will be most effective in the early stages of the development of the disease (the appearance of the vascular network and the feeling of heaviness in the legs), and less effective in advanced cases, when it will be able to help only surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor your health and symptoms before contacting the doctor for the confirmation of his suspicions.

Stagnant phenomenon that lead to varicose veins, usually first affecting the lower limbs, so that the recipes of the funds from varicose veins of the legs are the most sought after of the population. Let's see in detail will focus on the main recipes of traditional medicine.

Ancient recipes of ointments from varicose veins

All the ointment from the varicose veins are prepared based on vegetable oil, most often olive oil for the high content of arachidonic acid. To make the mixture more dense, and in old recipes advise to add in the ointment melted animal fat. This is what concerns the foundations of an ointment, and for toning the walls of the blood vessels and strengthening them, folk (grandmother's) recipes by varicose veins recommend the use of medicinal plants as:

  • horse chestnut;
  • kalankhoe;
  • wormwood;
  • white willow bark;
  • the pill bug;
  • the celandine;
  • cabbage.

The process of preparation of such compounds is quite simple. Ointment base horse chestnut is prepared as follows: 6 dried chestnuts blended into a coffee grinder to flour, add 2 tablespoons. l. of flowers of chestnut, mixed with 300 ml. oil and heat for about an hour in a bain-marie. The resulting mixture insist, drain, squeeze and remove the sediment, then add the animal fat and stir carefully.

Tincture of varicose veins

No less popular and the various infusions from varicose veins, cooking is much easier, but much longer. At the base of all the infusions enters vodka, so if the legs there are sections with the damaged skin of these treatments is to refrain.

The most effective is considered to be dye kalankhoe, often add white akatsiya or consolidates in a ratio of 1:1. Preparing for the teas as follows: the leaves of the medicinal plant, finely chopped, pour into jar, pour the vodka and leave to rest for 10-14 days in a dark place.

Ready, the infusion will be necessary to rub the skin of the feet from the foot to the knee for a period of 3 months, twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar on varicose veins as a means of no. 1

Treatment of varicose veins vinegar is very popular and effective to combat the disease. Apple cider vinegar helps in case of varicose veins, because in its composition contains more than 20 minerals and trace elements needed blood, as well as vitamins c, E, A, which allows the regular use of get:

  • improve the tone of the skin;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • relieve the swelling;
  • to improve the circulation.

However, all this is achievable only if it has been used for the treatment of a natural product, made of fresh juice, and not from the skin, as do the manufacturers of this type of vinegar.

Which oils treat varicose veins?

On par with creams, infusions and vinegar are widely used and various essential oils. In varicose veins is most often used oil: castor oil, black cumin, sandalwood, garlic, flax and other.

Essential oils against varicose veins usually use it in 2 ways:

  • Add a few drops of 2-3 different oils in a tub with hot water, accept that you need each day for the evening.
  • Are added to massage cream or massage oil and gentle movements from the ankles to the thigh spread in the areas with the veins.

What is the use of the oil helps not only to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, but also to relieve the swelling of the lower limbs.

Apiterapiya, propolis, beeswax podmor and the honey in varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins the api has a long history and it is no wonder if to analyze the composition and the use of different apiculture products, whether it is poison, podmor, propolis or honey. All of these recipes are quite good and effective, but they are not always available in urban areas.

It is easier to get hold of honey. Treatment of varicose veins honey takes place in the following way: on the canvas is applied a layer of honey and apply it to the strands, wrapped from the top of a plastic wrap and secure it with the help of a bandage. On the first day of such treatment pack held on foot of 2 hours during the second day - 3, the third 4, and then a wrap with honey left on for the whole night. The duration of the course of honey therapy is usually 2-3 weeks.

Help the tomatoes in varicose veins?

For the treatment of varicose veins are not used all the tomatoes, and only immature green.

Treatment of varicose veins green tomato is quite simple and is the following: the tomato, cut in half, 1 soul mate, apply the pulp inflamed vienna and hold until you feel a burning sensation. Tomato take, and the texture of the skin, wash with cold water. Then to the leg apply a soul mate, the tomato, and then repeat 4 times. With the daily use of the green tomato against the varicose veins, over the course of 3 weeks, you may notice the burn and mitigation venous nodes.

Treatment of varicose veins nutmeg

Nutmeg in varicose veins is applied, because of its property of stimulating the process of circulation and reduce the inflammation of the veins. Prepared medication of nutmeg as follows: a piece of nuts rubbed on a grater or ground in a coffee grinder, 1/3 teaspoon of powder, pour a glass of boiling water, cool to room temperature, add a tablespoon of honey and you still insist 20 minutes.

Drink the decoction should be in the morning before breakfast. The important thing is, for every day he was preparing a fresh portion of the powder. Otherwise, the essential oils are gone for good, and the drink loses its therapeutic properties.

There is another recipe with the use of nutmeg to the mixture: 200 grams of grated cheese walnut pour with a liter of vodka and insist 10 days, then take three times a day for 20 drops for three months.

Cabbage will help in varicose veins

Since ancient times, physicians have used cabbage leaves in varicose veins to relieve inflammation. And this is not surprising, if you look at how much of the vitamins and minerals contained in the leaves of the cabbage. Cabbage leaves in the treatment of varicose veins are used in the form of a pack.

The wrap is done as follows: sheet cabbage rolled out the rolling pin or bounces, one side smeared with vegetable oil and is applied to the inflamed vienna, from the top of a cabbage leaf, fix bandage and leave for a day. The next day, the procedure is repeated, and so do 30 times.

Ginger varicose veins

Ginger for varicose veins can be used as a tool for internal or for external. So ginger tea is a good remedy not only to prevent the inflammation of the veins, but the treatment of the disease in any stage of its development. To prepare this tea is very simple: you simply cut from the root of a small round piece of ginger, pour boiling water, let stand for 15 minutes. It should be noted that, apart from normalizing the blood circulation, this drink has a beneficial effect even on the metabolism, so drink ginger is particularly useful to those who have problems with the veins occur because of excess weight.

A pack of ginger is done in the following way: the root finely the bait, mixed with honey and applied to the inflamed vienna for 3-4 hours. To increase the effect, it is recommended to wrap the foot in something warm.

The beneficial properties of viburnum in varicose veins

As a ginger, and blueberries in varicose veins can be used, or as a wrap or as a drink vitamin. In the first case, the patient will have to take fresh berries, blueberry, reduce them to the status of a dough, roll out the mixture on a cloth, apply on the area of skin with inflamed vienna, and fix it with the help of a bandage. This wrap is best done before going to sleep and leave it overnight.

Vitamin drink of cranberry, by its nature, is the juice, mixed with honey in a ratio of 2 tablespoons of honey 500 ml of fruit juice. Drink should be 2 tbsp 4 times a day for a month and a half.

The action of the pumpkin with varicose veins

Everyone knows that the pumpkin is extremely useful product, contain many vitamins and trace elements. For the treatment of varicose veins used the inner pulp, pre-free sunflower seeds. This pulp must be completely grate limb veins problem, wrap something warm and leave it overnight. The remaining dough can be stored in the refrigerator.

Since the effect of pumpkin wraps very soft, if you use this method of treatment it is necessary to have patience.

Adam's apple in varicose veins

Adam's apple for the treatment of varicose veins is used as an ointment, which is prepared thus: take a glass jar, which is filled with a layer of smal'tsa 15 mm of thickness, and then at the top of smal'tsa cut slices of fruit maklyury (adam's apple) with one layer of 10 mm, then again a layer of smal'tsa, and so on, until the bank is full. The important thing is, for the last was a layer of smal'tsa. After the bank is full, put it in a steam bath or in oven at low heat for a day (it must not boil, filter, cool, and rubbed it 1-2 times in the course of the day on the problem areas.

Varicose veins are a very afraid of lemon

lemon juice-from-varicose veins

In varicose veins lemon for therapeutic purposes, it is possible to apply both inside and outside in the form of pain-relieving body wraps. To prepare this wrap is easy. Took a lemon, cut in slices, applied to the sectors, and wrapped with a bandage or a piece of paper. Wearing a wrap is required throughout the day, 2-3 times, replacing the fresh lemon.

The lemon juice cleanses the blood vessels and increases the elasticity of their walls, then this fruit should include in your diet all, who has problems with veins or to prevent their appearance.

One of the most effective drugs in the folk medicine against inflammation of the veins is considered to be the following: 6 lemons, peeled and squeeze the juice from them, ground 5 cloves of garlic 3 leaves of gold, the mouth, add 2 cups of honey and everything is thoroughly mixed. The mixture is left in infusion in a glass container for 1 week in a dark place. This medication is applied to the 4 teaspoon once a day during the month.

Treatment of varicose veins potatoes

Potatoes with varicose veins is used in the form of packs of tubers of this plant.

It took a couple of potato tubers to clean and machine washable from the skin, so you need to grate it and apply a layer of 1 cm on the inflamed vienna. Over the layer of potatoes wrapped in about 8 layers of gauze, which, from above, impregnated with the juice of the potato. Keep a pack should be not less than 4 hours, if this is important to him, has been used grated fresh potatoes.

Shilajit in varicose veins

Shilajit in varicose veins used to its properties clean eliminates congestion and swelling. Particularly well, a ointment of shilajit in the early stages of the development of the disease. Is created an ointment as follows: 5 parts of petroleum jelly since 1 part altayskoy resin, the whole is thoroughly mixed and rubbed the soft and fluid movements three times a day in the zone with a plague veins. Wash away the residue of the ointment can be not before an hour from the time of its application.

Also shilajit is possible to apply to the inside: a piece of resin the size with the head of a match mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and milk and drink two times a day for a month.

If you are using cod liver oil in varicose veins?

The fish oil used primarily on the inside, that promotes the normalization of metabolism and weight reduction, as one of the main causes of this phenomenon in the veins. However, there are other uses of fish oil.

You took the fish oil and may the honey in a 1:1 ratio and mix until a smooth dough. Received the ointment is applied on a linen cloth, wrap this knowledge leg wound and leave it overnight.

Onion varices

The effect is greater if varicose veins it has not in itself the onion and its peel. Onion skin with varicose veins, and is involved in a variety of recipes.

2 tablespoons of chopped peel pour 100 ml of vodka and insist on for 7 days, then tincture filter and take 20 drops three times a day for 15 minutes before a meal.

2 tablespoons of chopped peel pour 2 cups of boiled water, under the cover of 6 hours, filter, and three times a day, drink a quarter cup before meals in the course of a week and a half.