Varicose veins pelvic: symptoms, treatment, exercises

Reduction of elasticity of the walls of the veins leads to the development of varicose veins. This problem affects mainly women. The disease occurs due to obstruction or block the venous blood circulation in the pelvic area. When you experience new locations of the venous outflow.

Due to the low permeability of the blood vessels occurs a return of the blood draw in the ovary and vienna. It is a disease that must be able to recognize, so we consider the symptoms of varicose veins of the veins of the small pelvis.

varicose veins pelvic

Varicose veins pelvic: causes

The development of varicose veins the venous system in the pelvic occurs on the background of dysplasia of the connective tissue.

To future reasons of the appearance of varicose veins pelvic for women and men refer to:

  • pregnancy and related disorders of the outflow of blood because of the crushing of the vascular bed growing uterus, hormonal adaptation;
  • hereditary predisposition, linked to the weakness of the venous wall;
  • the excess production of female sex hormones;
  • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  • the use of interruption of sexual intercourse, as the primary method of contraception;
  • taking hormonal pills;heavy birth;
  • excessive workload;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • inflammatory diseases of the organs of the female reproductive system.

The symptoms

Varicose veins pelvic symptoms in women (and men). Think of the visit of the examination, and it is worth when expressed and extended pain in the lower abdomen, which apply to the lumbar area, and the perineum.

  • the duty to find in a static position (sitting, standing);
  • on the background of stress, overwork;
  • during menstruation;
  • before and after sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of varicose veins pelvic also refer to:

  • the presence of abundant vaginal secretions;
  • disorders of urination;pain (sensitivity) of the vagina and of the perineum;
  • pronounced PREMENSTRUAL syndrome;
  • the appearance of venous thrombosis nodes in the groin area, on the buttocks, on the thighs.

Suspect the development of the disease is possible, even if it appeared 1 symptom.

The symptoms of this problem, men relate:

  • varicose veins on the penis;
  • changing the shape of the scrotum, its size;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.


Noticing one or more symptoms, you must consult a doctor. Because the disease running form can lead to thrombosis and the appearance of inflammatory processes. For the diagnosis using the following methods:

  1. Ultrasound procedure. The method displays the circulation of the blood, see the sections in the area of the ovaries, note the irregularity of the operation of the valves. The doctor examines the blood flow in the vascular system.
  2. Masterbatch phlebography. For the procedure of vienna are filled with contrast, with a mixture of iodine and carries out x-ray examination. Do not do during the pregnancy.
  3. Laparoscopic diagnostics. The method allows to explore the abdominal cavity from the inside and see the vascular walls.
  4. The selective procedure. Through the clavicle and the veins are selective to the contrast.
  5. The computed tomography scan. It is held to exclude other pathologies of the pelvic floor.

It is important to make a differential diagnosis with gynecological diseases inflammatory. Similar symptoms were observed during the endometriosis, the elimination of the sexual organs, some extragenital violations.

The tactics of treatment of varicose veins pelvic

Timely assigned therapy can improve the quality of life of patients and eliminate the clinical manifestations of the disease. Even if you completely eliminate the disease impossible.

The treatment is aimed at:

  • resolution of the reverse merging of the blood;
  • the recovery of the tone extensive blood;
  • improvement in hemodynamic parameters and trophic processes in the pelvic organs;
  • the minimizing of clinical manifestations.

The treatment of varicose veins of the pelvic floor during pregnancy must be global. It includes the acquisition of funds, the curative physical education, and diet.


Medical therapy

Drug therapy is assigned in a period of exacerbation of the pain. It consists in the acquisition of funds for the veins and drugs. Medicines for the veins to change the tone of the vascular walls.

Agents drugs are designed to prevent the formation of blood clots, change the properties of the blood.

All the drugs are able to increase venous tone, to prevent damage, reduce the permeability of the walls of the blood vessels and warn of disorders of the microcirculation of the blood, causing tissue damage.

Some doctors will prescribe angioprotektor. Promotes the reduction of the elongation of the veins and to improve the tone, stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces venous stasis. At the same time to the reception improves blood microcirculation, reduces pain. In addition, the tool is an anti-inflammatory. Also prescribe during pregnancy (2 quarter).

The treatment should be carried out exchange. Taking prescribed medications for 2-4 months, after that she needs a break. The precise pattern of use of medicines better reconciled with the doctor. Because of the characteristics of the location of problem areas external means in this case, the varicose veins are not used.

Treatment folk remedies

How to treat? Fans of alternative medicine know the specific methods for the treatment of varicose veins. They recommend to take the tools that improve the tone of the walls and reduces pain.

To him refer to infusions made:

  • on the rhizomes of the teeth of a lion, and
  • kombucha, known under the name of chaga;
  • from the fruits of horse chestnut.

Popular treatment of leech. Their offer on the area of the pelvis: the coccyx and the sacrum.


To prevent the onset of recurrences and to facilitate the was advised to do some exercises. When the disease is useful physical exercise and all types of physical exercise, which are used for the hips and buttocks.

He relates:

  • aerobics;
  • cycling;
  • exercises for the legs (bike, scissors);
  • swimming;
  • gymnastics;
  • jogging.

Furthermore, they must follow the directions of the doctors. Useful to take regular breaks during the process of sedentary work. At least 1 time every 1-2 hours is to get up and walk for 5-10 minutes, and stimulating the flow of blood.

Morning exercise will allow you to notify the violation, even with a genetic predisposition to varicose veins. You must do these exercises: squats, the "bicycle", "birch". This exercise stimulates the blood circulation and eliminates processes stagnant in the blood vessels.

Degree of varicose veins

Doctors distinguish 3 stages varicose veins:

  1. In the first stage, the diameter of the blood vessels increases up to 5 mm, expanded in the centre of the top edge of the left ovary. Influenced the development 1 phase predominantly a genetic predisposition, and insufficient valves in venous blood circulation, decrease tone.
  2. The second phase is characterized by an increase of the diameter up to 10 mm. Mesh the dilated veins wraps around the left ovary, the problems visible and near ovary right.
  3. In the third phase, the vascular extension become even more evident, varicose veins is observed in the right ovary. Often this stage is followed by a dysfunctional bleeding and inflammation to the pelvic organs.

Forecast of the development of the disease depends on the stage of varicose veins. If the disease revealed before the start of the bleeding, conservative treatment will be sufficient to maintain the normal state of the walls of the vascular bed.

Assigned diet

Defining varicose veins, doctors not only prescribe special drugs, but recommend to follow a particular food regime.

The diet aims to normalize the digestion. Because poor diet is the cause of constipation.

And this has a negative influence on the vascular system of the intestine and stimulates the development of varicose veins.

The menu is made in such a way that the food was the maximum number of plant fiber. The amount of animal fats should be reduced to a minimum. You can replace vegetable oils.

Consulting diet, the doctors advise to make the point:

  • raw vegetables;
  • salads with vegetable oil;
  • fruit juices.

Additional methods of therapy

treatment of varicose veins

If conservative techniques in combination with physiotherapy and diet do not help you to get rid of the symptoms of varicose veins, the doctor may advise you to reflect on the surgical therapy.

The need for intervention is, if the disease is passed to the execution module.

Methods of surgical therapy refer to:

  • the procedure of varicose veins in the ovaries;
  • the procedure of the horse;
  • resection of the various veins.

The method of choice will be the surgeon on the basis of the condition of the patient.

To what doctor to address?

Many is the problem of what kind of doctor treats these diseases? With the pain in the pelvic organs women go to the gynecologist.

Taking into account the fact that the symptoms of this condition are similar in the course of inflammatory processes, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy.

If you managed to diagnose, which extended the venous vessels in the pelvic organs, the patient is sent to the phlebologist. This specialist deals with treatment of diseases of the blood vessels, varicose veins extended.

In cases, when there occurs the necessity of intervention, you'll need a vascular surgeon.

Disease characteristics of men and women

Very often, the disease affects women. Have diagnosed the extent of the vascular walls in the area of the ovaries. In case of problems with the seedlings on a rope men diagnosed with varicocele. The job of the valves is broken.

The disease develops on the background of inguinal hernias, problems with the connective tissue of the onset of malignancies. But to bring its appearance can intense physical exercise, lack of sleep, lack of sex life.

The tactics of treatment of men and women is similar. Should take remedies for the veins, increase physical activity, exercise, rest. Men doctors prescribe medicines not only. Important and diet, and avoid alcohol.

Possible complications

Noticing the symptoms of varicose veins any stage, it is necessary to consult a doctor. How dangerous is it to varicose veins pelvic?

The disease causes problems:

  • errors in the functioning of the uterus;
  • the development of concomitant disease (dilation of the blood vessels of the legs, hemorrhoids);
  • the emergence of mental disorders;
  • infertility (men and women);
  • I tried the pregnancy.

Natural childbirth in this pathology is not recommended.

Varicose veins pelvic, ovulation and the pain. Due to the expansion of the blood circulation in ovarian worsens supply to the female reproductive organs. But the impact of the varices and advanced read on the process of ovulation has not been investigated. The pain are not associated with impairment of ovarian function, and with increased blood flow through expanded blood circulation, the change of the shape of the walls of the passage of the veins.

Men varicocele causes a reduction of fertility.

Pregnancy when you see the pathology

Varicose veins pelvic in women. This problem is often faced during pregnancy. The uterus growth compresses all the organs, the blood flow is deteriorating. Begin to form additional flow paths of the blood, with the participation of gonadal blood circulation. Also by changing hormones, increases the concentration of female sex hormones.

Doctors recommend to wear during pregnancy compression garment. Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy can drink special venotonic drugs. Caution gynecologists and other doctors pay what is necessary each day to do gymnastics. This will encourage the work of blood.

Doctors together with the gynecologist recommended that you medicines, that are:

  • normalize the tone of the smooth muscle;
  • stimulate the trophism of the tissues;
  • to prevent congestion, stimulate the improvement of the circulation of the blood and lymph.

Drugs administered in a period of exacerbation of the disease.

How to give birth? Tactics of the delivery depends on the degree of the injury. In most cases, the pregnancy ends with a cesarean delivery. It is recommended because of the high probability of injury to the veins of the nodes and of bleeding during childbirth.


To cope with varicose veins pelvic any stage, it is necessary to obtain the opinion phlebologist and gynecologist (for women). During the resolution of these problems, you need constant monitoring. Drugs prescribed for the appearance of exacerbations of pain. In periods of calm recommends that you use a compression garment, put the emphasis on exercise and diet.