The individual reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs treatment

Varicose veins of the lower limbs has its varieties. One of these is varicose, reticular, which represents an increase of small subcutaneous and intradermal venous vessels. In the routine, in dialect, the name sounds like "varicose veins".

The individual reticular varicose veins in the foot

Often the disease is concerned about women, but also men, you may notice the designs of stars, capillary mesh in the foot. Small vascular pattern most frequent cause of cosmetic discomfort, especially in the summer. The individual reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs is the result of a chronic form of venous insufficiency.

Varicose veins leave foot arachnids, linear, net, plexus. They can be single or group of character.

The symptoms

The main manifestation of reticular varicose veins is the appearance of networks of small veins. But there are other features such as:

  • first fatigue;
  • pain at the site of the expansion;
  • itching, tingling, swelling;
  • cramps during the night;
  • the feeling of "tingling and cold";
  • the tension in the legs.


Incorrect style of life, which goes in an unbalanced diet, sedentary mode, excessive passion weights, exercise on the shoulder belt and the legs, causing the appearance of the signs of the disease.

And organize the treatment of varicose veins at home is possible, if find the cause of the disease.

Among the causes of risk are:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • diet, out of the fibers;
  • welcome hormonal funds;
  • tightening clothing, high-heeled shoes;
  • pregnant or generic activities;
  • the excess of weight;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • injuries of the foot;
  • moving weights, heavy physical work, sport load;
  • direct sunlight;
  • activities associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Often suffer the children, whose parents have moved to the chronic form varicose veins of the lower limb veins. Care is necessary to start with the first signs of the manifestations of the disease.

Ways to get rid of varicose veins

If you decide to take the path of struggle with varicose veins, before you begin your treatment, you need to resolve the causal links that determine the disease. In the first place, we need to make a lifestyle change, diet, reduce the physical load.

If the job requires long sitting or standing on the legs try it during the day every hour to perform motor actions for 3-5 minutes. The movement of flexion and extension of the leg help to normalize the blood circulation, improve the tone of the walls of the blood vessels.

Treatment of varicose veins begins with a clear assessment of his weight, the possibility of propulsion and power.

The excess weight is stressful load for the body. The pounds of exerting a strong pressure on the venous flow in the dorsal of the foot. The outflow of blood from the body fat precipitates on most branches of the veins, which is focused on the surface of the skin.

A balanced diet, limiting the consumption of certain products, the respect of a proper diet, physical activity will be methods of struggle with varicose veins.

It is recommended that a check of his shoes, underwear. Get rid of high heels, behind, and the little clothing, golf, socks with elastic bands. Similar wardrobe will be to escape some areas of the body, and interfere with the normal current of the peripheral blood in the veins and cause an increased pressure in the blood vessels.

If you see the lilac-colored mesh on the legs, hips, do not panic. It is necessary to consult a specialist and start the treatment. For the elimination of the effects you apply to complete measures for prevention:

the symptoms of varicose veins
  • it is necessary to wear compression stockings;
  • balance the power supply;
  • take a shower contrast;
  • perform physical exercises.

Methods to get rid of the disease

Medicinal methods used to solve the reticular varicose veins, they become: operational, medical, traditional medicine, diet, fitness, and sports.

Phlebology uses in a manner effective for the treatment of varicose veins the most recent surgery techniques.

The operation

The method involves the introduction into the vein with a fine needle of a sclerosing, for the elimination of aesthetic defects in the foot. The paste tool vienna, then it resolves.

The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure, requires no general anesthesia, and lasts up to 40 minutes of time.

Usually, they are made more of the sessions, their number depends on the phase distribution of varicose veins.

The result will show a month after the last treatment.

Laser photocoagulation

Removal of small reticular venous paths of a diameter not exceeding 0,3 mm) produced by laser photocoagulation. The process guarantees the complete elimination of varicose veins and varicose veins. The mechanism of removal is to the direction of laser energy for the extension.

The action of the laser selective and acts only on the area of the pathological process, do not touch the surrounding healthy tissues.

The observance of simple rules will help you solve the problem of reticular varicose veins faster.

  • The special bath tub. Exercise and a healthy action. It is recommended to carry out treatments in the evening before going to bed for half an hour. The water temperature does not lower to 37-39 degrees, the course of therapeutic baths in the number of 20. After a week break, the course can continue.
  • Decoctions of herbs. As drugs in the water, add the peppermint, chamomile flowers, elder flowers, sage, or yarrow. In lots terms, you can take 3-4 tablespoons of each type of grass, and pour two liters of boiling water in a separate bowl. Heat the mixture on low heat for 20 minutes, after exercise add in the bath.
  • Pouring the legs with cold water. it increases the flow of blood in the legs. Sport pour recommend not to apply more than 4 days. The cycle is done once a month.
  • The sea salt. In the number 2 tablespoons dissolved in warm water. The procedure relieves fatigue and swelling of the foot. Lowering in a solution of shin in half within 10 minutes. Effective baths alternated with sea salt and herbs.
  • Tub. Shower under a lot of pressure, you can take home. Direct jet on the game shin from the bottom to the top. Effective alternate with sensory shower. A water jet can lead to varicose veins.
  • Ointment against varicose veins. Effective and safe. Relieves the local it is an inflammatory process, restore the flow of blood, strengthens the walls of veins, reduces pain in the legs, improves the functioning of the valves of the veins, reduces the swelling of the soft tissues of the foot.
  • Physical exercise. Must be regular and fill up with complex exercises that affect the vein walls, improving their tone. Several methods are swimming lessons, cycling, golf, tennis, football, ice hockey.The physical exercise does not have to contain the jump and the power load. Optimal exercises will be a circular rotation of the hip, ankle, joints, exercise "bicycle", walk from heel to toe. Doctors recommend yoga, more walking, cycling.

Treat the extension of the foot the veins of an integrated approach will help walking in the direction of a beauty salon, shopping, parks. Trekking trip to the hills, bathing in the river, picking up mushrooms — all benefit. The aquatic environment the true natural healer, it will set the tone of the venous system and will help in the active work of the muscular system of the legs.

Folk remedies

Treat varicose, reticular may be effective alternative medicine. This treatment at home is carried out with the help of herbs, teas, lotions, poultices and creams. This allows you to avoid the phenomena of varicose veins, venous ways.

Folk remedies from varicose veins can be applied internally or externally.

For internal use to prepare:

  1. Horse chestnut in tincture. Helps to improve the elasticity of the walls of the vascular system. The composition is the vodka, the sweet chestnut in the calculation of 1 to 10. Composition infused 7 days. This tool is used for 25 drops 3 times per day before meals.
  2. Dust of nutmeg. Crushed-to-dust mass take powder 1 tsp., with water. Take a walnut in the morning before breakfast. First treat of the disappeared feeling of heaviness in the leg.

For external use:

  1. Shoots of birch. The tincture is ready in 10 days. Capacity 0,5 l to fill birch kidneys, about one-third and pour the vodka up to the neck. Lubricate the sick areas, walk every day, better night. Arching pain pass.
  2. The decoction is prepared of the white willow. Excellent tool for foot baths. To this 2 tablespoons of the bark shredded, pour 400 gr. of boiling water. A slow fire for 20 minutes to boil. Use for the legs in the case of muscle weakness. After the bath, we recommend compression stockings.
treatment of varicose veins


To treat varicose, reticular without diet hard. Rigid schemes for the choice of the products is not there. The main part of the menu deal with vegetables, salads, fruit, berries and vegetables.

Every day are recommended of vitamins salads of tomato, pepper, lettuce, white cabbage, carrots, seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, chives, and dill.

These products contain substances that are necessary for the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels. Germinated seeds of wheat, oats and rye, potatoes, cooked in a "uniform" sauce, garlic, rose hips, black currants, gooseberries strengthen not only the venous system, but cause the activity of the intestine, favours the normalization of the chair. This has a direct relationship to the prevention of the veins expansion hemorrhoidal veins.

Drink preferably green tea, orange juice, juice of fruits of the forest. The day you need to drink fluids up to 2 liters

The salt causes the detention of the liquid and leads to constipation, respectively, prevents you from treating the varicose disease.

Are contraindicated in the menu:

  • pickles, marinades;
  • the jellies;
  • heavy contours;
  • fat meat;
  • coffee;
  • products from the oven.

That make up the menu of the diet, it's not worth getting exception "bad" products, and replace their "good". Treat varicose veins can only be complex methods.