Exercises for legs with varicose veins at home

Varicose veins is a common disease among men and women after the age of 30 can manifest itself at a younger age. Respecting the prevention of, and the execution of exercises with varicose veins of the lower limbs, it is possible to stop the development of the disease, improve the attenuated blood vessels and capillaries.

exercise with varicose veins of the lower limbs

Benefits therapeutic physical education

The whole exercise in varicose veins helps to improve blood circulation, increases the physical strength of the patient, which strengthens the structure of damaged blood vessels and muscles.


If you do not neglect the healing of physical culture (physical therapy), it is possible to simplify considerably the course of the disease, relieve swelling and eliminate fatigue in the legs.

Recommended exercises

Exercises for the prevention of varicose veins and therapy of the disease are held with the aim of thinning the liquid to the inside of blood vessels, eliminate swelling of the veins under the skin, returning the natural skin tone of the lid.

Are allowed:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the legs with the use of the hip area;
  • Load on the diaphragm for the regulation of blood flow and saturation of the blood of the nutrients;
  • Hiking, cycling stationary, with strong pressure on the pedal;
  • Swimming in the pool.

Doctors recommend regular EXERCISE twice a day, for ten minutes. Preferably courses distributed over more blocks – morning 5-7 minutes and the same number of before going to sleep, giving preference to the less intense stress on the body.

The recommendations of the doctors

Exercise with varicose veins of the veins of the legs are executed with the help of a doctor, physiotherapist, and alone. It is important to monitor the load of the exercise, the plasticity of the movements, to avoid sudden shocks, twists the torso.

Overwork can only do harm to the patient, which complicates the course of the disease. The room should be spacious, ventilated, it is better to make exercises of varicose veins on the legs after waking up. It is important not to forget the compression socks and comfortable shoes.


Gymnastics for the legs with varicose veins of the lower limbs consists of exercises:

  • To reduce the fatigue of the legs in the evening – lie down, legs to increase the elevation, hold for about 5 minutes;
  • The legs connect, pull her arms, gently stand up on the socks to rest for 2-3 seconds, go down to the bottom;
  • Lie on the floor, lift legs, rotate the feet, inside and out.

Systematic charging will prevent the progression of the disease, reduce the risk of fusion of a phase of the violations in the other, to eliminate the complications.

Gymnastics in the office

Exercises against varicose veins during the period of work, sitting on a chair:

  • Lift the leg in the position of the right hand, do circular movements with each limb;
  • Lift the foot, placing the foot on the toes, 15 visits to each leg;
  • Stretch your fingers towards the high heel and fasten on the the floor motionless;
  • Run splits of the foot from heel to toe.
how to treat varicose veins on the legs

Sedentary work is recommended every hour to take a 5 minute break. In this moment, it is useful to perform the movement in a standing position:

  • Legs together, hard to get up in the tip of the feet, lower legs;
  • Walk on your heels, back straight;
  • At rest the hands in the imagination or a real wall to the width of the shoulders, bend the leg and move the weight on her, and the other to recline and stand up on tip toes, after 10 seconds to change the foot;
  • Disconnect alternately the heels from the floor, do the exercise regularly, for a couple of times the approach, in a day not less than 20 times.

Rehabilitation exercises in varicose veins of the veins of the legs, provides a moment of rest, but because after 5-10 minutes of tension on a limb, need to lie down in a state of relaxation for the adjustment of the circulation and recovery of breathing.


Exercise should not cause discomfort in the affected areas of veins, burning sensation, tingling, cause swelling or other complications varicose veins. It is important not to forget drug to treat in an effective way to get rid of the disease.


In the fight against varicose veins is established also to vibration gymnastics academic. Special charging for the legs with varicose veins includes only the special jump, to run regularly to help eliminate the symptoms of the injury.

  1. After waking up need to stand up, pull the arms along the body, inhale standing up on the tip of the feet to centimeter. During expiration, drastically lower the feet on the floor.
  2. At the time of impact, the heels, the body receives a slight shock, the thrust will direct the blood through the vessels, causes blood vessels inside will be clean.
  3. Special jump make not less than 60 times per day, it is not possible to transform the exercise in an intense jump. The movements must be smooth, clean, every 20 aftershocks – pause 10 s.

Are useful such activities in a complex with exercises in varicose veins of the pelvis, which often develops when secondary and subsequent pregnancies, in the case of strong stress to the pelvis.

The complex of exercises for the pelvic

Therapeutic exercise helps to strengthen the walls of the venous blood, improve the flow of blood. Useful to perform these exercises:

  • The bike – in the prone position, imitation walk the bicycle;
  • Scissors – an alternative crossing of the legs;
  • Squat – not below the level of the knees;
  • Tighten the buttocks – Kegel exercise, shown expectant mothers for childbirth painless.


After the execution of physical exercises with veins defeat useful self-massage of legs and thighs, to stabilize the flow of blood, eliminate the harmful elements on the cellular level, relieve fatigue.

Useful to do a light stroking from the ankles to the knees, rubbing of the legs with circular movements. You can use nourishing or moisturizing with natural or purchased in the pharmacy section.

At the end of an exercise program, it is recommended that you make a swallow – straighten the back, becoming straight, his hands relaxed, and omitted along the body. Inspiratory – hands up, exhale to perform the swallow.

During the THERAPY it is necessary to drink a small amount of liquid, just to wet their lips with water, in order not to cause swelling. Useful protein supply, especially in the early afternoon, before going to sleep – cereal-cereal, fruit smoothies.

Exercises prevention

If varicose veins are useful, quiet, hiking, cycling approximately 10-20 minutes per day, contrast showers, swimming pool activities help to eliminate the swelling and relieve the general condition of the patient.


Recommended to get rid of habits throw in a sitting position, "foot for foot", interrupting the circulation. It is also worthwhile to limit walking on high heels, by reducing the burden for weak blood vessels and capillaries.

special exercises

In the evening it is recommended to do a foot bath for tired feet, with the addition of a broth of medicinal herbs and plants (chamomile, sage, eucalyptus), essential oil of citrus fruits, juniper. During the time of rest required to sleep in so the heels were above the level of the buttocks.

In addition to physical exercise, and medical therapy is important to follow the diet, eat slowly, fractional, do not eat too much, especially before going to sleep. It is important to avoid severe drops in body weight.

An important role for the prevention of varicose veins play casual shoes, must be to size, quality, and comfortable. In the initial phase of the injury, you should pay attention to compression socks, to choose their size, on the board of phlebologist.


What exercises for legs with varicose veins in the home is not can do:

  • Jump rope (intense load of vienna, the employment can result in the detachment of a blood clot);
  • Exercises with load (kettlebell, barbells, etc);
  • Long bike (overload veins, dysfunction of blood circulation);
  • Power emissions (the tone of the blood vessels);
  • Gymnastics stretching (swelling of the veins, the damage to fragile capillaries).
  • Intense racing, the speed, long-distance (load on the legs)

For patients with varicose veins lifting weights deleted. A nice alternative – pool or step aerobics. The gym will be available after the complete resolution of the disease, according to the recommendations of the doctor-phlebologist.

Varicose vein is quite common disease, which worsens significantly the quality of life of a person. Completely heal from this disease is very difficult, but to facilitate its course, it is worth to perform specific exercises.

Varicose veins called sustainable extension and elongation of the veins, accompanied by thinning of their walls and the formation of the so-called nodes. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the serious condition of the walls of the veins and failure of their valves.

This is a disease which is rather widespread, and most often occurs in women. Often varicose veins begins of working age – about thirty-forty years.

The main risk factor for the development of this disease is an active life-style.

The use of gymnastics

The therapeutic use of exercises in the varicose veins is difficult to overestimate. Special gymnastics you can:

  • improving venous outflow and lymphatic;
  • increase physical endurance;
  • normalize the arterial inflow;
  • improve the tone of veins;
  • improve the peripheral circulation.

If, however, the neglect of medical gymnastics at varicose veins of the legs, this will be the cause of stagnation of blood in the blood vessels affected, in addition, will increase the pressure.

In turn, this will lead to an accumulation of water in the area of the ankles, stop, the lower parts of the legs, which often exacerbates the sensation of pain.

Physical characteristics

In particular, the exercises in varicose veins of the legs are useful to people who just move in their daily lives.

The simplest exercise is to walk.

People who suffer from this disease, must walk every day. In addition, it is possible to go by bike. Very useful swimming.

Not everyone knows that not every exercise is useful in varicose veins. Which sport in varicose veins useful, and that it is harmful?

The operation for the removal of varicose veins is often the only solution. We say that the type of surgery you choose in a way or in the other case.

There is a special rehabilitation exercises in varicose veins of the legs. For the execution of these exercises was the most effective, it is necessary to respect the following rules:

  • people who have a place of work, at least once an hour, should make five-minute warm-up;
  • it is important to check the posture, it is not recommended to place the foot on the leg;
  • the charge should be administered 15-30 minutes per day;
  • in the course of the day they need to do a couple of repetitions.

A series of exercises

Experts recommend that you perform specific exercises against varicose veins in the morning and in the evening, with their approximately 15-30 minutes.

Until the exhaustion of the bearing if same is not possible, because each person has a limit of its physical capabilities.

Enough is a continuous exercise for five minutes, in this case, we recommend that you take breaks. If you feel tired, it is better to postpone the lesson.

The main complex of exercises for all types of disease


These exercises are suitable with varicose veins of the upper and lower limbs, varicose veins pelvic, and other types of disease:

  1. Lie on your back, bend the leg, pulling it to his chest. Then straighten it upwards, secure it for a few seconds and down. The same exercise to do for the second leg.
  2. Lie down, bend your legs and lift upward. Straighten them, hold for a second, always to bend and return to starting position.
  3. Lie down, raise your legs upwards and feet to perform movements of rotation, to do this you must towards the outside and towards the inside. Then you can bend and stretch your fingers and foot.
  4. Sit on a chair, extend your heels into the floor. Move the socks in different directions. Do 15-20 times.
  5. Lie down on your stomach, clutching the hands to the hips. In turn, lift each leg as high as possible. At the highest point for a few seconds to linger, and then return to the place. Do 8-10 reps.
  6. Exercise: "the swallow". Stand up, lower the arms along the body. Breathe in, raise your hand, and after that stand up on tip toes. During the exhalation take the pose of the swallows. Do the exercise 15-20 times.
  7. Roll from heel to toe, moving on him the weight of the body. Do 15-20 repetitions.
  8. Within a 15-minute run walk on the heels, stockings with the top show of the thigh.

Exercises for the legs

Gymnastics with varicose veins of the lower limbs includes these exercises:

  1. Drain the veins of the legs. Need to lie down, close your eyes and relax, it is necessary to deeply and evenly breathe. Under the foot you need to put a couple of pillows – this will allow them to lift in the 15-20 degrees.
  2. Lie down, bend your legs, with the foot on the floor. Put your hands on your hips. Gradually inhale, raise the head and the body. The hands should slide toward the knees. Making a slow exhalation, return to the original position.
  3. Go, hands kneading along the body, legs brought up to 15-20 degrees and secure between them a small cushion. Breathe in slowly, bend in the lower back and buttocks need to detach from the floor. Slowly exhaling, return to the initial position.
  4. Go, put your hands along the body. The foot to bend and, gradually exhale, engage the stomach. On inspiration inflate the belly.
  5. Put your feet together, put your hands along the body. Take a deep breath, slowly rise on socks, exhale and return to the original position.

Regular execution of special exercises for the lower limbs will help reduce the manifestations of venous insufficiency, to suspend the development of the disease and reduce the risk of development of dangerous complications.