What is the patch for the treatment of varicose veins?

Huge prevalence of varicose veins is forcing doctors and scientists of all countries to search for new and more effective tools of this disease. More and more popularity and trust in the doctors and patients conquer chinese patch by varicose veins.

Who shows you how to apply the patch?

patch from varicose veins

Recipes of traditional chinese medicine and tibetan healers have formed the basis of the medical patch. He represents one strip of fabric with a print of their healing coating. In its composition only natural ingredients, that, as stated by the manufacturer, represent the nanoparticles of the medicinal herbs. It is for this that they are completely and very quickly penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream and are valid for two days. Apply the patch with the following symptoms:

  • the vascular network;
  • heaviness, pain and tiredness of the legs;
  • swelling;
  • varicose veins;
  • changed the color of the skin on the diseased leg;
  • a feeling of coldness in the legs.

All these are signs of varicose veins. According to doctors, if you use a patch at the beginning of the disease, it is possible to eliminate completely.

How to "work" the patch?

What you can expect from a "magical" chinese funds? The patch has the following action:

  • strengthens the vascular wall;
  • restore the functioning of the venous valves;
  • improves the flow of blood and the nutrition of the surrounding tissues;
  • prevents venous pooling;
  • it prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • relieves swelling, eliminates the itch and relieves the pain.

The benefits of using patches are evident:

  • he is acting in a problem zone within 48 hours;
  • plate patches have a flesh color and soft structure, so it is possible to apply not only in the home but also "output";
  • a minimum list of contraindications;
  • begins to act for a few minutes;
  • combines the tradition of chinese medicine and modern technology.

In the production of the composition are used two substances — Azone and Borneol. Azone is a component that allows to quickly penetrate therapeutic components in the blood. Borneol is a tonic, analgesic, antispasmodic and tonic.

The therapeutic composition

In addition, auxiliary substances to the surface of the patch contains extracts of 10 plants. Thousands of years have been used in the recipes of oriental medicine and their action is time-tested. Each component complements and enhances the action of other:

The nameThe action
Ginseng faketones the blood vessels;
delete the venous stasis;
it relieves the pain.
Wild saffron (safflower)reduces the aggregation of platelets, preventing the formation of blood clots;
normalizes the metabolism of cholesterol;
is an antioxidant;
reduces the pain.
Sagerelieves the inflammation of the venous wall;
relieves the pain;
strengthens the immune system.
Red kidney beansnormalize cholesterol levels;
it is an antioxidant and source of vitamins A, c and group B.
Cinnamonrelieves the pain;
has an antibacterial effect;
strengthens the immune system;
stabilizes blood pressure;
it tones up the venous walls;
relieves the spasms.
Chinese angelica rootit prevents the formation of blood clots;
tones the blood vessels;
reduces the inflammation.
ClematisAnti-inflammatory drugs
The mulberryit purifies the blood;
tones the blood vessels;
increases the immunity.
it stimulates the cardiac activity;
reduces the inflammation.

The components not only a beneficial effect on the blood vessels, but and improves the condition of the skin of the feet.

How to use a patch?

treatment of varicose veins

The chinese patch is easy to apply, but there are some rules that must be followed. Paste is necessary to clean the skin. Before use it is necessary to wash your foot with cold water, and even better to take a shower contrast, with particular attention to the feet. The skin needs to dry, remove the patch with the protective film and stick on the problem area.

Wearing can be for 2 nights. Then the patch is removed, the skin washed, and rest at least 6 hours. Then the procedure can be repeated. Maybe one-time use of remedies to relieve the symptoms. If you spend the course of the treatment, its duration must not exceed 30 days.


In the composition of the therapeutic coatings are of grass, can improve the tone of the uterus, so as to apply during pregnancy is not recommended. Furthermore, the influence of its components on the fetus has not been studied.

The second danger which can represent the patch you are allergic to the medicinal plants. Before the application make a test – paste a small piece of tape on the inside of the elbow. If the reaction is not followed, then, you can start your treatment.

The opinion of the doctors

The doctors ask all to carefully monitor the health of the lower limbs, especially those who work a lot on the legs, a sedentary lifestyle and is located in an area at risk for vascular disease. Take varicose veins in the initial phase will give the possibility to completely heal her. And will help you in this chinese patch. And, even better, use it for prevention.

If the disease is progressing, standing distinguished, vienna, and changed the color of the skin, doctors recommend that you include in the treatment regimen patch by varicose veins. According to them, not only relieves the painful symptoms, but it acts on the causes of the disease. However, given the patch a panacea not worth the effort. Will bring undoubted benefits, but only as part of a complete treatment with the application of the system of medicines, ointments, underwear, compression.