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  • Радка
    At the moment I have varicose veins is not strong, the initial phase, but has decided not to run and start the treatment immediately, as he noticed the varicose veins. I take the opportunity at this point for about a month. I do not say that the effect is immediately visible, but now it is definitely visible. The texture is very soft, absorbs quickly, over all no bad smell) like it Very much, especially how to use varikosette in the evening, after a day in the walk-once the ease of this appears.
  • Христо
    Varicose veins - a common problem ex-athletes, and this to me has not spared. The back of the thighs and calves, always attracted to the veins as if the vibrato and it is visually seen that in the veins as if the blood clots... Very nice has helped me to cope with the symptoms of varicose veins is a cream varikosette. If you also have these problems - test, help you!
  • Елена
    Varikosette - this cream, which is able to relieve the swelling, heaviness in the legs, pain. Unfortunately, of ourselves, of vienna, has no effect, which is logical. Still no cream is not able to defeat this disease. The consistency is quite easy, because of what the cream is absorbed for a couple of minutes. Oily film it leaves. In the first 5-7 minutes after application you feel a pleasant shiver on the skin, particularly relevant in the warm season. I have in the morning legs as the cotton, even to get up from the bed, sometimes difficult, not to speak of the work. I apply the cream, I'm going, then as new. Action starts in 10 minutes, not before. But the action is very limited - 1-2 hours I feel fine, no pain, and then again to smear. In general, as well as the emergency aid goes well. Still very well it helps to soothe aching feet at the end of the day, after work "walk". Now I have already occasionally allow myself to wear heels. Then, cream is decent, if not wait for miracles from him. The consumption is not cheap, I buy 3 times already. And already ends again (put 3-4 times per day). If there is money, it is possible to order. A good cream, not more.
  • Йорданка
    Like many women, I really like high-heeled shoes. With the passing of the years, the legs have become very quickly tired, at the end of the day you feel strong gravity, it hurts even to walk. I don't want to change the favorite shoes or slippers, so I followed the advice of a doctor, and he advised me to buy the cream Varikosette. The tool is really very effective, I've tried a lot of ointments and gels, but, honestly, not all of them have declared action. By a ointment, which I bought in a pharmacy, I began a terrible allergy, a rash on the skin and itching, I had to take the pill against allergies. With cream Varikosette no collateral action is not, with the symptoms made it, only to cheer. I now use it for prevention, the wearing of high heels has not affected negatively on my feet.
  • Росица
    I suffer from varicose veins, the legs have already begun to form the nodes of the veins, in the evening of the foot disquieting swell and hurt, I've tried a lot of creams, and hoping that this cream will help me get rid of the pain and the swelling I had, but apparently I was wrong. Swelling cream varikosette not taken off, but from sorrow freed. Now in the evening I can walk and not to do wraps for the legs. A good cream, I order another.
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