Varicose veins on the legs: symptoms and treatment

If you have varicose veins on the legs, the home treatment is effective only in the early stages of development. Of course, the traditional medicine offers ways to fight and with the chronic or acute form of the disease, but these methods can only be applied after consultation with the doctor.

treatment of varicose veins

Many people are interested in the same question: how to cure the disease? But you can not tolerate his presence. In order to maximize ensure their own health and to avoid unpleasant consequences, you need the time to take all the necessary measures of prevention, which are able to detect the increase of the veins.

If you treat varicose veins at home, sometimes these measures can give a more positive and effective the effect, rather than the standard approach. This is directly correlated with a huge amount of all kinds of reasons, therefore, in no case, do not neglect to do other exercises, the use of a special lingerie and much more.

Physical exercise

Treatment of varicose veins in the home involves not only the use of any type of dyes and other drugs. There are lots of quite effective methods that are able to make the treatment of varicose veins at home the reality. These methods can help you avoid some of the problems with the veins and a bit to get rid of varicose veins. The first and most important method in the process of treatment of varicose veins is a complete relaxation of the foot. You need to give to your limbs, sometimes even at rest. When possible avoid walking on tip toes, if you can, you can go swimming and do small walks.

In addition, there are certain exercises that are able to in the home not only is enough to make an effective system of prevention, but also in the case of the presence of disease - to defeat him. Varicose veins on the legs, it is possible to prevent and destroy, if you do these exercises:

  1. Need to sit down on the floor. Important, to the surface on which you are sitting, it was comfortable and not slippery. Then the legs to pull, but the strong pressure with the hands in the floor. Then fold each step, and the second in the area of bend quite easily say to all and lower. Such action is necessary to carry out the order of 10-13 a time. Then the same exercise scroll and with the other foot.
  2. It is possible to cure varicose veins with exercise? Of course, yes. The second exercise consists in the fact that you need to get up and put the feet at shoulder width, even if when you do this exercise, you can organize more large. The hands in this moment in front to pull, and quite evenly and gently squat. Keep track of the intensity level of the exercise. Important: during the process of squat torso should not be lowered to the level of the knee, try to keep your back as uniform as possible. Perform this exercise serves to not less than 15 times.
  3. Treatment of varicose veins at home well done that I don't have to go somewhere and everything is always at hand. To perform this exercise you need to take a chair with a back and become behind him. The legs should be at a distance from one another of about 60 cm, then it will be necessary quite slowly squat, squat but it must be very low. After you sit down, you will need to lift the heel and only for a few seconds to fix them. Repeat this action must be about 20 times.
  4. The following process easier. There is a need to stand on tip-toe, and drastically down on the heel. This simple action it is necessary to pass from 10 to 20 times.
  5. Home treatment of this disease involves the execution of exercises of "the birch". Exactly is the most effective and the first way for the prevention of and the fight against varicose veins. To perform this exercise, you will need maximum precision. The entire body must be on almost blades.
a proper diet

A proper diet

A proper diet with this disease, such as varicose veins, plays one of the most important roles. If a person you notice varicose veins of the veins of the legs, to lose weight in this case, it would not hurt. For varicose veins on the legs of a man, first of all, you must leave:

  • the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • the reception is quite strong-brewed coffee;
  • the consumption of canned products, cutting power and meats;
  • a large number of savoury and sweet, as these foods delay in the human body the excess liquid.

Experts advise to resort to the consumption of such foods, that:

  • beneficial effect on all of the walls of the veins (cabbage (any variety), rose hips, carrots and a few others).
  • they are rich in vitamins a, E, b, and c;

Very useful reception of fresh vegetables in unlimited quantity, fruit juices, citrus fruits, fresh berries. Not only help you cope with varicose veins, but also significantly lower the weight, nettle, parsley and dill, used in salads.

Folk remedies

Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies at home has a positive result. One of the most common application of methods against this disease is the apple cider vinegar. For the preparation of a correct dosage of the mixture need only take 2 teaspoon of this vinegar and add 1 teaspoon. of liquid honey. All mix well and pour the mixture of purified water. For this you need to take around 200-250 ml of water. Taking this medicine is needed inside and on an empty stomach. If apple cider vinegar diluted with water, adhering to a ratio of 1:10, the composition you can safely rub the affected area before going to bed. In the morning after all the blood vessels begin to feel.

To get rid of varicose veins folk remedies at home, you can use dye and chestnut.

For the preparation of this medicine popular of funds you need to take fresh, fruit plants, and cut them in 4-5 pieces. Then these fruits should be good to grind. Better to lose them through a meat grinder. Then weigh only 50 g of the receipt of the mass and send you 0.5 liters of vodka. The whole composition is well blended and sent to the dark, protected from direct sunlight place in 10-14 days. The mass of the chestnut tree, which has remained, it is possible to dry well. It may still be useful in the future. When the time period is finished, you can begin to receive the receipt for the medicine.

Take the tincture of chestnut need just 30-40 drops diluted in 1 tablespoon of boiling water for 3-4 times before the start of the meal, if the patient has no problems with the pressure. If a person with high blood pressure, the reception need to reduce to 2 or 1 time per day. The course of treatment - 1 month with a break of 2 weeks. If there is a strong need, the exchange rate with ease you can repeat.

Other methods of treatment of varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins remedies that are popular in the home involves the use of leeches. They are very unpleasant to look, and often repel people from you because of this reason.

In medical terminology the treatment of the leech is called the therapy of leech. By adhering to the skin of a person, a leech, there will be only in that moment, when quite drunk blood. But then the blood is still a bit of time, will perform at the thin jet. If in the veins of a person with stasis, a leech with ease will help you to get rid of its surplus. We can not exclude the fact that, thanks to the saliva of this mollusk can dissolve the blood clots. For the use of leeches in the treatment of varicose veins should take is those that were grown in special farms.

Tincture of the rhizomes of hazel and arnica is also effective. How to treat varicose veins with the help of dyeing of this? To begin you need to prepare properly, guided by the recipe. Need to take a 600 ml water and bring to a boil. After that you will need to take the rhizomes of the above plant in equal proportions and sends them into the water. This tincture must be prepared not less than 12 hours. After the necessary period of time you can begin receiving this drug. Be taken only 1 time per day for ¾ of the cup.

tincture of varicose veins

For the preparation of this drug is necessary to take 1 tablespoon. l. finely chopped hop cones, pour 1 tablespoon of boiled water. Then for 15 minutes to warm the entire composition in a bain-marie. Take such a miracle-the instrument must be exclusively before the beginning of the meal.

Remove varicose veins is possible with the help of honey with the garlic. For the preparation is so popular, a pharmacological compound you will need to mix the two ingredients and insist in the course of 14 days. It is important, for the honey was exactly the liquid state. Take 350 grams of garlic - 250 g. Take this medication is required within, 1 tsp. half an hour before the main meal.

Very effective when to get rid of varicose veins are compresses of cabbage leaves. For a correct use it is necessary to take 1 leaf of cabbage, then spread the honey and apply to the affected area the skin. For a greater effectiveness, to tie this wrap with cling film and leave in this state for 2 hours. These packs of 100 will help you to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

No less effective, are and clay wraps. The most important thing - this method is very simple to apply. For this only serves to lubricate the clay on the affected skin and wrap the gauze for a couple of hours. The result at 100% after the application of this method is guaranteed to.

Must take account of the fact that a doctor can prescribe the correct and necessary care. If a person there have been some complications, all the procedures may not lead to a positive result.

Of course, the popular medicine has enjoyed great popularity in the earlier, and does not share its positions, and of today. But still better than a doctor, no one can advise you correctly, what exactly you should do in a certain situation and how to deal with the disease, and how to treat varicose veins on the legs correctly!