The causes of varicose veins in women

Women have always been, and will be at risk of varicose veins, this is confirmed by medical statistics. Approximately 83% of women between the ages of 25 and 45 years of experience pain in the legs, but not all recognise that it is not only fatigue, and the symptoms of the disease. Men too are at risk of developing varicose veins, but to a much lesser extent.

The principle of movement of the blood in the body or which leads to the development of the disease

varicose veins in women

Before detailing the causes of varicose veins in women, it is necessary to explain briefly because of this that the disease develops. Still from the school course of anatomy, you know that a person there are two rounds of circulation – arterial and venous. The artery that serves blood to the organs, and vienna, and return the blood to the heart for oxygen saturation and nutrients. If the arteries have muscles, and this is undoubtedly evidenced by the images of the fighters in popular, the one of vienna, the muscle system does not have. But, veins are equipped with valves, which do not give the blood moving in the opposite direction, and the muscles in this case the most essential "helpers", giving the possibility of movement of blood through the vein upwards, towards the heart.

As this is what happens:

  1. The blood from the surface of vienna enters the connective or communicative vienna.
  2. The valves present in the communication of vienna, have been revealed, leaving the blood in a deep vein. And then, not giving the flow of blood, leaving all the bad blood in the depth in vienna.
  3. Because of the work of the heart, that provides the blood pressure; the blood pressure and the functioning of our muscles is the increase of blood to the heart and the valves in the deep veins do not give the blood go down to the bottom.
  4. If at least one component of the overall system does not work in full "force", he begins to develop venous insufficiency, the blood stagnates in the deep veins, crushing on their walls and expanding them.

Now you understand that the tiredness of the legs can be not only a great physical activity during the work day, but also the first sign, that with the veins all goes well. The swelling of the legs, and put the superficial veins, "asterisk" thin blood vessels, the painful efforts – these are the first signs of varicose veins.

The most common causes of varicose veins

Physical exercise, men and women, you can't even compare, because the levels of this load is different: women do not work in metallurgy or porters, but also, and no man was not wearing the pregnancy of 9 months, so to say, physical exercise can cause the disease is wrong. What undesirable physical exercises or load aggravate the manifestations of the disease, without a doubt, but to push the onset of the disease, they can't. Very often, as the reasons mentioned in the biped position, but this is our "special fee" for the title of man, and then this can be constitutional because, and touch absolutely of all the living. However, it is not so, varicose veins is a disease which is frequent, but not universal.

The doctors are two main causes of varicose veins all categories of patients:

  1. Genetic predisposition. If the relatives have had problems with the veins, then your predisposition to this will be equal to 70-75%. It does not mean that the veins are amazed initially, it is only a predisposition! With an appropriate lifestyle and properly distributed day of work, where static and dynamic load will be balance each other, with a healthy diet and medical monitoring, it is possible to "catch" the disease in a first phase, and to stop its additional development.
    Properly organized mode, the attentive relation to their health and genetic predisposition, and there remains only the predisposition, the disease does not manifest itself. Also you should consider that hereditary varicose veins is manifested very early, when she was still a girl, and then we have to follow the development of your child, if you or your relatives or had varicose veins or any area of the body.
  2. Congenital weakness of the venous wall, and here the disease is also will know quite soon, already during the first pregnancy in women or with a strong physical effort. To stimulate the strengthening of the venous wall there are particular medicines and particular system of medical gymnastics, so make sure to consult with a doctor and make a total of vascular diagnostics. "Caught" at an early stage of the disease can stop, it is not possible to cure, but can stop you!

Because women are more likely to develop varicose veins?

how to get rid of varicose veins

There are a lot of explanations from the medical point of view, because there are the so-called hormonal causes of varicose veins in women. Let us examine in detail what and how causes the development of the disease in the midst of humanity, and because it is already at the end of the middle age, almost 80% of women have a diagnosis of varicose veins.

Then, in order:

  • Genetic predisposition "works" almost all of the women, as is given of their pregnancy weight. The nine months do not pass – grows the overall weight of the mother, increases the load on all the organs, especially the kidneys and the heart, increases the blood pressure of the blood, which often leads to the development of hypertension, etc, etc
    The increase of the load on the kidneys gives then the problems with the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body, leading to swelling, the fluid accumulates, and as a vicious circle – it increases the load on the heart. All the problems with excess weight during pregnancy cause internal problems to the authorities, starting from tooth decay and hemorrhoids, and this is already varicose veins pelvic. But a woman must give birth, the attempts and struggles lead to an increase in the pressure of the blood against the walls of the veins of the pelvis and lower limbs.
    At the end, after the birth, in addition the excess weight woman has received a "bouquet" of other diseases, so young mom absolutely seem to be considering, to determine the presence of varicose veins. Problems of hemorrhoids during pregnancy: it is Rather a delicate matter, but the doctor should know that during pregnancy are frequent constipation, spotting from the rear of the excursion after the chair, it was rare and small, he was constantly feeling pressure in the pelvic area. Hemorrhoids must be treated immediately, from the first symptom, because you can only accompany pregnancy or a disease of the whole body.
  • The lack of physical exercise, the standard image of life: the Majority of women do not change their place of work, and for years engaged in one and the same. The load on the legs and the whole body are one and the same, so proud of "my whole life I have worked in a factory..." sounds only if in this work the woman is not "earned" deviation in health. Sellers, hair stylists, stanochniy, pastry chefs, nurses, doctors-surgeons and many other professions require women's dc static state, day in and day out are forced to work standing up – and this is wrong, because the pressure of the blood in the legs, everything is amplified, interrupted blood flow and therefore develops a serious illness. On the other hand, accounting, management, statistics employees, running constantly on the computer, and so on, whose hours of work it looks like a table, expose their health to the same hazards. Sitting on a chair, the most comfortable and ergonomic, it is getting worse by the vienna of the pelvis, and if the pose is the same – the foot to foot, the pressure in the veins will be clearly above normal.
  • Another, inherent only to women because of varicose veins is the violation or change the operation of the system of the hormonal balance and the endocrine system. The men are experiencing the same crisis, but the consequences are not so critical. In women when hormonal errors caused by puberty, pregnancy, generic activities and after childbirth, due to a prolonged use of hormonal drugs to prevent pregnancy can develop a circulatory disturbance, the stagnation of venous blood. Climaterici "hot flashes" is another serious reason for the development of varicose veins in women, the lack of oestrogen in this age group period causes excessive production of the hormone of the corpus luteum, which has a relaxing effect for the muscles.

Obesity, girls, women always because of problems with the feet. This can be a muscle pain, and perhaps this is one of the signs of the development of varicose veins due to the stagnation of blood in the veins of the lower limbs and venous pelvic. Every kilo more, it is not only the load on the skeleton and the muscle structure, but also extra work for the veins, which have to apply the blood of all these "deposits" and more, more and more difficult to explain all the components of the body, including the circulatory system. Therefore, maintaining a normal weight at any age – one of the most effective tools for the prevention of varicose veins, whatever his reasons, initially.

Causes of varicose veins in women can be the most different, but if, in the presence of, at least some of the symptoms, is not to postpone the doctor's visit, in the hope that it "will resolve", the disease can defeat it. Rather, even with a hereditary predisposition you can get what is the disease and does not "wake up".