The experience of using Varikosette

A veritable festival of cream Varikosette sent to us by Natalie from Paris.

Varicose veins

Up to today, in reality, it is not clear why this disease occurs. Has the value and the hereditary predisposition, and courses of work and pregnancy. But when he had the source, with this we must live. It is not easy, knowing who to heal once and for all is impossible.

The diagnosis of "varicose veins" they put me in the last year.

I understand that you need to pay more attention to this problem, and if it is not to leave things to chance, you can improve the quality of life. You always require the intervention of a doctor - флеболога (or surgeon), subject to the treatment of exchange - drink drugs and apply the cream designed for the treatment of varicose veins.

If you do not be lazy and execute these recommendations, the state will be significantly better.

Before I went to a doctor, a year has suffered from the "heavy legs" symptom - is called as a something indefinite, but the unpleasant reality: as if at the foot of the bags of sand tied. I would like the legs to lift and pull. Even walking was difficult, at times, this weight is sensed one time in the morning, the awakening was unpleasant phenomenon.

Treatment: pills and ointments

Cream Varikosette

After having passed the test, now two times a year I drink a course of medicines, trying not to lift weights and always pay attention to the farmsteads, which are designed for applications sick of venous insufficiency.

Completely different ointment on sale, and, so to say, official, ointments, medicinal, and are sold by us in the pharmacy. There are funds in the company's network of distributors, there is and on the site aliexpress. I recently wrote, I want to see that this cream.

And while it has gained what I have seen in internet - cream Varikosette.

Cream Varikosette

This cream is designed for the treatment of varicose veins. The instrument for the legs, Троксерутин is a well-known remedy and yet there are plant extracts that help to improve the circulation and nutrition of cells, relieve pain, reduce fatigue and, as it is written in the instructions, also help to dissolve blood clots.

Tube of cream Varikosette

Blood clots I have, luckily, there is revealed in a survey "Duplex of the veins of the lower limbs".

Cream I decided to try it out: may be, he will help me to relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

I have to say that the change of the pill is enough for a couple of months. And now I don't have that kind of acute condition, as it was before resorting to the doctor.


The cream is packaged in a plastic tube, looks like a beige ointment. His need to use a certain way.

I do as he taught me the surgeon.

Method of application

First of all, you need to take a shower in contrast to the legs, exit in the cold water, and then point to the inner line of the thigh, in a straight line from the groin up to the heel, I put the cream. Via apply on the skin until complete absorption. Do not leave feeling sticky.

Package cream Varikosette

For this use, the consumption of tools pretty cheap.

My results the use of cream Varikosette

The experience of using the cream Varikosette

The action of this cream I liked, I can't say that it is a panacea, but the effect is there, it has a sedative effect.

Now I feel much better. Of course, the course that I did a month ago, you know, but the cream works effectively.

Advantages: Floral composition, consumption.

Disadvantages: High price.